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October 22, 2021
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Catastrophic incidents in aviation history are meticulously re-enacted, providing insight into what went wrong and if the crashes and near-disasters could have been prevented. Accounts from survivors combine with cockpit recordings and computer images to weave the gripping tales, and expert testimony reveals the hows and whys behind the events, some of which have resulted in important changes to aviation safety and regulations.

Country: Canada

Type: Documentary

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: September 3, 2003

Also Known As: Podniebny horror, Mayday: Catástrofes Aéreas |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), Norway (A) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Cineflix Productions, Galaxie Productions |  See more »


Robbie Rox
as Akrivos Tsolakis/Helios 522 - Investigator Tsolakis
Yohan Condette
as Self - BEA Investigator
Marijke Jenkins
as Self - Passenger
Paul Bandey
as Co-Pilot Robert Bragg
Conor Slattery
as Terrorist
Mike Realba
as Jamie Herrera - Co-Pilot
Jordan Imray
as ATSB Investigator Graham Drummond
Marc Devigne
as Captain Patridge
Dwight McFee
as Matt Busby
Ioan Grillo
as Self - Journalist
Laurence Wilson
as Self - Passenger Flight 7100
Ryan Hollyman
as Captian Per Hallonquist/FBI Agent David Beisner/First Officer Cedermark
Joe Lopes
as ATC Lucivando Alencar
Anna Stefanides
as Self - Passenger
Hebb Russell
as Self - Retired A340 Pilot
Sam Moses
as KPS Nair
Kieran Gallant
as Captain Aguair
Chantria Tram
as Tower Controller
Don Eick
as Self - Aviation Meteorologist/Self - NTSB Meteorologist/Self - Senior NTSB Meteorologist
Marie V. Cruz
as Michelle Honda
J. Craig Sandy
as Lead Investigator
Sean Connolly Affleck
as Norway Controller
Kyle McDonald
as Farmer
Spencer Robson
as Flight Attendant Richard DeMary/Second Officer Ross Hales
Daniel Chung
as First Officer Chuang Meng-jung
Dwight Ireland
as Air Traffic Controller/Sikorsky Rep
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
as Captain Park
Reon Lucas
as Seksan Caniyo
Peter Sheppard
as Self - AAIB Investigator
Landon Norris
as Chas Capewell
Michael Bodak
as Self - Captain, Flight 4295
David Carbaugh
as Self - Former Boeing Test Pilot
Gerry Soejatman
as Self - Aviation Consultant/Self - Indonesian Aviation Analyst
Mike Poole
as Self
Kaare Halvorsen
as Self - AIBN Investigator
Tom Zollner
as Self - SAS Technical Specialist
David Talbot
as John Kiner
Michael Buerk
as Self - BBC Correspondent
Andy Marshall
as Air Traffic Controller
Amanda Leblanc
as Flight Attendant #2
Daniella Forget
as Female Passenger/Passenger Riordan
Englebert Zoa-Etundi
as Self - Cameroonian Representative
Jefferson Brown
as NTSB Investigator Greg Feith
Carlos Congote
as Frank Estrada
Ray Galletti
as Air France 447 - First Officer Bonin/First Officer Pierre-Cedric Bonin
Carlo Essagian
as Captain Eric Genotte
Shawn Pruchnicki
as Self - Former CRJ-100 Pilot/Self - Human Factors Analyst/Self - Human Performance Analyst
Peter Suk Sin Chan
as Flight attendant
Mary Schiavo
as Self/Self - Aviation Analyst/Self - Aviation Safety Advocate/Self - Former Inspector General, US Department of Transportation/Self - U.S. Department of Transportation
Jennifer De Lucia
as Nikki Felch
Rod Wilson
as First Officer Pambos Charalambous/Helios 522 - First Officer Charalambous/NTSB Investigator In Charge/Willem van Staveren
Jano Frandsen
as David Cronin - Captain
Tadhg McMahon
as Stansted ATC
Bayo Akinfemi
as Air Traffic Controller
Aaron Abrams
as Patrick Harten
Adriana Cardenas Medina
as Self - Aires Flight Attendant
Edwin MacIsaac
as C-130 Navigator Katz
Rim Khannanov
as Self
Joe Sharkey
as Self - Aviation Journalist
Eddie Ho
as Self - Passenger, Flight 358
Michael Chipman
as Kurt Mayo
Michael Unzicker
as Self - CURV Project Manager
Monus Albert
as Self
Chris Gibson
as Al Salder - Co-Pilot
Sean Sullivan
as Air Traffic Controller
Don Allison
as Captain Nicholas Tafuri/Investigator Philip Hogue
Jeffrey Skiles
as Self - First Officer, US Airways 1549
Cindy Overcash
as Self - Firefighter, Charlotte Fire department
Sima Fisher
as Investigative Scientist
Cindy Keegan
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Ho Chow
as Captain Marwoto Komar/Captain Yi Ching-Fung/Flight Engineer
Rowan Vickers
as Tower Controller
Jack Grinhaus
as Malcom Brenner/NTSB Investigator Malcolm Brenner
Mike Chow
as Father Ki Ping Lai
Sylvie Dionne
as Self - Aviation Metallurgist
Saskia Van Barthold
as Young Girl
Greg Ellwand
as Bob Schornstheimer - Captain/Captain de Crespigny
William Loftus
as Stephan Moss
Thomas Kovacs
as Investigator
Uni Park
as Passenger
Sarah Plommer
as Air Canada 797 - Flight Attendant Davidson/Judi Davidson
Denis Favier
as Self
James Chung
as Investigator
Osn Ral
as AK Verma
Rebekah Miskin
as Nicole Williamson
Daniel Pagett
as Passenger Mike Wilson
Burke Lawrence
as Captain Christian Hecquet
Lauri Esposito
as Self - UPS Pilot
Christel Crawford
as Sadie Hurst
Rodger Barton
as Herbert Timpe
Guido Fernandez Lañas
as Self
Jack Drake
as Self - NTSB Lead Investigator
Taybion Nguyen
as Captain Hassanduddin
Brent Hayward
as Self - Aviation Psychologist
Martin Julien
as Investigator
Jack Ridout
as Self
Tony Nappo
as Flight Engineer Gerald Fiore
Laurent Jouault
as Self - Thuillier Relative
Niamh Carolan
as Passenger Sanna Aitken
