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January 18, 2022
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About this title


The story of a high school football player called Spencer, how he goes from being in a not so save situation to the fancy in Beverly Hills. A story about him and the people around him, his mom, brother, Coach Billy Baker, Jordan, Olivia, Asher and others.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: October 10, 2018

Also Known As: 全美明星隊, Спенсър |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Canada (16+) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

high school
american football

Company Credits

Production Co: Berlanti Productions, CBS Television Studios |  See more »


Brooklynn Wallace
as Nurse Mona
Amari O'Neil
as Young Corey
Adam Dale Tucker
as Beverly High Football Player/Crenshaw Football Player
James M. Connor
as Coach Hudson
Friday Chamberlain
as Leslie/Leslie Ward
Anna Lore
as Carrie
Lisa Yamada
as Sara
Iman Karram
as Attractive Teen Girl
Amentha Dymally
as Old Lady
Manley Henry
as Parent
Howard Chan
as Booster 2
Matt Jennings
as Soldier
Jaclyn Smith
as Wendy Fine
Simeon Othello Daise
as Jabari Long
Cory Hardrict
as Coach Marcus Turner
Antoine Harris
as Juice
Sean Baker
as Big J
Sinorice Moss
as Bugg's Crew
Bart Tangredi
as Desk Sergeant
Matt Medrano
as Coach Mills
Samantha Logan
as Olivia Baker
Ray Campbell
as JP Keating
John Marshall Jones
as Leonard Shaw
Spence Moore II
as Chris/Chris Jackson
Kyanna Simone
as Nhani Patterson
Christina Webber
as Billy's Mom
Eion Bailey
as Coach Skolnick
Frank Adkinson
as Server
Rachel Mysior
as Jordan's Girl
Antwon D. Jones
as Jamal
Kalina Vanska
as Beverly High Administrative Clerk
Mitchell Edwards
as Cameron
as Darnell Hayes
Erika Bowman
as Juanesta Elis
Asjha Cooper
as Kia Williams
Rob Norton
as Dr. Shaw
Michael Bradley
as Officer Whitner
Guy Nardulli
as Referee
Miles Dausuel
as Kent
Bryce McKinney
as Male Player
Shaun Fury
as High School Corey
Enisha Brewster
as Young Mom
Chala Savino
as Bryant
Alex Morris
as Luke
Travis LaBranch
as DJ
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man at School
Peter Charnock
as Player 1
Akanimo Eyo
as High School Billy
Gerren Hall
as Student
Chinyere Dobson
as Coco
Sean Carrigan
as Ivan Garret
Demetrius Butler
as Barry
Erica Michelle Singleton
as Shanelle
Dante Martinez
as West Football Player
Scott Benzing
as Party Dude
Mike Dolphy
as Young Teacher
Kasey Elise
as Bougie Customer
Kenajuan Bentley
as Romelo Barnum
Kelly Jenrette
as Amara Patterson
Kevin Phillips
as Buggs
Anthony D. Washington
as Ricky the Bartender
Hosea Chanchez
as Damon King
Guido Cocomello
as Gang Unit Detective
Ian Willoughby
as Football Player
Jalyn Hall
as Dillon James
Bart Johnson
as Brett Hanson
Sachie Alessio
as Miss Allen
Elvis Nolasco
as JP Keating
Kyle Kittredge
as Derrick
Chris Conner
as Gordon Bauer
Gracie Dzienny
as Amber
Bryce J. Ramos
as Coach #1
Alan Wells
as Cop
Jackson Sheppeard
as #87 Beverly Football Player
Chip Kelly
as Coach Kelly
Lauren Price
as Popular Girl
Mike Merrill
as Christian Mosley
Taye Diggs
as Billy Baker
Ungela Brockman
as President's Assistant
Kari Perdue
as Chanel
Cole Meyer
as Erik
Kareem J. Grimes
as Preach
Michael Eshaun York
as Football Player/Minor Football Player
