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October 27, 2021
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About this title


The familiar "plink, plink" of the theme song, accompanied by the line drawing of a man in profile immediately identifies the show as "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." The famed director opens almost every episode with the words "Good evening ..." After a joke -- usually about the evening's sponsor -- Hitchcock lays the groundwork for that episode's freestanding story of suspense and terror.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 2, 1955

Also Known As: Alfred Hitchcock presenta, 希區柯克懸念故事集 |  See more »


Plot Keywords

horror anthology

Company Credits

Production Co: Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions, Shamley Productions |  See more »


Harry Guardino
as Gerry Daniels
David J. Stewart
as Sadini
Malcolm Atterbury
as The blackmailer
Raymond Guth
as Room Clerk
Jamie O'Hara
as Sally
Frank Marlowe
as Bartender/Judge
Ben Bryant
as Fat Boy
Kathleen Hughes
as Ann Nash/Marian Koster
Bill Baucom
as Man at Bus Stop
Norman Bartold
as Police Sgt.
Albert D'Arno
as Bellhop
Robert Herrman
as Mr. Beekman. Journalist
Bobby Barber
as Cafe Patron
Norman Dupont
as Jewelry Salesman
Bonnie Green
as Party guest
Paul Bryar
as Lou Henry
Richard Shepard
as Chester Lacey
John Gallaudet
as Doctor
Patrick Martin
as Journalist #2
Lorne Greene
as Mr. X
Coleen Gray
as Mrs. Lois Callen
Harve Presnell
as Mitch
Clint Kimbrough
as David Logan
Franchot Tone
as Oliver Mathews
Dodie Heath
as Laura Fleming
Frances Morris
as The Landlady
Billy Nelson
as Cab Driver
Jesslyn Fax
as Mrs. Evans/Mrs. Gruber/The Motel Manageress
Dolores Hart
as Claudia Powell
Leon Lontoc
as Chester
Murray Pollack
as Club Patron
Nancy Gates
as Debbie Halliday/Lois Williams
Émile Genest
as Laurent DuBois
Harry Morgan
as Hermie Jenkins
Joe Hinds
as Club Member
Henry Jones
as George Tiffany/Harry Parker/John Treadwell/Miles Cheever/Wally Long
Alan Baxter
as Sheriff Andy Willetts
Katherine Warren
as Mrs. Edwards/Mrs. Freda Wallingford/Policewoman
Crahan Denton
as Harry Beggs/Sheriff
David Orrick McDearmon
as Ben Cameron
Bill Slack
as Vincent
Biff McGuire
as Dana Edwards/Howard Latimer/Larry Templeton/Ray Loomis
Thano Rama
as Paolo
Gail Bonney
as Drugstore Customer/Mary/Mrs. Clark/Secretary/The Librarian/The Woman
Philip Abbott
as Mark Halliday
Amy Douglass
as Mrs. Logan
Isobel Elsom
as Hermione Carpenter/Minnie Findlater/Mrs. Tait, Janet's Aunt
Jackie Coogan
as George Bay
Chick Chandler
as Lucky Moore
David Carlile
as Det. Langley/First Bank Teller/John Murray/Manny/Patrolman/Sgt. Krebs/The Detective
Rachel Ames
as Laura
Voorheis J. Ardoin
Rebecca Welles
as Betty Murray/Janie Slocum/Laura Weems/Mrs. Fell
Carol Lynley
as Janice
Elizabeth Montgomery
as Karen Adams
Liz Carr
as Adele Thompson/Lotte
Al Roberts
as Townsman
Charles Davis
as Detective Raines/Mr. Johnson/Museum Guard/Reporter/Sam Saunders
John O'Leary
as Harry
Lisa Golm
as Mrs. Kopeck
Marc Cavell
as Bellhop
James Gregory
as John Gregory/Mr. Wescott/Wayne Campbell
Kathryn Card
as Bella
Jarma Lewis
as Grace Connors
Joyce Meadows
as Enid/Frances Randall/Janice Wright
Eric Barker
as Mr. Frute
Betsy von Furstenberg
as Laura Gild/Thelma
as Casper
Venus de Mars
as Maria
Chick Hannan
as Townsman
Cara Williams
as Irene Rankin/Marie Jensen/Mona Cameron/Mona Carstairs
Ernest Truex
as Howard Rutherford/Wilkens
Ray Montgomery
as Doctor/Man in Grey Suit/The Attendant
Adam Williams
as Doctor/Police Lt. King
Gail Kobe
as Jessie Bridges
Perry Lopez
as Julio
Wendell Corey
as Timber Woods
Paul Ford
as Professor Jarvis
Melville Cooper
as Mullet/Pat Lummock
Sean McClory
as Brother Gerard/Irish Bar Patron
Karin Booth
as Sheila Raymond
Joseph Ruskin
as Man Entering Shop
Collin Wilcox Paxton
as Julie
Leonard Mudie
as Assayer
Robert Rudelson
as Cuke
Harry Denny
as Club Patron
Kim Hamilton
as The Maid
Herbert Marshall
as Colin Bragner/Judge Connors
Anne Anderson
as Elsie Wilcox
Steve McQueen
as Bill Everett/Gambler
Barbara Harris
as Beth
Patricia Breslin
as Louise Bentley/Margo/Mrs. Adams
Ted de Corsia
as Inspector Salva/Lt. Christensen
Gary Hunley
as Billy - Boy on Train
Dennis Weaver
as Charles Cavender
Don Dillaway
as Policeman
Joel Smith
as Policeman
Susan Brown
as The Receptionist/The Secretary
Rudy Lee
as Luke
Jack Carson
as Frankie Fane
John Dennis
as Dumfee
Penny Santon
as Italian Tenant
Iphigenie Castiglioni
as Countess d'Auberge
Jess Kirkpatrick
as Card Player
Robert Alda
as Ben Nelson
Edmund Gwenn
as Joe Saunders
George Greco
as District Attorney
Dorothea Lord
as Hospital Cashier/Jessica/Maid/Mrs. Simpson/Nurse/Nurse Collins/Receptionist
Robert Newton
as Peter J. Goodfellow
Robert Ross
as Ned
Gage Clarke
as Doctor/Dr. Vogel/Frisbee/Sidney Gainsborough
Jane Dulo
as Jocelyn Barnhardt
James Westerfield
as Commissioner Cummings/Pops Lafferty
Audrey Meadows
as Mrs. Bixby
Lillian O'Malley
as Ailing parishioner/Flora/Hotel Maid/Housekeeper/Juror/Last Nurse/Neighbor/The Cleaning Woman
Norman Leavitt
as Accountant/Ed--Gas Station Attendant/Elmer/The Painter
Rudy Robles
as Horace
Vivian Nathan
as Elsie Thompson/Margaret Goames
Clancy Cooper
as A.J. Meecham/Swede
Ralph Smiley
as Waiter
John Qualen
as Elmer Shore/Mr. Crabtree/Mr. Stepp
Harry Swoger
as Mr. Grissom/Prison Cashier/Taxi Driver
E.G. Marshall
as Ronald J. Grimes
Ben Astar
as Swiss Innkeeper
Severn Darden
as Franklin
Heidi Mullenger
Joan Banks
as Lee/Margaret
Sal Ponti
as Carl/De Baca/Sam Reddy
Humphrey Davis
as Mr. Dougherty
Roger De Koven
as Dr. Karlweiss
Jocelyn Brando
as Alice/Della Hudson/Julia Conrad
Ken Christy
as A.T. Burroughs/Boss/Dart Thrower
Rudolph Anders
as Cafe Host
Craig Duncan
as The Market Clerk
Don DeFore
as Arthur Clark
Richard Waring
as Charlie Boerum
Roy Darmour
Barbara Steele
as Phyllis
Stephen Chase
as The Colonel
Suzanne Noel
as The Jr. Stewardess
Joe Ploski
as Meeting Guest/Show Spectator
Forbes Murray
as Juror
Elisabeth Fraser
as Dorothy Forbes
Alan Campbell
as The Show-Biz Man
Joan Dixon
as Jealous Girl
Ferdi B. Hoffman
John Zimeas
as Museum Patron
Biff Elliot
as Dr. Bob Hudson/Fred Chester/Lieutenant Bates/Mr. Kovacs/Phil Ames
Kay Koury