Chuck Herriott
as Passenger #2
Vincent Thomas
as Rome Air Traffic Controller
Graham Skinner
as Self - Chief Steward, BA Flight 009
Douglas Machado
as Self - Investigator
Cory Cooper
as Flight Engineer Gilles Jardinaud/Flight Engineer Jardinaud
Kelly Jackson Brownlee
as Self - Baby Ina (Survivor Operation Babylift Crash)
Frank Taylor
as Self - Investigator, Technical Commision
John Cleland
as Joe Sedor
Carlos Dardano
as Self - Captain Flight 110
Paul Abram
as Self - Translator, NSA Listening Post
Robert Tsonos
as American Investigator
Maria Dimitriou
as Self
Ray Snedegar
as Self - C5A Loadmaster
Peter James Haworth
as Bill English/Richard Buschmann - Captain
Rick Demas
as Investigator Jones
Marc Champion
as Self - Flight Training Director, United Airlines
Dipal Patel
as Air Traffic Controller
Jake Michaels
as Captain Badcock
Rob Trick
as David Miller
Steven L. Bird
as NTSB Investigator Merritt Birky
Konstanty Gebert
as Self - Polish Journalist
Mike Canavan
as Self - Commander US Special Ops
Ashley Wright
as Captain Marvin Renslow
Pim van Santen
as Self - Dutch Investigator
Cara Ricketts
as Cydya Smith
Alan Catlin
as Controller
Chris Owens
as Scott Lustig
Steven Hartov
as Self - Military Journalist
Adam Murciano
as Gary Stockdale
Dan Bowers
as First Officer Peter Lipsett
David Miller
as Self - AAIB Deputy Chief Inspector
David MacKay
as DC Manager
Diana Bentley
as Flight Attendant
Sven-Erik Strandberg
as Self - Former Atlantic Airways Pilot
Claudine Vernier-Palliez
as Self - Reporter, Paris Match magazine
David Lafontaine
as Air Traffic Controller
Allan Chaulk
as Self - TSB Technical Investigator
Isai Rivera Blas
as Captain Widodo/Fernando Bayot - Steward
Victoria Fredenhagen
as Self - Flight Attendant, Reeve 08/Self - Jr. Flight Attendant, Reeve 08
Brian Squitti
as Colonel Colwell
Daniel Lee
as Passenger Seol Ik-Soo
Clive McLean
as Passenger
Jonathan Purdon
as Captain Doug Lampe/First Officer Nunn
Richard McMillan
as First Officer Love
Bill Taylor
as Self - ASB Investigator/Self - TSB Structures Investigator
David Tompa
as Air Traffic Controller/NTSB Investigator Jim Henderson
Al Haynes
as Self - Captain, UA Flight 232
Brian Rhodes
as Captain Connors
Deepak Joshi
as Self - NTSB Structures Expert
Graham Braithwaite
as Self - Professor of Aviation Safety
Jean Paul Najm
as Pilot
Domenic Tudino
as Palermo Air Traffic Controller
Lorllys Ramos
as Self - Lead Investigator, JIAAC
Boris Rybak
as Self
Anita Childs
as Self
Michelle Arvizu
as Graciela Ocana/Mercedes Ramirez
Louise Kelly
as Old Woman
Andrew Craig
as Aid Jameson
Eddy Suyanto
as Self - Indonesian Air Force
Edouard Balladur
as Self
Billy Parrott
as Ben Groenendijk/Meteorologist Lawrence
Lindsay Davies
as Self - Passenger, Flight 28
Rong Fu
as Flight Attendant
Rex Hagon
as Mr. Morcom
Jordan Hayes
as Ellyce Kausner
Salahuddin Rahmatullah
as Self - Investigator
Gerard Arnoux
as Self - Former Air Inter Pilot
Joseph Rafla
as Hector Chaparro Ugarte
Julian Palacin Fernandez
as Self - Aviation Expert
Jim Krieger
as Self - Former Air Traffic Controller/Self - Air Traffic Control Analyst
Patricia Aubrey
as Self
John Hutson
as Self
Larry Hambleton
as Self - L.A. County Fire Fighter
Jeff Wise
as Self - Aviation Expert/Self - Aviation Writer
Matthew Olver
as Captain Lindamood
Wesley Wark
as Self - Munk School of Global Affairs
Derek Moran
as Leo Sartorius
Curtis Sumrok
as Self - US Coast Guard
Asad Que
as Maintenance Engineer
Samy Osman
as Captain Jordi Lopez/Safety Officer
Carolyn Deforge
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Bud Laynor
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Clinton Lee Pontes
as ATC Jomarcelo dos Santos/John LePage
Andrew McGillivray
as Captain Jeremy Lipka
Michael Kremko
as John Clark
John Elios
as Captain Miguel (Micky) Quiroga
Bert Cardozo
as Miami Controller
Sergei Nikolich
as Murat Itkulov
Wendy Tadros
as Self - Former TSB Chairperson
Don Ritchie
as Waterbury
Claudio Masciulli
as Flight Dispatcher Richard Huff
Pip Dwyer
as Investigator Wally Funk
Niki Lauda
as Self - Airline Owner
Ken Pak
as ASC investigator/Air Traffic Controller/Captain Yu
Brian Jenkins
as Self - Aviation Security Analyst
Khareme Lambie
as Ethiopian 961 - Hijacker #3/Hijacker #3
Loretta Yu
as Flight Attendant
William Waldock
as Self - Hypoxia Expert/Self - Hypoxia Safety Expert
Alex M. Yeuh
as Doctor Liu Chau-hui
Bruce Pringle
as Captain/Captain Snyder/Check Airman Steven Snyder/Harald Reichel/Harold Reichel
Shaun Kurlsingh Clarke
as Captain Arisan
Fred Bergisch
as Self - KLM Cityhopper Pilot
Rufus Lewis
as Self - Lear Jet Pilot
Harry Crane
as Miles Trochesset
Stuart Hughes
as Captain James Gibson/Reeve 08 - Captain Gibson
John Murphy
as Self - Former First Air Pilot
Barry Small
as Self - Passenger, Flight 801
Karen Espana
as Flight Attendant Cardenas
Brandon Coffey
as Adam Dillon/Captain Brad Hasler
Vladimir Bondarenko
as SAS Investigator
Charles Healy
as Self
Manuel Puerta
as Self - Air Safety Manager, JIAAC/Self - JIAAC Investigator
Andy Velasquez
as Mauricio Klotz - Co-Pilot
Mark Burns
as Captain Terrington
Alan Duggan
as Passenger
Lee Oliveira
as Angelo Donadeo
Baron Hussein
as Self - Former Adam Air Operations Officer
Phil Ragan
as Self - Former Copa Pilot
Joyce Deaville
as Self
James Kallstrom
as Self - Retired Assistant Director, FBI
Seskan Caniyo
as Self - Passenger Flight 006
Renee Salmans
as Self
Stephen Welch
as Michael Gordon
Barry Flatman
