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Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, two of the most wanted outlaws in the history of the West, are popular "with everyone except the railroads and the banks", since "in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone". They are offered an amnesty on condition that they stay out of trouble for a year and that they don't tell anyone what's (not) happening. Trying to keep their noses clean they adopt the identities of Smith and Jones and use all of their ingenuity to keep out of the way of the law.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 5, 1971

Also Known As: Due onesti fuorilegge, Прозвища Смит и ДжонсOpération danger, Smith & Jones, Alias Smith and Jones, 西部二人組, Alias Smith & Jones, Los dos mosqueteros |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Universal Television, Universal/Public Arts Production

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Raymond Guth
as Farmer
Tony Regan
as Poker Player
Maria Haro
as Townswoman
Jim Malinda
as Hotel Clerk
Carol Henry
as Stage Driver
Bill Fletcher
as Doc Holliday
Allen Dodd
as Karl
Chester Hayes
as Townsman
Heather Menzies-Urich
as Annabelle
Mills Watson
as Blake
Karen Smith
as Fanny Turpin
Hal Needham
as Devil's Hole Gang Leader
Emma Palmese
as Townswoman
John Russell
as Sheriff Lom Trevors
Steve Sandor
as Bud

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1971 | 15 Episodes

Season 2

1971 | 23 Episodes

Season 3

1972 | 12 Episodes


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Awards & Nominations

TP de Oro 1973


TP de Oro

Best Foreign Actor (Mejor Actor Extranjero)


TP de Oro

Best Foreign Series (Mejor Serie Extranjera)

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