as Townswoman
Juano Hernandez
as Josh
Weaver Levy
as Chang/Dr. Ganderbay's assistant
Raymond Cavaleri
as Giulio
Mary Murphy
as Estelle
William Meader
as Club Member/Inquest Board Member/Panel Member
Frank Logan
as Frank - Policeman
Alan Napier
as Lord Sorrington/Sir Charles Harrington/Sir Everett/Wilfred - the Recording Angel
Richard Long
as Paul Devore
Erin O'Brien-Moore
as Mrs. Linda Harper
Charles Watts
as Franklin/Judge/Mayor Herbert Ayers/Police Chief Joe Taylor/The Police Captain
Read Morgan
as Ben McMahon/Police Officer
Gwendolyn Watts
as Mrs. Garrold
Lael Jackson
as The Stewardess
Stan Jones
as Dan Irwin
Aaron Spelling
as Road Worker
John Lehman
as Man at Bus Stop
Doris Lloyd
as Emily's Mother/Gun Store Customer/Miss Wilkinson/Mrs. Boyd/Nannie
Geraldine Fitzgerald
as Elizabeth Burton
Frank Milan
as Dr. Vaughn
Marilyn Clark
as Julie Ross
Bryan O'Byrne
as Mr. Tuttle
Susan Silo
as Angela
Laurence Harvey
as Arthur Williams
Joan Hackett
as Sylvia Colton
Claude Stroud
as Investigator/Lester Elleridge
Karen Scott
as Cherie
Joseph Crehan
as Juror
Burt Brinckerhoff
as Alan
Percy Helton
as Charlie the building super/Cyrus Rutherford/George the Janitor/Gerald Eaton/Lawyer/Morton/Newspaperman
Raymond Massey
as Sam Pine
Richard Evans
as Harry
Michael Adam Lloyd
as Boy
Edwin Jerome
as Judge Cobb/Mr. Andrus
Jim Sweeney
as The Elevator Operator
Fay Spain
as Leslie Lenox/Madeleine Hall
Bert Stevens
as Club Member Watching Hurdles/Guest at Demonstration
John McIntire
as Charles Underhill/John Leeds
John Lupton
as Ralph Morrow
Irene Tedrow
as Lucy - Sister-in-law/Mrs. Hewitt/Mrs. Musgrave
Nancy Kilgas
as Jill Treadwell
Rip Torn
as Ernie Walters/Steve Morgan #22
Stephen Bekassy
as Dr. Anton Rudell
Shirley Smith
as Goldie
Richard Benedict
as Mike
Hilda Plowright
as Mae Thorpe/Mrs. Whybrow
Angela Greene
as Mrs. Masterson
Dorothy Crehan
as Maid/Woman
Bernard Fein
as Marty
Cyril Delevanti
as Alfred J. Sloane/Club Member/Josiah Wingate
Lucy Prentis
as Amy Chester/Elaine Purdy
John Mylong
as Doctor
Steve Brodie
as Al Revnel/Maxie/Motorcycle Cop/Steve Grant
Gene Evans
as Ned Malley
Whit Bissell
as Mr. Bliss
Eugenia Paul
as Dolores Dawn/Viola
Ann Staunton
as Woman
William Shatner
as Jim Whitely/John Crane
Martin Balsam
as Eldon Marsh/Leonard Thompson
Stephen Dunne
as Bill Fortnam/Lt. Meade/Rick Sheffield/The Young Man
Richard Newton
as Ambulance Driver
Jane A. Johnston
as Tina
Casey MacGregor
as Ben Morgan
Claude Rains
as Andrew Thurgood/Charles Gresham/Father Amion/John Fabian/Leonard Eldridge
Peter Lazer
as Johnny Templeton/Tom Fortnam
Ruth Lee
as Neighbor
Robert Gibbons
as Undetermined Role
Jessie Royce Landis
as Claire Crane
Judith Evelyn
as Amelia Verber/Mabel McKay
Molly Roden
Tracey Morgan
as Dora
Edward Asner
as Warden Bragan
Gia Scala
as Lisa Talbot/Lottie Rank
Ed Gardner
as Marvin Foley/Sheridan
Jack Easton Jr.
as Davey Pine
Chet Stratton
as Raymond
Joel Mondeaux
as Mr. Martinson
James Philbrook
as Horse mover
Owen Cunningham
as Auctioneer/Mr. Adams
Dennis Rush
as Bob Darby
Joel Crothers
as Robert
Mercedes Shirley
as Mrs. Davidson
George DeNormand
as Reporter
Wolfe Barzell
as Miklosh
Geoffrey Lewis
James Franciscus
as Ben Kendall/William Tyre
Tim Graham
as Bartender/Lawyer
Joe Garcio
as Show Spectator
Jack Weston
as Otto
Mary Munday
as Florrie
John Holland
as Mr. Foster
William Redfield
as Fred Logan/Richard/Stephen Fontaine
Joe Gilbert
as Club Patron/Motorist
Michael Rennie
as Allen Bliss/Sir Humphrey J. Orford
Jacqueline Mayo
as Ann Warren/Lila Gordon
Ralph Manza
as Waiter
Jeno Mate
as Luigi
Al Hodge
as Mr. Turney
Dave Willock
as Frank Voss
Paul Douglas
as Bill Fleming
Ray Weaver
Vivi Janiss
as Maude Martin/Sgt. Bradford
Theodore Newton
as Dr. Allen/Dr. Cooper/Lt. Shea/Mr. Nash/Physician/Sam Kern
James Westmoreland
as Ads in press receptionist/Lester
James Edwards
as Convict/Ed
Frank Silvera
as Mr. Roderiguez
Paul Stewart
as Vincent Noonan
John Verros
as Police Chief Miguel Herrera
Peter Camlin
as Porter
Philip Bourneuf
as George Henderson/Mr. Renshaw
Keenan Wynn
as Joe Ferlini/William Botibol
Robert Karnes
as Ed Mungo/Mr. Simon/Patrolman/Police Sgt. Henderson/The Sergeant
Angela Cartwright
as Irenee Wellington/Lettie
Brian Keith
as Arnold Shawn/Dave Rainey/Herbert Morrison/Vernon Wedge
Richard Lupino
as Ives/Press Photographer
Celia Lovsky
as Sara Mannerheim
Maidie Norman
as Eloise
Patricia Collinge
as Julia Pickering/Martha Cheney/Sofie Winter/The Landlady
Susan Gordon
as Kate Kendall
Elsie Baker
as Woman church goer
Olive Deering
as Thelma Tompkins
George Brenlin
as Georgie
Katherine Squire
as Carlos' Wife/Miss Lowen
Frederick Worlock
as Barclay/Dan Mintz/Gus Harrison/Mr. Betts
John Alderson
as Attendant/Inspector Karsiak
Jennifer Howard
as Nun
Alex Gerry
as Doctor
Joe Maross
as Joe Philips/Tony
Bob Sweeney
as William Spengler
Ted Stanhope
as Bank Teller
Lew Brown
as The Airline Clerk
Beverly Michaels
as Goldie
Michael Burns
as Billy Lansing/Joe/Sidney
John Forsythe
as Kim Stanger
Gary Clarke
as Bellboy
Michael King
as Conroy
Robert Richards
as Brother Constantin
Sarah Marshall
as Miss Pomfritt/Mrs. Barrett
Joe De Santis
as Police Lieutenant
George Grizzard
as Alan Chatterton/Hubert Winter/Ted Lambert
Edmon Ryan
as Attorney John/Dr. Croatman/Jack Simpson
Jimmy Hawkins
as Dewey Sims
Arthur Space
as Mr. Chambers - Parole Officer
Oliver Cross
as Bar Patron/Museum Patron/Restaurant Patron
Jean Hagen
as Madge Griffin
Slim Pickens
as Bradshaw
Ida Moore
as Kitty/Miss Birdie
Charlie Hall
as Man with Pool Cue
Hazel Court
as Charlotte Jameson Rutherford/Helen Brathwaite/Lady Gwendolyn Avon/Phyllis Chaundry
Edna Holland
as Librarian/Mrs. Murchie
Harry Mackin
as Side Man in Patrol Car
Jack Klugman
as George Benedict
Jay Jostyn
as Morgan
Charles Robinson
as Jerry Lane
Jesse Jacobs
as Ozzie
Mark Allen
as Desk Sergeant
Robert Ellis
as Reporter/Tommy Kopeck
Kenneth Tobey
as Jeff
Richard Chamberlain
as Clay Pine
Vincent Perry
as Museum workman
Alexander Lockwood
as Henry Willett/Police Officer
Florence MacMichael
as Alice/Mrs. Hackett/Mrs. Simmons
Lili Kardell
as Lorna Jenkins
Doreen Lang
as Emily
Jerry Paris
as Fred Piper/Wally Benson
Tipp McClure
as Police Officer
Elizabeth Patterson
as Grandmother/Miss Bessie