as Bill Tansky - Co-Pilot
Marcus Le
as First Officer Gunawan
Ayla Rosendahl
as Flight Attendant Jennifer Stearns
LinLyn Lue
as Air Canada 797 - Flight Attendant Kayama/Laura Kayama
Kevin Kruchkywich
as Captain Kling
Jennifer Morehouse
as Commentary (Zahida Kakachi)
Nidhi Khanna
as Flight Attendant
Simon Raymond
as Flight Engineer Park Hoon-Kyu
Leo Vernik
as First Officer Stoi/Igor Piskarev
Helen Johns
as Female Passenger
John Albright
as Self - Former Emery Pilot
Daniel Rodrigues
as Self
Alex Courey
as NTSB Investigatior Dennis Grossi
Mike Trostel
as Self - Golf Historian
Mathieu Bourassa
as USAF Investigator Stokes
Rosa Reynoso
as Self - Lost Angeles Airport Police
Genadijs Dolganovs
as Captain Yablontsev/Instructor/Lead Investigator/Sergei Kharlov - Navigator/Yaroslav Kudrinsky - Captain
Hilary Krull
as Flight Attendant Tantos
Tony Arvidsson
as Self - SHK Investigator
J.P. Carriere
as H.O. Officer
Richard Lienert
as Self - Western Australia Police Force
Sunil Pradhan
as Self - Investigator
Theresa Estrada
as Self
Matthew Gin
as Flight Attendant
Mark A. Owen
as Practical Investigator
Dimitri Vantis
as NTSB Investigator
Dick Hill
as Self - FAA Investigator
Darren Straker
as Self - Air Crash Investigator
Wu Tsai-Hsun
as Self - China Television Correspondent
Andrew Loudon
as Tim Lancaster - Captain
Walid Nour el Batouty
as Self
Kwaku Adu-Poku
as First Officer Chimuquile
Elie Gemael
as First Officer Kahn/Romanian Investigator/Yahia
Mokhtar Awad
as Self - Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, George Washington University
Ariana Shams
as Gabrielle Pelky
Lars Classington
as Sonny Carter
McGraw Steven
as Self - Catholic Priest
Vanessa Dias
as Self - Human Factors Investigator, Cenipa
Ed Reyes
as Self - Captain Philippine Airlines
Ann Green
as American Ambassador Personnel (2013)/Lieutenant Rahyer/Polish Diplomat
Christine Shannon
as Self
G. Wallace Pidgeon
as Clay Presley/US Airways 1549 - Clay Presley
Ben Abell
as John Heward - Steward
Vic Gerden
as Self - Senior Investigator
Henning Melber
as Self - Former Director, Dag Hammarskjold Foundation
Nabil Ayoub
as Air Traffic Controller
Dianne Fadley
as Self - Passenger, Flight 797
Dennis Crews
as Self
Jesse Griffiths
as First Officer Levang
Scott McCulloch
as New York Controller 2
Harald Reichel
as Self - NTSB Powerplants Investigator
Jim Caruso
as Self - Flight 120 Passenger
John David Edwards
as Air France 447 - First Officer Robert/First Officer David Robert
Jon Jordan
as Mathias Moyano - Flight Engineer
Paquito 'Paco' Hernaci
as Douglas Machado
Maxine Dumont
as Air France 358 - Veronique Lacaille/Veronique Lacaille
Brad Siciliano
as Egor Repp
Choi Heung-Ok
as Self - KAIB Investigator
Barbara Gordon
as Betty Tootell
Franz Brunner
as Self - Eyewitness
John Hanson
as Self - Captain NWA Flight 85
Paul Misencik
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Hillary Clinton
Jordan Schartner
as Air Traffic Controller Irek Bikbov
Khalid Al Raisi
as Self - Director, Air Accident investigation
Julian Raimondo
as First Officer Francisco Mulet
Derek Scott
as Air Tech #1
Brian King
as ANZ Captain Horrell
Lina Yakovlieva
as TAIC Investigator
Diane Rocheleau
as Self - ASB Investigator
Bob Macintosh
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self/Self - Former Investigator, NTSB/Self - Former UN Pilot/Self - Investigator in Charge, NTSB/Self - NTSB Investigator in Charge/Self - NTSB Investigator, Birgenair 301
George Avery
as Self - Firefighter, Paramedic
Andrew Bigelow
as Peter Boag
Paul De La Rosa
as ATC Supervisor
Marvin Hinz
as Alan Brantley
Mark Huisman
as Investigator Pim van Santen
John Baljkas
as Self
Peter Galbraith
as Self - American Ambassador to Croatia
Vincent Bellon
as Captain Domenico Gatti
Andrew Bunker
as Roger Anderson
John Clemes
as Self - Brother of Passenger
Mitchell Garber
as Self - Former NTSB Medical Officer
Steve Cumyn
as Captain Davis
Kevin Walker
as Military Controller
Barbara Dunn
as Self - Safety Consultant
Phil Morrison
as John Taber
James McGowan
as Ed Gannaway - Captain
Jonathan Eliot
as Sven Hammarberg
Anne Cart
as KLM Purser
Jim Tidball
as Self - Learjet Investigator
Sonia Hartwick
as Self - Flight Attendant, Air Ontario 1363
Julian Tassielli
as Flight Officer Ashraf Abdelhamid
Tamsen McDonough
as Controller Willman
Noah Davis
as Captain Patrick Sondenheimer/Jim Ritter
Pat Murphy
as Self
Daniel Matmor
as First Officer Ketzer
George Ghali
as Abu Abdallah/Shaker Kelada
Jesse Bond
as Captain Marvin Falitz/First Officer Gibbs
Kevin Darcy
as Self - Boeing Investigator/Self - Former Boeing Engineer
Michael Lawrence
as Self - Passenger
Patrick Galligan
as Lead Investigator
Dorothy Gordon
as Phyllis Welch
Frank Moore
as Captain Hans-Juergen Merten/Helios 522 - Captain Merten
Craig Burnatowski
as Andrew Needum/Don Eick/Tor Arne Johannesen
Benjamin Muir
as First Officer McCombs
Ron Kennell
as Everett Cown
Jim Ferguson
as Self - Aviation Journalist, Scottish TV
Howard Kitaoka
as Self
Rolf Liland
as Self - Aviation Consultant
Arthur Holden
as Commentary (Nelson RIvera)
Sergio de la Rocha
as Pucallpa ATC
Wayne Catania
as Drowning Man
Alexis Bisbas
as Self
Stephen Frederick
as Self - Former American Eagle Pilot, and Author, Unheeded Warning
Hardee T. Lineham
as Captain Tveitm
Ian Matthews
as Captain Gustafsson
Emmanuel Kabongo
as First Officer Beyene
Zoe Doyle
as Flight Attendant - Economy
Olivier Lamarche
as Captain Proventher
Sergio Di Zio