Anisha Adusumilli
as Nurse Amy
Kellee Stewart
as Nurse Joy
Brittany Perry-Russell
as Choreographer
Blaine Gray
as Dr. Hodges
Ella Simone Tabu
as Amina
Jonny Berryman
as Young Shawn
Scot Ruggles
as Rick Wilson
Zylan Brooks
as Mrs. Lawson
Bayley Corman
as Lorelei
Sundra Oakley
as Dr. Taylor
T.J. Shaw
as Beverly High Football Player
Alexandra Barreto
as Coach Montes
Cody McLain
as Football Player
Destiney Richardson
as Club Patron
Corey Reynolds
as Cliff Mosley
Jivanta Roberts
as Dancer 1
Dionte Holloway
as Kendrick
Randy Vasquez
as Mayor Jim Nelson
Darin Toonder
as Paul Kendall
Greta Onieogou
as Layla Keating
Taja V. Simpson
as Tina Hicks
Brian Maierhofer
as Troy
Kimberly Cheng
as Reporter #1
Nathen Gurrola
as Beverly High Football Player/Butler
as Cordae
Andre Tucker Jr.
as Tray
Lynn Moore
as Emilia Sanchez
Judith Scott
as Janelle Cooper
Tommy Hudson
as Corte/Theo's Friend
Merrick McCartha
as Robert Hicks
Keenan Crosland
as Beverly Hills Fan
Bernadette Speakes
as Ruth Scott
Troy Brookins
as Beverly High Football Player/Beverly Hills Player
Nick Gathrite
as Player 38
Jay Reeves
as Shawn Scott
David Jahn
as Burt Plummer
George McDaniel
as Dave Shea
Tiffany Coty
as Dr. Logan McCune
Casper Van Dien
as Harold Adams
Wolé Parks
as Micah Richards
Kenneth Maxwell
as Football Player
Stacey Moseley
as Shelby
Darin Rossi
as Referee
Kara C. Roberts
as Booster
Kendall Joy Hall
as Young Coop
Babs Brit
as Paul
Jeff Grace
as Parker
Nick Kreider
as Panthers Team Captain
Morgan Harvill
as Team Manager
Miles Stephon Jones
as Allstar West Football Player
Kayla Smith
as Rochelle Mosley
Nicole Pulliam
as Loretta
Brennan Culpepper
as Neighborhood Kid
Sylvester Powell
as Jessie 'JR' Raymond
Danielle Campbell
as Hadley
Hunter Clowdus
as JJ Parker
Jefferson Reid
as Brandon Scott
McColm Cephas Jr.
as Young Billy
Janeshia Adams-Ginyard
as Plainclothes Cop #2
Darryl Dunning II
as Tariq Douglas
Ken Ivy
as Cash
Karimah Westbrook
as Grace James
Rob Evors
as Detective Poworski
Nadia Geiger
as Tifany
Melanie Benz
as Evie
Tony Curtis Blondell
as Coach
Jordan Belfi
as Principal Ed Landon
Brett Zimmerman
as Matt Springer
LeBron Daniel
as Crenshaw Football Player/Chatsworth Football Player/High School Football Player/Westlake Football Player
Doreen Calderon
as Rita
Chad L. Coleman
as Corey James
Beth Curry
as Cathy
Chase Kim
as Wallace
Donny Boaz
as Jacob
Troy Williams
as Draymond
Brent Jennings
as Grandpa Willy/Grandpa Baker
James Black
as Reggie Cooper
Mikelen Walker
as Malik
Keena Ferguson
as Gayle
Christopher Farrar
as Young Shawn
Megan Elizabeth Barker
as Stephanie
Netta Walker
as Keisha McCalla
Matthew Rocheleau
as Dr. Gurman
Derek Rivera
as Santiago Reyes
Cody Christian
as Asher Adams
Michael Wayne Williams
as Young Spencer
Dutch Johnson
as Officer Pruitt
Mark Roman
as Dad
Loren Maxine
as Becca
Daniel Joo
as Brody
Alondra Delgado
as Vanessa Montes
Alexander Kanellakos
as Parent Spectator
Jessica Buda
as DEA Agent
Shanna Strong
as Cara
Torrance Jordan
as Doc Z/Trainer
Ben Turner Dixon
as Coach Rogers
Tyran Brown
as Terrell
Roman Carter
as Beverly High Student
Cassandra Cardenes
as Nina
Spencer Paysinger
as Assistant Coach Davis
Miles Quincy Martin
as Daytime Customer/Roller Skater
GG Townson
as Lil Jewel
as Tamia 'Coop' Cooper
Damon Victor Allen