Roy Dean
as Terry O'Bain
Art Carney
as Cyril T. Jones
Carl M. Leviness
as Club Member
Tom Begley
as Prison Guard/The Bank Messenger
Joseph Hamilton
as Attendant/Bill/Station Master/Train Conductor
Nora Marlowe
as Policewoman
Alan Marshal
as William Pryor
Joan Lorring
as Emma Borden
Nicholas Pryor
as Dane Ross
Madame Spivy
as Spirro
Kreg Martin
as Bartender/Benny/Kowalski/Webster
Richard Bermudez
as Doctor
Scott McKay
as Arnold Burton/Jordan Ross
Frank Kreig
as Martin the Janitor
Kenneth Harp
as The Bailiff
Hinton Pope
as 1st Cop/The Plain-Clothesman
Kenneth MacKenna
as Bishop Cannon
Neile Adams
as Irene Helmer/Woman
Suzanne Pleshette
as Anne
Hope Landin
as Mrs. Duffin
Raymond Giarrusso
as Cesare
Roy Glenn
as Bartender
Jerry Rhoads
as George the bartender
Selmer Jackson
as Butler/Clergyman/Henry/Minister/Reverend
Evelyn Varden
as Mrs. Cordelia Welles
Ben McAtee
Kathryn Givney
as Mrs. Colton/Mrs. Princey
Don Hix
as Storekeeper
David Saber
as Albert Grinstead
Alice Frost
as Lydia Standish
Paul Picerni
as Assissi #19/Nick Roper
Adrienne Marden
as Mildred
Roger Moore
as Inspector Benson
Herbert Anderson
as George Thompson/John Keller
Eloise Hardt
as Maid
James Kirkwood Jr.
as Dave
John Barton
as Juror
Kelly Flynn
as Stephen
G. Warren Smith
as The Intern
Mildred Natwick
as Aunt Rosalie Tallendier/Millicent Bracegirdle
Karine Nordman
as Tipsy Woman
Frank Christi
as Slot Machine Player
Margie Liszt
as Neighbor
Denholm Elliott
as Jack Lyons/John Manbridge
Noelle Green
George Eldredge
as George--Police Lieutenant
Dorothy McKinnon
as Museum employee
Bert Freed
as Capt. Harvey Ellison/Cooper
Lynn Cartwright
as Jean Sobel
Julie Payne
as Gloria's Friend
Christine White
as Shelley
Marta Kristen
as Jiffy Snack Girl/Marjorie Stone
David McMahon
as Mr. Barnes
Murray Hamilton
as Marsh
Margaret Curtis
as Passenger
R.G. Armstrong
as Captain Bone/Fred Riordan
Mary Wickes
as Blanche Armstaedter/Mrs. Foster the Landlady
Ross Evans
as Local Citizen
Nick Nicholson
as Reporter #2
Barbara Baxley
as Anne Smith/Irma Coulette/Lalage/Maude Sheridan/Miss Elliott/Myra Jenkins
Polly Rowles
as Nell Cutts
Charles Wagenheim
as Henlein
Theresa Harris
as Elsie the Servant
Ed Spencer
Leif Erickson
as Wayne Phillips
Ronnie Rondell Jr.
as Dave Brooks
Theodore Bikel
as Sergeant Ottermole
Lamont Johnson
as David Schaffner
Sondra Rodgers
as Elegant Lady
Robert Middleton
as Cato Stone/Louis Koster/Sam Klinker
Mike Taylor
as Movie Audience Member
Jill Livesey
as Rosie
Fred Kruger
as Warden
Louis Mercier
as Commissionaire Jouin Clement
Nora O'Mahoney
as Flower Lady
Arthur Batanides
as Police Detective/The Police Sergeant
Rod Lauren
as Benjy Marino
Murray Matheson
as Cyril Hardeen/James St. George Bernard Bowlby/Oliver Teleton
Harvey Stephens
as European Bureau Manager/Lt. James Larkin
Alan Reed
as Uncle Leo
Peter Lorre
as Carlos/Tomas Salgado
Anne Francis
as Julia Reddy/Nyla Foster
Joby Baker
as Jimmy Dolan/Thor/Vernon
Edwin Rochelle
as Court Clerk/Show Spectator/Waiter
Jan Sterling
as Fran Holland/Wanda Ferlini
Donald Buka
as The Man at the Door
Edward Binns
as Mr. Brown
Robin Warga
as Boy
Peggy Ann Garner
as Madeline Drake
Bert Convy
as Ben Hollister
Buddy Lewis
as Angelo
Douglas Kennedy
as Austin/Jonathan Dalliford/Union Officer
Lori March
as Eve Ashley
Enid Markey
as Cecelia Smithson
Bill Borzage
as Townsman
Daniel Elam
as Meeting Guest
Frank Holms
Richard Hale
as Ernst von Croft
Werner Klemperer
as Captain Kriza/Mr. Ranks/Professor Klopka
Thelma Ritter
as Lottie Slocum
Danielle De Metz
as Malvira
James J. Casino
as Meeting Guest
Ralph Meeker
as Carl Borden/Carl Spann/John Forbes/Mel Reeves
Frank Gerstle
as Police Chief Walt Haney/Police Sgt. Mack/Police Sgt. Thompson
Carmen Phillips
as Sandra
Anatol Winogradoff
as The Counterman
Lee Turnbull
as The Chef
Therese Lyon
as West's Housekeeper
Andy Romano
as Gas Station Attendant/The 2nd Officer/The Cop/The Patrolman/The Young Workman
Robert Vaughn
as Art
H.M. Wynant
as Truck Driver
Dick Cherney
as Courtroom Spectator
William Hansen
as Henry Babcock
Helen Spring
as Mrs. Grant
Tom Tully
as Phil Canby
Burt Reynolds
as Bill Davis
Fritz Ford
as Police Officer
Charles Cirillo
as Porter
Craig Stevens
as Lewis Brenner
Margaret Muse
as Mildred
Noel Drayton
as Ben Huggins
Peter Lawford
as Charlie Raymond
Edith Barrett
as Aggie Whiteford/Felicia Green
Doro Merande
as Mrs. Herman
Robert Reiner
as 1st Cop/The Airport Clerk/The Doctor
Laurie Main
as Wilkins
David Opatoshu
as Mr. Cooney/Pedro Sequiras
Wallace Earl Laven
as Secretary
Richard Rust
as Detective Charlie
Stanley Adams
as Detective Berger
Bill McLean
as Benny the cafe owner
Phil Adams
as Movie Audience Member
Gerald Hamer
as Jimmy the Blindman/Mr. Hewitt
Tom Conway
as Inspector/John Wellington/Max Collodi
Robert Morley
as Mr. Laffler
Marian Seldes
as Lydia Brailing
Wayne Rogers
as Kenneth
Phil Phillips
as Henry
Doris Singleton
as Secretary
Arch Johnson
as Bart McCormick/Heywood Miller/Jamie McMahon
Jane Greer
as Mrs. Cannon-Hughes
Harold Miller
as Club Patron/Guest at Demonstration
Eddie Foy Jr.
as The Cat
Leora Dana
as Irene Cole/Naomi Shawn/Vera Brown
Claire Carleton
as Alice Fabian/Millie/Pauline
Judy Canova
as Helen Parch
Dennis Morgan
as Dennis O'Finn
Walter Kinsella
as Anderson/Lieutenant/Lt. Morgan
Paul Comi
as Joe Drake
Kathryna Dudley
as The Lady
Torin Thatcher
as Constable Johnson/Felix Edward Manbridge
Lane Chandler
as Sheriff
Bernie Hamilton
as Dawson
Jack Carter
as Stanley Towers
Jan Chaney
as Julia
Constance Ford
as Ellen Grant/Shasta Cooney
Anthony Eustrel
as Leslie Ronalds
James Millhollin
as Doctor Tebaldi
Murray Julian
Ed Haskett
as Club Patron
William Pullen
as Prison Guard
Mary Jackson
as Mrs. Wilson
Stephen Joyce
as Stan
Wendy Winkelman
as Little Child/Susie Martin
Jessica Tandy
as Edwina Freel/Julia Lester/Laura Bowlby
Mary Forbes
as Mrs. Herbert Winthrop
Herbert Ellis
as Det. Breslin/Lt. Hogan
Steve McAdam
as Boy with Bat
Mary Scott
as Babs Fenton/Janet Wallace/Meg Loomis/Nurse Copeland
Bruce Andersen
as Stanley's Business Associate/The Clerk
William Hughes
as Bidder
Don Dubbins
as Philip Pryor
Otto Waldis
as Mr. Koslow/Sam
John Larch
as Sgt. Shaw
Cheryl Callaway
as Little Girl
Elisha Cook Jr.
as Shorty
Diane Brewster