as NTSB Investigator Guzzetti
Shane Harbinson
as Search and Rescue Technician
Bill Peacock
as Self/Self - Passenger Flight 006
Omar Kaddouha
as Self - Accident Investigator, LCAA
Vladimir Radian
as Captain Cerepanov/Vladimir Biryukov
Ronaldo Jenkins
as Self - Investigator/Self - Regina Lemos's Brother
Alain Patry
as ATC Gilles Logelin/Air Traffic Controller Logelin
Alan Milne
as Self - Qantas Head of Engineering
Peter Burkill
as Self - Captain, BA Flight 38
Stuart Culling
as Self - Accident Investigator AAIB
David H. Koch
as Self - Passenger - Flight 1493
Merrill Birky
as Self
Faithon Karaioscofides
as Self - Air Accident Investigator
Luis de Cespedes
as Commentary (Bernard Dhellemme)
Matthew G. Brown
as Ethiopian 961 - Hijacker #1/Hijacker #1
Andrea Purgatori
as Self - 'Corriere Della Sera' Reporter
Chris Meier
as Self - Passenger, Delta Fllight 191
Patty Sanchez
as Self
David Cronin
as Self
Randall Holden
as Victor Grubbs
Jordan Kanner
as Air Traffic Controller Investigator/James Wildey
Christophe Morin
as Self
Alison Smiley
as Self - M.D., Ergonomist, Human Factors North Inc.
Brian MacDonald
as Self - TSB Lead Investigator
Susan A. Lock
as Sung Yeo Chow
Stewart Adam McKensy
as Captain Beal
Jeffrey Knight
as Captain Kevorkian/Captain Ralph Kevorkian
Andrew Chapman
as Flight Engineer Krick/Flight Engineer Oliver Krick
Stephan Dubeau
as Rob Desjardins
JD Smith
as First Officer Steve Petrosky
Francisco Chacin
as Flight Attendant
Tre Smith
as First Officer Mills
Stephen Chambers
as Second Officer
Russell Ferrier
as Air France 447 - Captain Dubois/Captain Marc Dubois/Rick Dion
Real Levasseur
as Self - TSB Investigator
Jason Lavigne
as Self - Metroliner Pilot
Paul Amos
as First Officer McLelland
Richard Binsley
as 2nd Officer Nassick
Stephen Sparks
as Captain Rasmussen/Peter Nielsen - Controller
William Fogarty
as Self - Rear Admiral
Von Flores
as Lead Investigator/Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah/Ed Reyes - Captain/First Officer Tata Zuwaldi/Investigator/KNKT Investigator Nurcahyu
Michael Park Ingram
as Captain Hance Wiyogo/Captain Wang Lo-chi
Cary Labay
as Self - Witness
Allen Griffin
as Self - Relative of Victims
Dave Hemstad
as Sub Technician/TSB Investigator McDonald
David Teague
as Self
H.S. Khola
as Self - Chief Investigator, Air India 182
John Nance
as Self - Aviation Expert
John Kausner
as Self - Father of Passenger
Hendrik Elinder
as Self - SAIB Invetigator
Tammy Fitzgerald
as Plane surviver
Kristina Stark
as Self
Michael Bauer
as Self - NTSB Systems Investigator
Andrew Vojdani
as Chapecoense Player Jackson Follman
Paul Miller
as New York Manager
Liu Chau-Hui
as Self - Flight 235 Passenger
Don Crawshaw
as Self - RCMP Offecer
Marc St-Laurent
as Self - Cathay Pacific Airline Safety Manager
Jill Fleischman
as Mother #2
Catherine Thomas
as Madz Avisado
Thomas Michael
as Approach ATC Controller
Bruce Godfree
as Captain Patrick Thompson/First Officer Molin
Sven Hammarberg
as Self - Air Accident Investigator
Carlos Siqueira
as Self - Passenger
Luis Fernandes
as Worker
Simon Girard
as Timothy Ryerson - Petty Officer
David Frisch
as John D'Souza
Perrie Voss
as Cougar Dispatch
Sam Al Esai
as Hijacker Salem Al Hamzi/Salem al Hazmi
Ryan Fisher
as Radar Controller
Kent Staines
as Steven Hartov
Damir I. Chytil
as Voiceover
Peter Friedman
as Self - Counterfeit Parts Expert
Arnaud Desjardin
as Self - BEA Investigator
Kyle Quinlan
as Self - Passenger
Stephanie Fonceca
as Flight Attendant/Silk Air 185 - Flight Attendant
Mohammed Aziz
as Self - LCAA Investigator
Jan Ovind
as Self - Journalist
Anthony Gerbrandt
as First Officer Jamie Brokaw
Ramey Sakamoto
as Eyewitness
Venyamin Morozov
as Self
Mick Charles
as Self - Principal Inspector, AAIB
Karl-Heinz Seffer
as Urs Villager
David G. Ward
as Phil Darnell
Philip Yang
as Air Traffic Controller
Howard Jerome
as Ivan Mashkivsky
Klaus Radner
as Self - Maria's Father
Dan Fox
as NTSB Investigator Greg Feith
John Fitzgerald Jay
as Air France 358 - First Officer Naud/First Officer Naud
Dennis E. Fitch
as Self - Former Training Captain, United Airlines
Emily Andrews
as Assistant Investigator/Vannes Air Traffic Controller
Paul Eddy
as Self
Christopher Stanton
as Peter Hogenkamp
Jerome Bourgault
as Air Traffic Controller/Peter Claiden
Paul Walker
as Self - Flight Instructor
Sagar Rayamajhi
as Self - Firefighter
Anne Evans
as Self - AAIB Investigator
Phillip MacKenzie
as Richard Wentworth
Phillip Jarrett
as Auburn Calloway/FedEx 705 - Auburn Calloway
Henry Alessandroni
as Captain Green
Emi Yaguchi-Chow
as Rika Matsuda
Ron Goldman
as Self - Aviation Attorney
Max Fanaian
as Self/Self - Air Transport Consultant
Frank Blanch
as Ken Cuttle
Robert Swaim
as Self - NTSB Engineering Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Systems Investigator
Natalie Sebastien
as Theresa Estrada
Mike Eidson
as Self
Alec McClure
as First Officer Hicks
Conrad Coates
as Captain Abate/Ethiopian 961 - Captain Abate
Kelley Grando
as Flight Attendant
Salim Jiwa
as Self - Author, The Death of Flight 182
Gerry Mendicino
as Captain Germano/Captain el Habashi/Frans Wenas
Matt Dickinson
as Tour Guide
Luis Carmona
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Kathy Burke
as Self - Sean Burke's Stepmother
Glen McDonald
as ATC Supervisor Patrick/Lt. Colonel Fernando Camargo/TSB Investigator Chaulk
Rayisa Kondracki
as Lindsay Davies
Tyler Blake Smith
as Kyle Quinlan
Kevin Jubinville