as Bar Patron
Chris Reid
as Guy
Akono Dixon
as Andre
Naomi Matsuda
as Doctor
Tannaz Shastiri
as Pretty Girl
Caz Harleaux
as Desmond Robinson
Alexis Fields
as Denise Patterson
Tia P.
as Kim Nitty
Olivia Rose Keegan
as Emma
Aaron Joseph
as Theo Grimes
Demetrius Shipp Jr.
as Tyrone Morris
Michelle Hayden
as Ripley
Eli Stern
as Westlake Football Player
Dean Wil
as Security
Tatum Shank
as AG Dan Hollins
Shelli Boone
as Tina Hicks
Bryan Dodds
as Officer McCarthy
Journey Montana
as Jen
Rhoyle Ivy King
as Nathaniel
Rachael Markarian
as Dr. Neema Fiskell
as Simone Hicks
Michael Evans Behling
as Jordan Baker
Richard Wharton
as Vegas Priest
Erik Armando Alvarez
as Gang Unit Officer
Rigo Sanchez
as Mr. Vega
Noah Taliferro
as Bo Lemming
Motown Maurice
as Party Student
Ryan McPartlin
as Manny
James Hamblin
as High School Football Player
Ellis E. Fowler
as Athelston
Michael Zakhar
as Safety
Cary Huff
as Football Player's Dad
Aj Carr
as Erik Dole
Jeff Galfer
as Dr. Elijah Evert
Thomas Q. Jones
as Barry Lemming
Mel Fair
as Older Man
April Parker Jones
as Therapist
Patrick Cage
as Bonez
William Leon
as Will
Joseph Boyd
as Blake
Larry VanBuren Jr.
as Rakeem
Mustafa Speaks
as Kenny Boone
Ellah Rae Linaman-Smith
as Jasmyn
Mica'h Dumas
as Kid
Omar Cook
as Football Player/South Crenshaw Football Player/Troy
Jonathan Bray
as Dr. Barnes
Zachary S. Williams
as Isaiah Winfield
Airyss Celestine
as Young Coop
Monet Mazur
as Laura Fine-Baker/Laura Baker
Javier Bolanos
as Delgado
Michael Armstead
as Encino Player
Stephen Kankole
as Young Billy
Nick Ventra
as Booster
Cianne Anthony
as Crenshaw High School Student
Lamon Archey
as D'Angelo Carter/Principal Carter
Cirroc Lofton
as Campus Security
Niatia 'Lil Mama' Kirkland
as Chyna Q/Chynna
Amelia Morck
as Gina
Omari Washington
as Young Father
Jared Farid Ward
as Trey Hart
Briana Lane
as Elaine
Everett Dailey
as Student
Diego E. Bartolome
as Football Player
Camille Hyde
as Thea Mays
Dana L. Wilson
as Renée Hayes
Dina Meyer
as Gwen Adams
Justin Skinner
as Plainclothes Cop #1
Olly Sholotan
as Taequan Mann
Raigan Harris
as Jasmine
Manny Montana
as Dante Smart
Annie Thurman
as Gabby
Peyton 'Alex' Smith
as Damons Sims
Amaris Davidson
as Renata Booth
Kourtney Bell
as Luna
Leonard Roberts
as President Zeke Allen
Nataliz Jimenez
as Campaign Manager
Lavel J. Morton Sr.
as Kwon
Liberte Chan
as Newscaster
Ebenezer Alasi
as Dayo
Daryl C. Brown
as Pastor Weeks
Lil' Fizz
as M.C.
Erica Peeples
as Mo
Adain Bradley
as Dane Kohler
Emily Levine
as Lucy
Chelsea Tavares
as Patience
DeSean Jackson
as DeShean Jackson
TaiVon McKinney
as Christel Mattingly
Daniel Ezra
as Spencer James
Bill Lee Brown
as Alvin Washington
Nadine Ellis
as Ms. Sims
Anna Benuzzi
as Teenager
Elyse Collins
as Naveah Pratt
Raymond Spaulding
as Football Spectator
Noah Gray-Cabey
as Frausto
Lahmard J. Tate
as Flip Williams
Ricardo Walker
as Officer Bright
Paige McGarvin
as Jordan's Girl
Eugene Byrd
as Dr. Dameon Spears
Ivan Leung
as Zach
Judy Kain
as Booster 1
Frank Buckley
as Frank Buckley
Armelia Cartier
as Girl at BBQ

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2018 | 16 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 16 Episodes

Season 3

2021 | 19 Episodes

Season 4

2021 | 8 Episodes




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