as Secretary
George Keymas
as Paul
Robert Armstrong
as Doc Buckles/Saloonkeeper
Harp McGuire
as Leo/Steven
Kay Walsh
as Mrs. Morgan
Patricia Cutts
as Barbara Denim
Otto Reichow
Robert H. Harris
as Albert Birch/Bellefontaine/Ben Prowdy/Clarence Fox/George C. Piper/John Hurley/Lawrence Appleby/Morty Lenton
Benny Baker
as Al - Bartender
Kate Drain Lawson
as Landlady
Charles Arnt
as Mayor
Vic Tayback
as Man Talking to Cab Driver
Donald Elson
as Clerk of the Court
Dee J. Thompson
as Olga
Christy Cummins
as Gina
Victor Romito
as Tony - Waiter
Mark Henry
as Doctor
Arnold Moss
as Dr. Ganderbay
Joseph Holland
as Estate Attorney
Edo Mita
as Mr. Sasikawa
Ellen Corby
as Emma/Maggie Ryan/Marie McGurk/Miss Samantha
John Daheim
as Cop
Hume Cronyn
as Fitzhugh Oldham/Henry Daw
Elspeth March
as Mrs. Wellington
John Craven
as Clete Vine/Herbert Gold/Tommy
Laurence Conroy
as Armstrong/Policeman
Frank Gorshin
as Page
Peter van Eyck
as Officer
Kathleen Maguire
as Betty/Dorothy Crane/Mrs. Rogers
Charles Cantor
as Barney/Tommy DeWitt/Zander
Betty Fairfax
as Mrs. Nop
Rees Vaughn
as Bruce
David Faulkner
as Older Billy Lansing
Pat Hingle
as Warren Selvy
Brandon De Wilde
as Hugo
Russell Collins
as Alvin Moss/Bill Finley/Clarence Weems/Dad/Ed Barnes/John Brown/Johnny/Mr. Fletcher/Skinner #21
Fay Wray
as Mrs. Nelson/Mrs. Renshaw
Jim Hayward
as Preacher
Arline Bletcher
as Juror/Worker
Ralph Gambina
as Cornerman
Les Tremayne
as Dr. Fred Bixby/Peter Talbot
Carol Shannon
as Mrs. Campbell
Eduardo Ciannelli
as Mr. Marino/The Priest
Ronnie Sorensen
as Movie Audience Member
Paul Brinegar
as Mason/Mr. Stern/Police Officer
Sidney Blackmer
as Frank Partridge/Otis Jones
William Challee
as Barney Welch/Petrie
Ralph Montgomery
as Drunk
Irene Lang
as Jane
Dan Sheridan
as Second Sergeant/Sgt. Rason
George Pelling
as Bert/Clifton/Johnson/Lane/Mr. Schiller/Train ticket inspector
K.T. Stevens
as Liza
William Yip
as Wong - Restaurant Owner
Karen Lenay
as Jeanette
Len Lesser
as Thug
Raven Grey Eagle
as Bongo Player
Marisa Pavan
as Mary Schaffner
Diane Webber
as The Other Woman
Susanne Wasson
as Linda
Ross Ford
as Mr. Hall
Russell Thorson
as Dr. Rhody
Wayne Heffley
as The Prosecutor
Harry Shearer
as Street Kid
Charity Grace
as Amelia Gastell/Gertrude Anderson/Mrs. Bradford
John Emery
as Kerwin Drake
Florence Wix
as Club Patron
Harry Landers
as Coroner/Ernie Stillinger/Joe
Reginald Gardiner
as Major Cook-Finch
Bill Quinn
as Mr. Dutton
Ray Beltram
as Townsman
Gene Barry
as Dan Varrel/Del Delaney
Richard Jaeckel
as The Mechanic
Hal Thompson
as Morris
Robert Redford
as Charlie Marx
Robert Morse
as Len/Phil
Luis Van Rooten
as Leon
Mark Erickson
as Boy in Tree
James Donald
as Harry Pope/Mark Cavendish
David Armstrong
as Asylum Intern/Man Walking Dog
Syl Lamont
as Hood/Man/The Attendant
Shep Houghton
as Restaurant Patron
Marjorie Eaton
as The Landlady
Judy Whitney
as Mattie Darby
Rosemary Harris
as Louise Rogers/Countess Helen Mattoni/Dorothy Whitely
Gertrude Flynn
as Aunt Catherine Sedley/Betty Nubbins
Lee Erickson
as Messenger Boy
Sharon Farrell
as Lolly Wilkens
Linda Lawson
as Georgia
Leola Wendorff
as Mrs. Glavetsky
Larry Kert
as George
Ernest A. Losso
as The Messenger
Celeste Holm
as Hostess at Lawn Party
Barry Harvey
as Steward/Constable Barry/Constable Longdon/Man in Club/Police Sergeant Hodges/Tom/Whybrow's Nephew
Ned Wever
as Hargis/Joe/Saunders
Mike Kellin
as Killer
Warren Stevens
as Jeff Simmons/Perry Stanger
Joan Dupuis
as The Girl
Dick Winslow
as Club Member
Sam Buffington
as Charlie/Smalley/Waldren
Albert Carrier
as Garcon
Harold Innocent
as Vicar
Myron Healey
as Carly
Karen Norris
as Cora
David White
as Mr. Barberosa
Anthony George
as Sasha Ismael
Roscoe Ates
as Ben White/Cemetery Clerk/Piano Player/Pop Henderson/Tavern Customer/Zack Martin
Almira Sessions
as Housekeeper/Mrs. Merrell
Walter Kingsford
as Col. Blair/Dr. Mack/Dr. Manley/Dr. Poncet/Dr. Sam Helck
Addison Richards
as Judge/Mr. Johnson
Roxanne Arlen
as Donna Dew/Miss LaLune
Rhys Williams
as Mr. Summers
Jack Deery
as Bar Patron/Club Patron
Joan Tetzel
as Eve Ross
Edgar Buchanan
as Pops
Barry Nelson
as Raymond Houston
Charles Herbert
as Street Kid
Marsha Hunt
as Blanche Herbert
Jack Mullaney
as Clint Ringle/Dave Packard/Diner Customer/Mr. Marlow
John S. Ragin
as Jack Fletcher
Dayton Lummis
as Charles Blanchard/Police Sgt. Oliver/Tom Ackley
Fred Robbins
as Police Sergeant
Linda Watkins
as Barroom Customer/Lila Shank
Arthur D. Gilmour
as Neighbor
Mary Astor
as Grace Dolan/Mrs. Fenimore
Peggy McCay
as Myra Herbert
Ann Todd
as Sylvia Leeds Kent
Miriam Colon
as Lolla
John Ireland
as Captain McCabe
Jack Livesey
as Dr. Minden/Psychiatrist/Ship's Captain
John Fiedler
as Amos/Leon Gorwald
Mickey Kuhn
as Bellhop/Ellerbee
Edgar Peterson
as Journalist #1
Gerry Gaylor
as Maid
Oskar Homolka
as Carl Kaminsky/Carpius/Jan Vander Klaue/Mr A J Keyser
Ashley Cowan
as Captain
Jackie Loughery
as Slats
Keith Britton
as Policeman/The Policeman/Whitman
Meri Welles
as Kathleen Perry/Lara Lee/Lois
George Macready
as Douglas Irwin/Herbert Koether/Vincent Williams
Ada Murphy
as Elderly Woman
John Smith
as Irving Randall
Stephanie Hill
as Miss Lemmon/The Young Girl
Myron Cook
as Man in Bar
Fritz Feld
as Waiter
Maria Haro
as Townswoman
Cheryll Clarke
as Miss Abigail Wilson - Secretary
Rafael Campos
as Gino
Reta Shaw
as Martha Stone
Madelon Baker
as Doctor's Receptionist
O.Z. Whitehead
as Mr. Newton/Simms
Paul Power
as Club Patron
Paul E. Burns
as Fisherman/Furrier Assistant/Proprietor
Darryl Hickman
as Jackie Blake
Herschel Graham
as Club Patron/Party Guest/Waiter
Paul Langton
as Arthur Summers
Ronald Howard
as James Howgill/Peyton Farquhar
Carol Veazie
as Mrs. Connolly/Nurse
Emma Palmese
as Townswoman
Glenn Walken
as Young Clete Vine
Henry Corden
as Boarder
Sara Shane
as Loretta Burns
William Bramley
as Dr. Hagerty
Darlene Tompkins
as Tim's Girlfriend
Susan Kohner
as Therese
Jack Ging
as Detective Parks
Beulah Bondi
as Mrs. Sutton
Patricia Owens
as Stella Ballister
Tina Menard
as The Nun
James B. Leong
Patrick Westwood
as Mr. Nixon/Murderer's Row guard
Kendrick Huxham
as Mr. Martin
Sam Jaffe
as Hal Ballew/The Abbot
Glenn Stensel
as The Young Man
Robert Culp
as Clarence
Jack Chefe
as Waiter/Detective