as Captain Griffin
Stephen Jackson
as Lead Investigaror Misencik
Brian Young
as Captain McKenzie
Ric Garcia
as Flight Engineer Harbaoui
Mac McLean
as Self - FAA Cabin Safety Scientist
Cecil Law
as First Officer - Flight 007
David Patrick Green
as Lead AIBN Investigator
Brendan Gall
as MAD Operator
Ieva Lucs
as Ingrid Åström
Anders Yates
as Air Traffic Controller
Alex Spencer
as Junior NTSB Investigator
Ben Groenendijk
as Self - NASB Investigator
Carlos Picinato
as Self - Former First Officer, SOL Airlines
Norman Garcy Yap
as Air Traffic Contoller
Greg Lanzillotta
as Dr. Douglas Ferrari/WK 2 Co Pilot
Larry Mosicki
as Peter MacMillan/Silk Air 185 - Peter MacMillan
Dennis Mirkovic
as Second Officer Dudley Dvorak
Gerrit Walhout
as Self
Malcolm Waters
as Self - Captain, Flight 780
Alan Shields
as Narrator
Engie Ahmed el Habashi
as Self
Richard DeMary
as Self - Flight Attendant
Chai Valladares
as Passenger Basantra Bohora
James Fang
as Self - ASC Investigator
Stephen Park
as Air Traffic Control/Air Traffic Controller/Captain Mike Greenlee/First Officer Connelly
Michael Reventar
as ATC Controller/Trainee Chirinos Delgado
Johnson Trinh
as Flight Engineer
Jeff Green
as Captain Christian Marty
Jean Pearson
as Bernard Dhellemme - Captain/Voiceover
Philipp Leibovski
as Eldar Kudrinsky
Jason Barbeck
as First Officer Brant Campioni - DHL
M.E. Lewis
as Air Traffic Controller
Marcia Politovich
as Self - Aviation Weather Researcher
Jerry Getty
as Captain Kevin Sullivan/Joe Delane
Philip Nero
as Male Passenger
Keisuke Aoki
as Self - Passenger PAL 434
Mark Nielson
as Self - USS Vincennes
Roger Anderson
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Leonard Mario Zgrablic
as Flight Engineer Andrzej Michalak
Christopher Bondy
as Urs Zimmerman - Captain
Andrew Muir
as William Montford - Lieutenant
Erik Seedhouse
as Self - Aerospace Scientist
Vincent Marciano
as Captain Gustavo Wiegel
David Lynch
as Self
Robert Curbishley
as Simon Rogers - Steward
Marc Chernet
as Self - President, Victims Families Association
Allen Keng
as Air Traffic Controller/Asian Technician/Assistant Investigator/Investigator/Maintenance Engineer
Aaron Michael Reilly
as NTSB Investigator Jim Ritter
Kerry Griffin
as Air Traffic Controller Kingrey
Scott Warren
as Self - NTSB Investigator (Systems)
Jordan Duarte
as E Glen Millington/F
Xavier Sotelo
as Lead Investigator
Patrycia O'Brian
as Self
Pamela Mars
as Stewardess
Lindsey Frazier
as Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy/Flight Attendant Wendy Croom/Reeve 08 - Flight Attendant Croom
Kevin Lewis
as AAIB Investigator
Herbert Timpe
as Self
John Aglinoby
as Self - Financial Times of Jakarta
Greg Clark
as Self - San Diego PD
Paul Hubbard
as Terry Heaslip
Peter Mellor
as Self - City University, London
Lee Yoon-Hye
as Self - Flight 214 Flight Attendant
Andy Peterson
as Self
Robert Benzon
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - Lead NTSB Investigator/Self/Self - Air Safety Investigator, NTSB/Self - Former NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator in Charge/Self - Retired NTSB Investigator
Peter Ladkin
as Self - Air Crash Consultant/Self - Aviation Expert
Jeff Guzzetti
as Self/Self - NTSB Investigator
Mario Pica
as Self - ANSV Lead Investigator
Julien Beaumont
as Self - Eyewitness
Johan Strombergsson-Denora
as Flight Attendant Kelly Heyer
Trudy Smith
as Self - Flight Attendant, Flight 401
Alexander Stepchenkov
as Self - Former Manager, Smolensk Airport
Robin Kasyanov
as Russian Aviation Investigator
David Gale
as ATC Controller
Bryon Mumford
as Chief Engineer
Lewis Schiliro
as Self - Former FBI Assistant Director
Steve Milkovic
as Mechanic Sizov
Shigeru Saito
as Self - Air Accident Investigator
Les Filotas
as Self - C.A.S.B. Board Member
Asil Raïs
as Pan Am Passenger #2
Thomas Mitchell
as Investigator Al Diehl/Tom Thurman
Dale Leppard
as Self - Investigator, Airline Pilots Association
Barry Trotter
as Self
Marinus Heijl
as Self
Catherine Bruce
as Teresa Shepherd
Jane Pauley
as Self - Co Host
Mike Dineen
as Flight Engineer George Warns
Bud Joseph Hebert
as Self - Mgr, Communication Systems, CN Rail
Costa Kamateros
as Loading Supervisor
Cydia Smith
as Self
Jim Cash
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Chris Murray
as First Officer Duncan Ward/Silk Air 185 - First Officer Ward
Domenico Fiore
as Lead Investigator
Michael Goldlist
as Ground Controller
John White
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Hossein Rezaian
as Self
Karin Coulter McPherson
as Flight Attendant
Darryn Lucio
as Richard Bretzing
Christian Bako
as Capt. Liviu Batanoiu
Patrick Stevenson
as First Officer Jeffrey Skiles/US Airways 1549 - First Officer Skiles
Morris Ray
as Self
Pippa Leslie
as AA 77 Flight Attendant/Flight Attendant
Morgan Watt
as Self - Beechcraft Pilot
Qaseem Gul
as Hani Hanjour/Hijacker Hani Hanjour
Maryem Tollar
as Fatima Hjiaj
Jean Lapointe
as Self - Aviation Analyst
Jim Tucker
as Self
John Heward
as Self - Chief Steward
Jeff White
as Captain Shafer/Modern Controller
Christian McKenna
as Captain Place
Bob Besco
as Self - Aviation Psychologist
Shaker Kelada
as Self/Self - Investigator in Charge
Patricia Vanstone
as Anna Stefanides
Stewart Lauer
as Self - Former Comair Pilot
Jess Mal Gibbons
as David Burke
John McCarthy
as Self - Microburst Researcher
Jean-Louis Chatelain
as Self - Concorde Pilot/Self - Former Concorde Pilot
Daveed Louza
as First Officer Emmett/Niki Lauda