Hank Brandt
as Police Investigator
Hurd Hatfield
as Paul Tallendier/Seymour Johnston
Robert Carson
as Grand Jury Foreman/Harry Judson/Inquest Board Chairman/Judge/Lieutenant/Mr. Carson/Police Chief Wallace/Warden/Warden Elvery
Carolyn Kearney
as Julie Barton
Gladys Hurlbut
as Ernestine/Sara Collins
Timmie Spees
as Larry
Joseph Trapaso
as Murphy
Kenneth Patterson
as District Attorney
Betty Woods
Monika Henreid
as Eva the Student
Phillip Reed
as Mr. Fellowes/Peter Kent/Ralph Cowell/Walter King
Michael Ross
as Albert Shrike/Frank Carstairs/Jailer/Timothy
Bobby Clark
as 10th Avenue Kid/Charlie
J. Pat O'Malley
as Colonel Binns
Gordon Wynn
as The Doctor/George Vogel/John Courtney
William Kendall
as Captain Morgan
Jeff Malloy
as Larry Rowan
Hermione Gingold
as Miss Hope
Russell Johnson
as Turk
Buzz Martin
as Whitey
Sid Cassel
as Border Inspector
Sheila Bromley
as Dorothy/Lois
Michael Hadlow
as Maris/Waiter
Molly Ryder
as The Girl
Joseph Sullivan
Vic Morrow
as Benny Mungo
John Williams
as Inspector Davidson/Alexander Penn Arlington/Alexander Vinton/Capt. Smollet/Ernest Findlater/Herbert Carpenter/Inspector Brent/Walker Hendricks
Tyler McVey
as Cargan/Desk Sergeant/Prentiss/Referee/Security Guard/Sgt. Martin
Bartlett Robinson
as Donald Wellman/Dr. Maxwell/George Colton/Henry Caldwell/Hotel Manager/John St. Rogers/Lawyer/Mr. Robinson
Philip Ober
as Wilton Stark
Emerson Treacy
as Deli Manager
Theodora Davitt
as Student
Marianne Stewart
as Alice West
Harry Raven
as Crew Member/Juror/Townsman
Arthur Malet
as Dr. Larson
Pierre Watkin
as Porter
Sanford Gibbons
as Party guest
Brian G. Hutton
as Kenneth Jerome/Mitch
Tom Gilleran
as Mike/The Delivery Man/Tim McCaffrey/Tom
William E. Green
James Bell
as Andy Davis
Gary Merrill
as Carl Adams/Cash Bentley/Joseph Pond/Sgt. Rockwell/Ted Franklin
Mildred Dunnock
as Aunt Muriel Drummond/Louise Tiffany/Martha Collins
Veronica Cartwright
as Judy Davidson/Viola Wellington
Walter Matthau
as Harry Wade/Moran/Off. Pete Chandler/Phil
Marcel Rousseau
as Waiter
Justice Watson
as Henry Peterson/Mr. Shaw -Store Manager
Myron McCormick
as Bert Haber/Newton B. Clovis
Walter Burke
as Benny
Ann Harding
as Sarah Hale
Thomas Martin
as Hood
Charles Bronson
as Det. Krovitch/Frank Bramwell/Ray Bardon
Eileen Heckart
as Lucy Baldwin
Jeanette Nolan
as Aunt Mae/Edith Beggs/Mrs. Trotter/Sadie Grimes
Sam Gilman
as Charlie/Fire Captain/Policeman/The Squad Car Officer
Jennifer West
as Miss Reid--Saleslady/Woman Near Phone Books
Don Taylor
as Prof. Donald Mason
Karl Lukas
as Otto/Soldier Fresno/The Mailman/Uncle Ben - Bar Owner
Harry Jackson
as Hank Vance
Frances Reid
as Mrs. Mary Peters
Kay Stewart
as Billy's Mother/Grace/Housekeeper/Miss Clement/Secretary Della
Shaike Ophir
as Bourdette
Estelle Winwood
as Miss Hildy-Lou/Monica Laughton
Monica May
as Secretary
Brad Weston
as Sam Pine Jr./Trig Owens/Union Corporal
Peter Leeds
as Custodian
Franklyn Farnum
as Party Guest
John Banner
as Train Conductor
Bruce Dushman
as Buster
Hugh Sanders
as Booking Officer
Phyllis Love
as Sue Thompson
Maurice Marsac
as Clerk
Jacqueline Holt
as Miss Foster
James Adamson
as Janitor
Anabel Shaw
as Rhoda Forbes
Barbara Cook
as Barbie Hallem
Diana Dors
as Irene
Duke Howard
as Mark
Leslie Nielsen
as Lloyd Ashley/Rudy Cox
Michael Granger
as Francois
Baynes Barron
as Charlie. Bartender/Mr. Lent/The Bartender
Ward Costello
as William Burke
Jan Arvan
as Harry
Peggy Converse
as Mrs. Lyons
Gloria Castillo
as Lili
William Haade
as Stagehand
Arte Johnson
as Mr. Bates
Howard McNear
as Mr. Maxwell/Mr. Pickett
Ottola Nesmith
as The Woman
Stephen Roberts
as Psychiatrist
Jack Perrin
as Man Exiting Courtroom
Robert Sampson
as Jack/Ralph Birdwell
Marvin Press
as Chessy
George Washburn
as Bar Patron
Elliott Reid
as Earl Kramer/Tom Smith
Rick Jason
as Arthur
Harry Raybould
as Holt
William Mims
as Guard Callahan
Carolyn Jones
as Pamela Waring
Royal Dano
as Martin Ross/Mr. Atkins
Scatman Crothers
as Timothy
Argentina Brunetti
as Mrs. Salvatore
Thayer Burton
as The Cashier
Claude Akins
as Cop
Tenen Holtz
as Sol Dankers
Bob Kelljan
as Book Store Customer
Carole Eastman
as Marjorie Rogers
Bill Raisch
as Juror
Macdonald Carey
as Professor
Lidia Vana
as The Old Woman
Joy Ellison
as Darlene
Eve McVeagh
as Eve the Reporter/Mae/Mrs. Archer/Waitress
Jo Helton
as Secretary
Peggy Knudsen
as Herta Cowell
Marietta Hayes
as Lady
Dudley Manlove
as George/Harris
Cecil Parker
as The Lawyer
William Keene
as Fingerprint policeman
Raymond Bailey
as Doctor Jason/Dr. Harley/Ed Johnson/Herbert Gild/Inspector Graun/Jeff Harrison/Mr. Harris/Mr. Watkins/Psychiatrist in Introduction/The Doctor
Craig Curtis
as Rook
Maurice Manson
as Archie/Hunter/Ship Passenger/The Mailman
Mathew McCue
as Meeting Guest/Townsman
Peter Mark Richman
as Mike/Officer Barrett
Dorothy Stickney
as Cissie Enright/Emma Paisley
Paul Bradley
as Defense Attorney/The Elderly Gentleman
Ruth Swanson
as Miss Brown
Arlette Clark
as Maid
Deirdre Harrison
as Lady
Steven Hill
as Joe Kedzie
William Newell
as Charlie/Mr. Fescue/Second Bank Teller
Nancy Kulp
as Nurse
Charles Seel
as Clerk of the Court/County Clerk
Phillip Pine
as Victor Manett
King Calder
as Charlie Vance/George Faber/Mr. Harper/Mr. Sherman/Stanley's Attorney/The Police Lt.
Jamie Brothers
as Denny
Charles Perry
as Museum Patron/Show Spectator/The Handler
Gavin Muir
as Dean Septimus Bracegirdle/Mr. Wallingford/Thompson
as Cat/Stanley
James Drury
as Michael Grimes
Jimmy Weldon
as Guard
Jhean Burton
as Chita
Eileen Anderson
Christopher Dark
as Ainsley Crowder
Carl Betz
as Jerome Stanton/Store Detective
Martin Clark
as Kong
Jackie Carroll
as Altar Boy #2
Billy Wayne
as Bartender
Alfred Tonkel
as Undetermined Role
Ken Clark
as Fireman/Mike - Policeman assistant/Plain Clothes Policeman/Policeman
Joe Downing
as Floyd Unser/Kramer--Detective/Lieutenant Al Hawkshaw
Janet Ward
as Ethel Montgomery
Frank Albertson
as George Wyncliff/Regis/Sergeant Kirby
Diana Van der Vlis
as Elise Taylor
Allyn Joslyn
as Mort Barnhardt
Ray Teal
as Ben Tulip/Chief of Detectives/Fire Chief/Jim Hale/Police Detective/Police Lieutenant/Sheriff Briggs/Warden Jacobs
Wendell Holmes
as Henry C. Farnsworth/John B. Halverson/Mr. Herrick/Sylvester Tupper
Barbara Lord
as Jan's Sister
John Wilder
as Don
Meg Mundy
as Ellen Blanchard/Martha Sturgis
Sydney Pollack
as Bernie Samuelson
Petrie Mason
as Dodo
Robert Webber
as Edward Gibson/Harrison Fell/Paul Brett
Robert Bray
as Capt. Ernest Fisher/Henry Taylor/Lieutenant Flannery/Sheriff Henry Peters
Wilton Graff
as Fulton Agnew/Mr. Pinkson
Mel Welles
as Police Inspector Kafir
Bethel Leslie
as Mabel
Napoleon Whiting
as Tony
Charles Carson
as Party Guest
Molly Glessing
as Bridget/Ella/Elsie the Servant/Lucy/Maid/Mrs. Simpson/Parlor Maid
Vivienne Segal
as Clara/Gladys Marchand
Dennis Day
as Alexander Gifford
Jack Lambert
as Baldy/Garage Mechanic/Hitman
Johnny Kern
as Show Spectator
Lilyan Chauvin
as Sybil Delamont
Evans Evans
as Dora
Eric Snowden
as Hanson
Bette Davis
as Miss Fox
Vincent Price
as Charles Courtney
Gladys Cooper
as Marguerite Gillespie
Everett Sloane
as Father Vincente/Mr. Marriner/Ralph Montgomery
Arthur Hill
as Howard Wilcox/William Benson
William H. O'Brien
as Guest at Demonstration/Juror
Marion Gray
as Party Goer
Parley Baer
as Police Detective Grant
Tita Purdom
as Maude/Millicent 'Millie' Princey
Grazia Narciso
as Mrs. Santini
Carlo Tricoli
as Man in the Village
Jan Conaway
as Connie
Skip Homeier
as Richard Paine/Tommy Greer
Joe Mantell
as Harry Brown/Stanley Crane
Harry Wilson
as Prisoner
Harrison Lewis
as Doctor Elliot
Robert Emhardt
as Ed Fratus/Henry G. McKay/Moon/Mr. Kettle/Mr. Waterbury/Professor Rankin
Vera Miles
as Elsa Spann
Joanna Moore
as Cindy Rainey/Judy Archer/Louise Towers/Virgilia Pond
Irene Windust
as Janet Boswell/Mrs. Compton/Mrs. Treadwell/Myra Robbins
Pamela Curran
as Joan Blake
Len Hendry
as Panel Member
Robert Paget
as Jimmy Philips
George Peppard
as Evan Wallace
John Irving
as Derek
Pamela Light
as Mae
Don Keefer
as Dr. Elkins/Pete Williams/Tax Clerk
William Demarest
as Tom Akins
Jimmie Horan
as Inmate
Juanita Moore
as Cleo
Ann Codee
as Doctor's Wife
Joanne Woodward
as Beth Paine
Edgar Stehli
as Herbert Johnson
Robert Foulk
as Det. Sgt. James Monroney
Howard Smith
as Stanton C. Barryvale
Dorothy Provine
as Sharon Trotter
Gavin Gordon
as Card Player/Ernest West/George Brooks
Joseph Marr
as Security Guard
Norman Willis
as Bartender/Cop/Intern/Man with Toy Plane
Karl 'Killer' Davis
as Dan Foley
Don Durant
as Lowe
Michael Fox
as Sergeant Carpenter
Ted Knight
as Mr. Maynard
Harry Bellaver
as Bronsky/Police Sgt. Waggoner
Doug Carlson
as The Roustabout
Will Kuluva
as Joey/Stefan Bregornick
Richard Conte
as Frank Burns
Don Mcart
as Albert
Bettye Ackerman
as Mrs. Inkel
Leatrice Leigh
as The Receptionist
Robert Riordan
as Mr. Sloan
Cedric Hardwicke
as John Anderson/Mr. Princey
Billy Barty
as George
Louise Larabee
as Lena Appleby/Mrs. Jacoby
James Best
as Bish Darby/Hennessy/Norman Frayne
Jack Bryan
as Michael Selwin, Manager
Edmund Hashim
as El Magnifico/Marco Reddy/Masotti
Bob Morgan
Dennis Patrick
as Harry Miller/Mr. Rose
Wendy Hiller
as Laura Siddons
Vince Edwards
as Tex
Adelina Pedroza
as Maria
Billy Wells
as Kenny Reddy
Valerie Cossart
as Marjorie Daw
Everett Glass
as Brother Charles/The Judge
Henry Silva
as Harry Silver
Tom Nolan
as Boy
Zachary Scott
as Mr. Blake
Louise Platt
as Ethel Botibol/Marsha Hendricks
Bill Mumy
as Jackie Chester/Mickey Hollins
Robert Locke Lorraine
as Club Patron
Nehemiah Persoff
as Jeff Jensen/Ralph Collins
Darren McGavin
as Lyle Endicott/Red Hillman
Billy Miller
as Street Kid
Charles Meredith
as Dr. Lacey/Judge/Reverend
Dabbs Greer
as The Sheriff/Theodore the Milkman
Robert Whiteside
as Boy
Orlando Rodriguez
as Rafael
Ed Kemmer
as Ben Verber
David Janti
as Paul, Carpius Assistant
Robert Duvall
as Bart Collins
Richard Carlyle
as Mace
Chuck Henderson
as Policeman
Harold J. Stone
as Lieutenant Jack Noonan/Mac Davis/Mr. Halloran
J. Anthony Hughes
as Man at Bus Stop
John Anderson
as Nicholson
John Zaremba
as Dr. Chaff/Dr. Maxwell/Lt. Morgan/Market Manager/Photographer/Psychiatrist/Tax Investigator
George Nader
as Collin Hardy/Gerald R. Clarke
James Congdon
as Eddie McMahon
Lee Philips
as Ben Conan/Georgie Minnelli/Jack Staley
Larry Gates
as Mr. Hollister
David Fresco
as Photographer/Assault Victim/Dave/Gas Station Owner/Hotel Desk Clerk/Mr. Parker/The Cripple
Clu Gulager
as Rod Collins/Sailor
Grandon Rhodes
as Harold Standish
Johnny Silver
as Fenton Shanks/Jerry the Bartender
Larry Perron
as Charles Brunner
Minerva Urecal
as Busybody
Peter Gordon
as Harris
Don Beddoe
as Burt
Richard Jeffries
Claire Trevor
as Mary Prescott/Mrs. Meade
Polly Bergen
as Crystal Coe
Cosmo Sardo
as Ship Passenger
Vaughn Meadows
as Jack Treadwell
Patricia Hitchcock
as Aileen/Diana Winthrop/Dorothy/Ellie Marsh/Margaret/Nancy Mason/Pat/Polly Stephens/Rose/Saleslady
Edward Platt
as Mr. Henshaw
Olan Soule
as Art Dealer/Bookstore Clerk/Brother Fish/Chemist/Darlene's Daddy/Stagehand
Joe Conley
as Insurance Agent
Dennis King
as Mr. Temple
James Gleason
as Howard Fieldstone/Mr. Jorgy
John Hoyt
as Reverend
Chill Wills
as Mr. Kilmer
Gertrude Hoffman
as Margaret Stoddard
Jean Hayworth
as Ellen
Harold Dyrenforth
as Frederic Blauer
Richard Gaines
as James Barrett/M. J. Harrison
John Cassavetes
as Sam Cobbett
Arlene McQuade
as Gloria
Eric Portman
as Richard Musgrave
Alan Hewitt
as Albert Martin/George Maynard/Howard Cole
Spring Byington
as Alice Wagner
Stefan Schnabel
as Siani
Rod Cameron
as Mr. Newsome
Rebecca Sand
as Anita/Kate Devore
Gigi Perreau
as Gloria Barnes
Mimi Gibson
as First Little Girl in Line To See Santa
George Dockstader
as Motorcycle Cop/Patrolman
Don Hanmer
as Cutter/Vern Byers
Tom Pace
as The Man at the bar
Charles Carlson
as Bank Teller/Cliff Woodman/Lawrence Westbrook/Office Boy/Paul Ross
Paul Maxwell
as Detective Sgt. Singer/Ed Sobel/Lab Technician/Saul
Kenner G. Kemp
as Cafe Patron/Club Member
Jack Cassidy
as Mark Lansing
Don Gordon
as Rudy Stickney
Edward Schaaf
as Rodman
Theresa Testa
as Townswoman
Vicente Padula
as The Waiter
John Compton
as Vincent/Walt Norton
Anna Navarro
as Maria
Kenneth Haigh
as John Bedford/Mr. Costain
Paul Ravel
as Waiter
Peggy Cass
as Rhoda Motherwell
George Kane
as 2nd Cop/Mr. Weeks/Pharmacy Clerk
Frank Maxwell
as Lt. Roman/Maury Berg/Mr. Stern/Roger/Rudy
Peter Walker
as Cam/Jewelry Salesman/Philip Weaver
Josie Lloyd
as Bank Teller/Dorothy/Vera Carson