John Watson
as Co-Pilot Donny Williams
Richard Bretzing
as Self - FBI Special Agent
Paul McQuillan
as Colonel Mazurowsky/Don Foster
Jordin Hall
as Air Traffic Controller
Ash Knight
as VK Dutta
Kevin Sullivan
as Self - Captain, Qantas Flight 72
Mark Robinson
as Captain Fernandes
Tamara Evans
as Mother
Lee Delong
as Erma Schlecht
Gilles Logelin
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Jamie Robinson
as Air Traffic Controller
Simon Richards
as Captain Bishop
Mike Wilson
as Self - Passenger, Flight 1404
Claude Bechet
as Self - Lead Investigator, BEA
Hubert Tran
as First Officer Chiang Kuan-hsing
Jeremy Crittenden
as Second Officer Steven Judd
Darryl Flatman
as Captain Wheaton
Esther Jun
as Flight Attendant
Sean Baek
as Investigator Thomas Wang
Phil Derner
as Self - Aviation Analyst
Randall Kemp
as Self - Air Rescue Firefighter
Patrik Frykberg
as Self - Senior Investigator, CIAA
Alden Adair
as Young First Officer
Andrew Martin
as Wayne Smith
A.K. Verma
as Self - Air Crash Investigator
Sherry Hsu
as Air Traffic Controller
Jeff Sinasac
as First Officer Schifferns
Austin Ball
as Captain Jeff Clay
Monika Schurmann
as Maria Radner
Max Cane
as Chris Rundie - Air Traffic Controller
Kedar Brown
as Victor Guillory
Jason Martorino
as Alberto Bonfietti
Tim O'Neill
as Self - JFK Junior's Flight Instructor
John Beale
as Sebastien David
Brendan Murray
as Air Traffic Controller/IAD Operator
Adam Weiner
as First Officer Greaves
Caroline Lesley
as First Officer Shanda Fanning
Mikhail Giers
as Self - Submarine Captain
Jason Fedok
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Butch Knowlton
as Self - Durango Emergency Coordinator
Geoffrey Pounsett
as Air Traffic Controller/Captain Mark Friedline
Sean Patrick
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Richard Nummi
as Self - Attorney
Wieslaw Jedynak
as Self - Polish Investigator
Randy Hill
as Self
Luke Marty
as Flight Instructor Walker
Peter Deiwick
as Captain Malcolm Waters/WK 2 Pilot
Ray Kahnert
as Ted Thompson - Captain
Chris Gibbs
as GAA Controller
Fernando Camargo
as Self - Lead Investigator, Cenipa
Linda Gizirian
as Maid
Sheri Rutledge
as Self - United Airlines Pilot
Carl Fries
as Self
Gary Biggar
as Frank Zakar/Frank Zkar/Ray Thomson
Natacha La Ferriere
as Flight Attendant
Kevin Allan
as Captain David Butler
Joe Rinehart
as Self
Dennis Jones
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Sava Drayton
as Christopher Shaw
Ginger Ruriko Busch
as Pat - Flight Attendant
Theo Van Barthold
as Boy
Jeff Yung
as ASC Investigator Thomas Wang
Wataru Habuka
as Self - Passenger's Brother
Paul James Saunders
as Alexander Gross
Diego Fuentes
as First Officer Lopez
Henry Chan
as Kay Yong
Zahida Kakachi
as Self
Prita Wijaya
as Self - NTSC Investigator
David Rohrer
as Self - CASB Investigator/Self - Opererations Group Chairman
Alfia Khannanova
as Self
Michelle Adams
as Yana Kudrinskaya
John Minton
as Self - Reeve Engineer
Kyle Cameron
as Father Stephen McGraw
Larry Larsen
as Self
Jason Jazrawy
as Ocean Lord Pilot
Alain Bouillard
as Self - BEA Lead Investigator/Self - Chief Investigator, BEA
Michael Chabot
as Air France 358 - Kevin Lacaille/Kevin LaCaille
Evan Sabba
as First Officer Gary Lintner/Investigator Sorin Stoicescu/Reeve 08 - First Officer Lintner
Jim Codrington
as Lead Investigator
Jerry Rector
as Captain Paddy Hirst
Gennadi Osipovich
as Self - Fighter Pilot, Soviet Airforce
David Fraser
as Ron Hewett/Thomas Blair
Laura Brentlinger
as Self
Michael Gordon
as Self - Lockerbie Police Officer
Don Donnelly
as Self - De Havilland Technical Advisor
Jim Wildey
as Self/Self - Former NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Metallurgist/Self - Retired NTSB Metallurgical Engineer
Kate Fenton
as Susie Welch
Chuck Sanchez
as Self - Guam Fire Chief
Brad Borbridge
as Captain Ouellette/Flight Engineer Moose Laurin/Reeve 08 - Flight Engineer Laurin
John Doherty
as Self - NWA Fleet Training Captain
Philippa Domville
as First Officer Eidson
Dave Knutsen
as Self - Hughes Airwest Engineer
Dick Marquise
as Self - Chief, FBI Terrorist Research Center
Harry Gregg
as Self - Manchester United Goalkeeper
Brian Scott Carleton
as Tore Hultgren
Jean-Claude Boetsch
as Self - Journalist
Marc Bendavid
as Air Canada 797 - Raymond Chalifoux/Raymond Chalifoux
Alexander Kovalev
as Self - Journalist
Mark Halliley
as Narrator
Thomas Curran
as Self - First Officer, Flight 808
Marc Andrew Smith
as Ivan Tkachenko
David Gingrich
as ATSB Lead Investigator Michael Walker/Johan Condette
Grahame Wood
as First Officer Coward
Anthony Ulc
as Pan Am Captain Victor Grubbs
Vladimir Kofman
as Self - Air Crash Investigator
Nic Rhind
as First Officer Hare/Soldier
Kamiran Aldeo
as Tower Controller
Richard Huff
as Self - Reeve Flight Dispatcher
Aurelian Botazatu
as Self - Retired TAROM Pilot
Joseph Panagiotou
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Dennis Grossi
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - Flight Recorder Specialist/Self - NTSB Flight Recorder Investigator/Self - NTSB Flight Recorder Specialist
John Fowlkes
as Self
Jerzy Miller
as Self - Polish Minister of the Interior
Patrick Harten
as Self - Laguardia Air Traffic Controller
Daniel Knecht
as Self - BFU Investigator/Self - Swiss Investigator
Kay Yong
as Self - Aviation Safety Council/Self - Managing Director, ASC
Sabrina Persaud
as Sathia Silva
Mica Endsley
as Self - President, SA Technologies Inc.