Ralph Moody
as Local Citizen
Steve Carruthers
as Club Member Watching Hurdles/Club Patron
James Field
as Man with Car/The Doctor
Richard Collier
as Bartender/Counterman
Patricia Donahue
as Marjorie Howgill
John Abbott
as Mr. Munro
Allan Lane
as Patrick Maloney
William Boyett
as Capt. Davidson
Sonia Torgeson
as Geraldine
Tony Blankley
as Boy
Mark Miller
as Claude
Lyn Statten
as Secretary
Walter Woolf King
as Dr. Pritchard -Card Player/Mob Boss
Inger Stevens
as Laura Ross
Madeleine Sherwood
as Jackie Darby
Taldo Kenyon
Ruby Goodwin
as Hattie
Ray Collins
as Herbert Brenner
Joseph Cotten
as Courtney Masterson/Tony Gould/William Callew
Joanne Linville
as Millie Manners
Alfred Hitchcock
as Self - Host/Alfred the Stand-In/Alfred's Brother/Man on the Book Cover
Phil Garris
as Bellhop
Barry Sullivan
as Mark Robeson
Henry Hunter
as Finance Company Agent
Alma Lawton
as Alma
Thomas Wilde
as Doctor/Photographer policeman
Dick Hilleary
as Jury Foreman
Vinton Hayworth
as Dr. Ralph Wingate/Mr. Abernathy/Sgt. Delaney/Sidney
Jim Johnson
as Uniformed Police Officer
Barry Bernard
as Bartender
Jo Van Fleet
as Anna Kaminsky/Molly/Mrs. Shrike
Tetsu Komai
as Lum Fong Ho/Old Bearded Man
Mary Alan Hokanson
as Maitre d'
Burt Mustin
as Old man playing darts
Alice Backes
as Jennifer Gifford
John Baragrey
as Arthur Clymer/Charles Hendricks
Mason Curry
as Desk Clerk/Mr. Sterling
Virginia Gregg
as Mildred Partridge/Miss Clementine Webster/Norma Parker/Riabouchinska
Ken Lynch
as Police Lieutenant
Sam Harris
as Club Patron
Betty Harford
as Doris/Waitress
Virginia Christine
as Model/Secretary
Marjorie Bennett
as Cake Lady/Maid/The Elderly Woman
Geoffrey Toone
as Basil Farnham
Ruth Storey
as Evelyn Wilson/Mrs. Cheever
Suzy Lloyd
as Young Lover
Frank Richards
as Monk McGinnis/Party Guest
William Kruse
as Card Player
Robert Keith
as Arthur 'The Professor' Duffy
John Indrisano
as Manservant
Ralph Brooks
as Juror/Office Worker/Party Guest
Carmen Mathews
as Celia Boerum/Joanna Enright/Katherine Oldham/Lizzie Borden/Miss Hall/Thelma Malley
Pat Hagerty
as Delivery Man
Olive Dunbar
as Mrs. Ranwiller
Alexander Scourby
as Horace Meade
Ralph Clanton
as Ship's Purser/Mr. Saunders/Perry Harrison/Randolph Burnside/Sir Robert Walton/Sir Stephen Hurstwood
Hal K. Dawson
as Graham/Secretary
Patricia Smith
as Jane Birdwell
Joseph Julian
as Mr. Treadwell
David Dwight
as Fireman
Bob Whitney
as Club Patron
Claude Dauphin
as Co-host
June Walker
as Mrs. Millie Wright
Colin Campbell
as Old Man
Herb Vigran
as Newsman
Nesdon Booth
as Shopkeeper/The Bartender/Visitor exiting gate
Dick Van Dyke
as Thomas Craig
Charles Cooper
as Bernard K. Froy
Clint Eastwood
as Newsman
Scott Marlowe
as Eliot Gray
Cloris Leachman
as Caroline Hardy/Mary Templeton/Susan Stanger
Anthony Dawson
as Count Victor Mattoni
Spec O'Donnell
as Club Member
Louise Allbritton
as Renee Marlow
Kirby Smith
as Tom Mason
Mary Jean Yamaji
as Mrs. Sasikawa
Lowell Gilmore
as Mel Douglas
Ruth Hussey
as Paula Hudson
Peter Falk
as Meyer Fine
Cece Whitney
as Dorothy
Kent Smith
as Gilbert Hughes
Geoffrey Steele
as Man
Anne Helm
as Judy/Lisa Klemm
Iris Adrian
as Macey
Evelyn Rudie
as Hildegard Fell
Steve Peck
as Tony Wando
Shirley O'Hara
as Flora/Nurse
Frank Watkins
as Police Officer
Frank Sully
as Desk Clerk/The Piano Player
Betty Field
as Helen
Antoinette Bower
as Elisa Minden/Miss Greco
Ronald Nicholas
as Arnold Mathias/Sandy
Jeremy Slate
as Carl Seabrook/Joe Helmer
Fred Essler
as Arthur
Martin Wilkins
as Reporter
Elzie Emanuel
as Black Escaped Convict
Jack Mulhall
as Bar Patron/Conductor
Chuck Webster
as Reporter #1
Edgar Dearing
as Lewis
Ricardo Montalban
as Tony Lorca
Elaine Martone
as Marian Seabrook
Harry Tyler
as Aaron Hacker/Apartment Hunter/Bob Jenkins/Dan Silver/Isaiah Dobbs/Real Estate Agent/Sam Loomis/Theater Doorman/Ticket Agent/Timmy/Train Ticket Agent
Richard Longman
as Mr. Chiringirian
George Mathews
as Mac McGurk/Sam Dunleavy
Robert Douglas
as Inspector Ben Liebenberg/Inspector Charles Tarrant
Norma Varden
as Jenny
George E. Stone
as Barney
Connie Gilchrist
as Maggie Vanderman
Barry Gordon
as Aaron Gold/Ignace 'Iggy' Kovacs
Don Garrett
as Pete
Robert F. Simon
as Sgt. Halloran
Bernard Kates
as George Lassiter/Little Man/Lou Heinz/The Witness
Karl Swenson
as Ed Holland/John
Nancy Olson
as Jan Manning
Stella Stevens
as Judy
Ben Johnson
as Sheriff Jeff
James Flavin
as Dan/Joe Felix/Tony - The Doorman
Liam Sullivan
as Father McCann
Eve Lesley
as Movie Audience Member
Harry Lewis
as Ritchie
Murray Alper
as Lloyd/Sgt. Ed Carmody
Patsy Kelly
as Minnie Redwing
Fred Catania
as Brother Damianos
Edit Angold
as Bertha/Helen/Hilda
Tom Helmore
as Adam Longsworth/Miles Farnham
Wayne Morris
as Bret Johnson
David Lewis
as Ed Boling/Jim
Nicholas Selby
as Process Server
Clark Howat
as Jim, a Bar Patron
Francis De Sales
as Card Player
Jack Ramstead
as Bartender
Antic Melkior
as Man
Sebastian Cabot
as Mr. Davidson/Nathaniel Baldwin
Dean Stockwell
as Billy Weaver
Georgann Johnson
as Beryl Abbott/Doreen Selvy/Rosine Dalliford
Mary Grace Canfield
as Bookstore Customer/Supermarket Customer
Kathleen Hartnagel
as Schoolgirl
Margaret Leighton
as Iris Teleton
Judith Brian
as Passenger
Gregg Stewart
as Union Soldier
Thomas Bellin
as Brand/Monk
William Thourlby
as Lefty James
Wesley Lau
as Deputy Tex/Harry/Police Detective
Michael Ansara
as Butcher/Dizar/Mr. DeMario
Bert Remsen
as Jimmy - Bartender/Police Lieutenant/The Officer/The Policeman
Ralph Peters
as Cab Driver Barney/Coroner's Assistant
James Johnson
as Bellhop
Rudy Germane
as Restaurant Patron
Ann Robinson
as Helen Cox
Helen Conrad
as Mrs. Beasely
Pat O'Malley
as Wardrobe Attendant
Maxine Cooper
as Mary
Judson Pratt
as Postmaster
Chalky Williams
as Juror
Forrest Stanley
as Hubka
Barbara Bel Geddes
as Helen Brewster/Lucia Clay/Mary Maloney/Sybilla Meade
Abraham Sofaer
as Ulrich Klemm
Frank DeKova
as Pedro/Senor Vargas
Merry Anders
as Lena
Mike Ragan
as Alfredo/Cab Driver/Detective/Escaped Convict/Mr. Cheever/Pete/The Fireman
Arthur Marshall
as Jerry
Jennifer Lea
as Nancy Judson
Gil Perkins
as Bus Driver
Charles Soldani
as Townsman
Pat Harrington Jr.
as The Insurance Man
Norman Stevans
as Restaurant Patron
Harry Dean Stanton
as Lemon
James Coburn
as Andrews/Union Sergeant
Lola Albright
as Lisa
David Wayne
as Sam Jacoby
Susan Harrison
as Susan Harper
Bill Erwin
as Fireman
Frances Bavier
as Mrs. Fergusen
Sid Melton
as Cab Driver
Julie Adams
as Carol Longsworth/Peg Valence/Phyllis Kendall
Mavis Neal Palmer
as Museum Attendant
Norman Lloyd
as Charles Brailing/Leo Thorby/Lieutenant Orsatti/Narrator/The Little Man
Ralph Barnard
as Neighbor
Jim O'Neill
as Messenger
Paul Hartman
as John/Milton Potter/Sammy Morrisey
Hope Summers
as Maid/Marie Tallendier
Robert Patten
as Detective/Willis the Co-Pilot
Robert C. Ross
as Forensic doctor
Chuck Hicks
as Gypsy Joe
Harry Townes
as Ed/Richard Ross
Ernestine Barrier
as Mrs. Bedsole
Stuart Nedd
as The Doctor
Robert Warwick
as Matthew Kelson
Kenneth Gibson
as Party Guest
John Trayne
as 1st Sergeant/Policeman Peterson/Tom Crockett
Max Adrian
as Robert Stone
Howard Morris
as Dave Sumner
Paul Frees
as Mary's Father/Off-Screen Announcer/Radio Announcer/Swanson/Train Station Announcer
John Harmon
as Al Carmody/Donations Collector
Paul Playdon
as Allan
Angela Austin
as Young Blonde
Joe Flynn
as Ken Taylor
Alex Nicol
as Eddie Slovak
Sally Hughes
as Lady/Miss Putney
Bess Flowers
as Club Patron/Bookstore Customer/Meeting Guest/Party Guest
Harry Hines
as The Old Man
Tom Dillon
as Sergeant Balton
Leonard Strong
as Luiz/Man using Ouija Board/Manuel
Gena Rowlands
as Lucille Jones
John McGiver
as Arthur Motherwell/Harold George Goames
Hugh Marlowe
as Baxter/District Attorney Bernard Butler/Dr. Ralph Mannick/Harold Skinner/Rev. Richard Fell
Sally Smith
as Margaret
Konstantin Shayne
as Abdul Ismael/Customs Officer Trevitch
Nita Talbot
as Carol Thorby/Louise Williams
Paul Lambert
as Gallegher
Patrick Macnee
as Professor Kersley/Sgt. John Theron
Mark Damon
as Ray Clements
Harry Shannon
as Dr. Harner
Michael J. Pollard
as Hansel Eidelpfeiffer/Shoeshine Boy
Alfred Linder
as Shoemaker
Robert Haines
as Club Member
Charlott Knight
as Cleaning Woman/Elderly Woman
Steve Gravers
as Lt. Schwartz/Wickers
'Snub' Pollard
as Bar Patron/Bar patron
Venetia Stevenson
as Stephanie Thomas
Peter Adams
as Tim Grady
Madge Kennedy
as Laura Crabtree/Mary Hughes/Mrs. Baldwin/Mrs. Barnes/Mrs. Carter
Barbara Townsend
as Secretary
James Nolan
as Officer Bourne
Ruta Lee
as Angel/Ruby Boyenton
Patricia Knox
as Woman at Bus Stop
David Frankham
as Holsom/Philip Haven
Richard Kiley
as Harry Adams
Vladimir Sokoloff
as Uncle Fernaud
Dick York
as Herbert Wiggam/J.J. Bunce/Manny Coe/Norman Logan/Ralph Jones/Tom Barton
Nelson Welch
as Emcee/Neighbor
George Mitchell
as Munro Dean
James Beck
as Frank Voss
Robert Horton
as Brad Taylor/Gil Larkin/John Fenton/Mason Bridges/Ray Marchand/Wallace Donaldson/Walter Richmond
Phyllis Thaxter
as Annette Borden/Karen Stewart/Lucy Pryor/Margot Brenner/Mary Summers/Miss Dent
Reggie Dvorak
as Sir Francis Garrold
Ward Wood
as Police Sgt. McBaine
Kitty Kelly
as Marie/Miss Andrews
Clegg Hoyt
as Bar Patron/Desk Sergeant/Hubert/Hutch
Jack Tesler
as Newspaper Man
Phil Gordon
as Bartender
Elspeth Duxbury
as Gladys
Mark Dana
as Harrington/Morgan
Vera Denham
as Mrs. Crump
Lillian Kemble-Cooper
as Mrs. Sinclair
Joan Marcus
as Movie Audience Member
Robin Morse
as Clark
George Navarro
as Cantina Proprietor/Maitre D
James McCallion
as Bartender Ben/Charlie Harper
Richard Erdman
as Charlie Brown
Bart Burns
as Nick the Bartender
Alan Reynolds
as Card Player/Police Sgt.
Norma Crane
as Lady in Bar/Lorna Bramwell/Louise Marsh
Robert Loggia
as Jimmy French/Larry Chetnick
Doris Dowling
as Angie
Arthur Tovey
as Bar Patron/Club Member
Harry Cheshire
as Mr. Gorman
Lennie Weinrib
as Amos/Harry/Stanley
Mark Sheeler
as Shabby Man
Frankie Darro
as Boots/Little Dandy Dorf
Tom Ewell
as Albert Pelham
Steve Forrest
as Joe Rogers/Steve Archer
Bernadette Hale
as Miss Sherman - Nurse
John Carlyle
as Chris Kymer
Jean Field
as Screaming Lady Waiting for Cab
William Schallert
as Lt. Gunderson
George Chandler
as Partygoer
Victor Varconi
as Count d'Auberge
Lillian Bronson
as Neighbor
William Sharon
as Henchman with Flowers
Maggie Pierce
as Emily Jones
Jacques Bergerac
as Jan Gubak/Prince Burhan/Sgt. Andre Doniere
Reita Green
as Reita
Arthur Gould-Porter
as Mr. Moen/Arthur Chaundry/Clifton/Herbert Whybrow/Hotel Manager/Major Parslow/Major Sinclair/Police Sgt./Rogers
Andrew Prine
as Aaron Menefee
Howard McLeod
as 2nd Cop/Grady/Police Lieutenant/Police Sergeant
Howard Caine
as Mr. Dahl/Pawnbroker Employee
Penny Edwards
as Miss Smith/Secretary
Steve Mitchell
as Joey
Herbert Lytton
as Doctor/Police Lieutenant
Amanda Blake
as Carol Arlington
Marcel Dalio
as Corp. Marcel Marchand
Edith Evanson
as Lady with suitcase/Mrs. Johnson
Barry Fitzgerald
as Harold 'Stretch' Sears
Fred Graham
as Rinditch
Philip Coolidge
as Bud/Henri Tallendier/Lieutenant Brandt/Sam Henderson/Talbot/William Tritt
Dick Gering
as 2nd Sailor/The 3rd Teen
Susan Hart
as Marti Thomas
Audrey Totter
as Betsy Blake/Mrs. Philips
Billy Gray
as Perry Hatch
Stacy Harris
as Cullen
Guy Rennie
as Cab Driver
Corey Allen
as Gil Dalliford
John Yount
as Altar Boy #1
Bryan Russell
as Billy Howard
John Dodsworth
as Calender
Ted Bliss
as Man
Carole Mathews
as Clara Nash/Faye Slovak
Dorothy Neumann
as Miss Schmeltz
Beatrice Straight
as Cynthia Fortnam/Ida Blythe
Albert Salmi
as Jones/Mr. Bradley
Steven Clark
as Pilot
Barry Brooks
as Toy store salesman
Carol Grace
as The Woman
Don Ames
as Bar Patron/Club Patron/Crew Member/Party Guest
James Stone
as Customer
Jered Barclay
as George Princey/Johnson/Peters
Glenn Cannon
as Davey
Peter Dane
as Off. Andy Bleeker
Adam Stewart
as Young Combs
Katharine Bard
as Paula Frayne
Baruch Lumet
as Concertina Player/Man on Stairs
Veda Ann Borg
as Lucille
Betsy Hale
as Little Girl
Oscar Beregi Jr.
as Man Arguing at Telescope
Yale Wexler
as Arnold Barrett
Florence MacAfee
as Gloria Gould
Rusty Lane
as Police Detective/Father Rafferty/Mr. Ivers/Sheriff Matt/The Judge/Train Conductor
Nick Sills
as Arne

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1955 | 39 Episodes

Season 2

1956 | 39 Episodes

Season 3

1957 | 39 Episodes

Season 4

1958 | 36 Episodes

Season 5

1959 | 38 Episodes

Season 6

1960 | 38 Episodes

Season 7

1961 | 39 Episodes


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