Sten Eirik
as Captain Holmberg
Denny Fitch
as Self - DC-10 Instructor
Benjamin James
as William McGrory
Jerome Chandler
as Self - Author, Fire and Rain/Self - Aviation Journalist
Carlos Diaz
as Captain Omar Ospina
Susan Campbell
as Self - Mother of Lee Campbell
Miles Lawrence
as Self - NOAA Meteorologist
Keith Mackey
as Self - Aviation Safety Analyst
Sevag Sagherain
as Engineer Mostafa
Joshua Barilko
as KNKT Investigator Wibowo
Göran Lilja
as Self - Investigator, Technical Commision
Benjamin Hollingsworth
as Julien Legalle
Bernhard Weber
as Self
Ben Addley
as Self - Platoon Manager, Peel Region EMS
Earl Pastko
as Hamdi Taha - Exiled Captain
James Madge
as FBI Commander John Perren/Lead Investigator
John Thiede
as Self - Romulus Fire Department
Mary Wong Mizroch
as Self
Bob Dickens
as Self - NTSB Structures Investigator
Steve Coombes
as Jack Hudson
Pascal Langdale
as British Investigator/Lead Investigator
Michael Copeman
as Jack Parshall
J.F. Joseph
as Self - Aviation Analyst/Self - Former Fokker 100 Pilot
Alexos Andros
as Junior Investigator
Ulrika Bjorkstam
as Self - Crash Site Survivor
Jim Silliman
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Shawn Lawrence
as Captain Loft
Hubert Fielden
as Commentary
Susie Welch
as Self - Passenger
Derek Perks
as NASA Research Meteorologist Fred Proctor
Shauna Bradley
as Flight Attendant Hartwick
Dave Scheiding
as Self - Airforce Investigator
Kevin Chapman
as Self - ATSB Investigator
Amy Newman
as Self - Reno Police Department
Clyde Whitham
as Chris Pollard
Lori Phun
as Daughter Yee Sun Lai
Steven Manuel
as Allen Simpson
Raul Tome
as Gol Captain
Sid Hawkins
as Self - AAIB Engineering Support Manager
Tim LeBaron
as Self - NTSB Lead Investigator
Dwayne Bryshun
as 1st Officer Jean Marcot/First Officer Jean Marcot
Stanley Stewart
as Self - Aviation Author
Kashif Khan
as Investigator
Jordan Till
as Junior Investigator
Marc Baumgartner
as Self
Paul Verheyden
as Self - Flight 1141 Passenger
Steve Baird
as Self - Former Air Traffic Controller
Leif Loeddesoel
as Self - Wilhelmsen Shipping
Aimee Conner
as Self - Passenger, Flight 173
Maurizio Catino
as Self - University of Milan
Sally Golan
as Haris Charalampous
David Guthrie
as Troy Anderson
Tim Zeigler
as Jim Tidball
Katherine Gauthier
as Rachel Fernheimer
Michael Coady
as Hans-Peter Graf
Frank Nakashima
as Captain Ho/Jumpseat Customer/Lead ASC Investigator
Jörg Schöneberg
as Self
Eric Charbonneau
as Fire Fighter Brisson
Sharon McFarlane
as Air Traffic Controller
Kawa Ada
as Translator
Moreira Lima
as Self - Brazil Search & Rescue Squadron
Fuzzy Maiava
as Self - Flight Attendant
William Foley
as First Officer Allaberdin
Dan Bower
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Gareth Moyse
as Harry Gregg
Houston Mills
as Self - UPS Airlines Director of Safety
Brandon Thomas
as First Officer Pettit
Mike Zunino
as Self - USS Vincennes
Scott Watson
as Ray Harper
Joey Belfiore
as First Officer Massimo De Fraia
Dorothy Atabong
as Flight Attendant
Eric Gennotte
as Self - Captain, DHL
John Jarvis
as Barry Small
Tom Farinella
as Self - Des Plaines Fire Department
Terry Heaslip
as Self - Accident Investgation & Research Inc.
Harry Judge
as First Officer Andrew Cantle
Lisa Kimberley
as Flight Attendant
Nora Marshall
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Soerjanto Tjahjono
as Self - NTSC Investigator
Charmaine D. Lau
as Flight Attendant
Robin Archer
as Canadian Investigator
Robert 'Hoot' Gibson
as Self - Unlimited Class Pilot
David Huband
as First Officer Richard Hazen
Alison J. Palmer
as Passenger Terri Chung
Bob Desrosiers
as Oleg Grigoriev
Philip Greenspun
as Self - Helicopter Pilot
Will Rogers
as Self - USS Vincennes
Richard Harte
as Air Traffic Controller
Lazaros Temetzian
as Self - Flight Attendant and Trainer
Chris Protheroe
as Self - Senior AAIB Investigator/Self - Senior Inspector, AAIB
Eli Ham
as Air Traffic Controller
Bruce Beaton
as Air Traffic Controller
Michal Grajewski
as NOAA Scientist Marks
Edgar George
as Co-Pilot/Ethiopian 961 - First Officer Merkuria
Sylvain Carriere
as Self - Airport Fire Chief
James Kall
as Captain Thompson
Amber Cull
as Flight Attendant Trudy Smith
Paul Raposo
as Test Pilot Gilberto Schittini
Vincenzo Pace
as Self
Jeffrey Masters
as Self - NOAA 42 Flight Director
Jackson Follmann
as Self - Chapecoense Player
David Bronfman
as Capt. Andrew J. Lucas/First Officer Pino
Marion Carroll
as Self - Qantas 32 Passenger
Peter MacMillan
as Self - Silk Air Flight Trainer
Sutji Suharjanti
as Self - Passenger Garuda 421
Brian Paul
as TAIC Investigator
Jason Knight
as ATAP Controller
Richard Wentworth
as Self - Investigator, NTSB/Self - NTSB Investigator
Stephanie Jung
as Assistant Investigator
Ayumi Iizuka
as Gayle Yamamoto
Frances Castledine
as Self - Eyewitness Nurse
Andy Trithardt
as Second Officer Ticehurst
Ulf Cedermark
as Self - First Officer, SAS Flight 751
Kathleen Mosier
as Self - Aviation Psychologist
Art Hindle
as Captain Colin Shaw
Colin Wright
as Self - Former Trident Pilot
Robert B. Kennedy
as Caj Frostell/Dennis Fitch/Richard Rodriguez
Luis Montoya
as Self
Nigel Baldwin
as Self - Passenger
Shaun Smyth
as First Officer Stockstill
Chris Britton
as Captain Chesley Sullenberger/US Airways 1549 - Captain Sullenberger
Nicholas Kilbertus
as Captain Claude Béchet/David Fernandez - Co-Pilot
Tony James
as Self - Investigator
Brad Austin
as Pan Am First Officer Robert Bragg
Stefen Hayes
as First Officer Robert Marek Grzywna/Rescue Worker
Richard Collier
as Fire Chief Chuck Sanchez
Guy Hirst
as Self - Aviation Consultant
Mark Camacho
as Commentary (Luis Montoya)
Sarah Slywchuk
as Linda Adams
Richie Guzman
as Alex Estrada
Elliot Brann
as Self - LAX Tower Controller
Marcus Nance
as Boeing Representative
Joan Crawford
as Self
Jean Marie Schreiber
as Self - Journalist
Jeannine Moyle
as Self - Hughes Airwest Flight Attendant
Mirabelle Leandro
as Pan Am Flight Attendant #1
Jorge Molina
as Captain Antonio Luna/First Officer Gergin/Investigator Two/Patrik Frykberg
Bsn Rau
as Flight Engineer Dara Dumasia/Shaker Keleda
Victor A. Young
as Eric Schreiber - Captain
Kevin Sweeney
as Self - Aircraft Commander
Pamela Suarez
as Self - President, JIAAC
Orangel Lozada
as Self - Venezuela Search and Rescue
Rosalba Martinni
as Conceicao Da Silva
Eric Fink
as Flight Engineer Gedalya Sofer
Frank Kruppa
as Self - Assistant Fire Chief, Guantanamo Bay
Bruce Lambert
as Self
Tim Lancaster
as Self - Captain
Ertata Lananggalihpa
as Self - NTSC Investigator
Carl Gutierrez
as Self - Former Guam Governor
John Rowe
as Allen Reiss
Benjamin Clost
as KLM First Officer Klaas Meurs/TWA Dispatcher
Todd Campbell
as Gary Dann/Investigator Robert Benzon/Walter White
Philip Graeme
as AAIB Investigator Robinson/Air Traffic Controller
Al Weaver
as Self - Aviation Engine Expert/Self - Pratt & Whitney Engine Investigator
Sam Soterau
as Self - Aviation Safety Analyst/Self - Flight Instructor
Richard Nash
as Mick Charles
Jerry Schemmel
as Self - Passenger, UA Flight 232
Marty Moreau
as Commander Kevin Sweeney/FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom/FBI James Kallstrom/Flight Engineer Martin Wahne/NTSB Investigator Pearce/Phil Sleight
Caj Frostell
as Self - ICAO Investigator
Abdul Rozaq
as Self - Garuda 421 Captain
Afrah Gouda
as Zahida Kakachi
Phoebe Hu
as Mother Siew Chew Ling
Daniel Stolfi
as Investigator #2
Linda Bahna
as Self
Claude Burgniard
as Self
William Dugarte
as Self - Family Member
Franco Bergante
as Self - Former DC9 Pilot
Irina Degtaryeva
as Self
Jerrold Karch
as Arnaldo Da Silva/Senior Investigator
Shaun Shetty
as Captain Suneja
Bill English
as Self - NTSB Investigator in Charge
David Storch
as Captain Kaeppel/NTSB Investigator Greg Feith
Nobuya Shimamoto
as Haruki Ikegami
Ginger Stricker
as Self - Daughter of First Officer
Christopher Barry
as Tom Haueter
Lionel Sole
as Self - Copilot 56 Charlie
David Ikeda
as JAL Flight Operations
Dennis Green
as Self - Resident
Albert Chung
as Captain Wu Xinlu
Nicolas Van Burek
as Ben Levy
James Binkley
as Andy Peterson - Flight Engineer/FedEx 705 - Flight Engineer Peterson
Michael Quinn
as Self - Shannon Air Traffic Controller
John Cox
as Self - Aviation Analyst/Self - Aviation Consultant/Self - Aviation Safety Analyst/Self - Air Safety Consultant/Self/Self - ALPA Investigator/Self - Aviation Expert/Self - Former Airline Pilot
Clint Van Zandt
as Self - FBI Hostage Negotiator
Richard McKenna
as Self
Jordan Andonov
as Fighter Pilot Osipovich
Brian Bishop
as Self/Self - Pilot, Eastwinds Flight 517
Torquil Colbo
as Bart Elias
Daniel O'Keefe
as BEA Sea Search Investigator
Calvin Walbert
as Self - FAA Explosives Expert
Ike Stokes
as Self - LCol, USAF Investigator
Peter Prystanski
as Chuck Pfisterer
Andrew Needham
as Self - Passenger
Leopold Sartorius
as Self - Investigator, Air France Flight 447/Self - Investigator, BEA
Neil Campbell
as Self - ATSB Investigator
Andy Elvin
as Passenger #1
Nabeel El Khafif
as Egyptian Aviation Investigator
Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll
as Assistant JIAAC Investigator/First Officer Ferreira Quintal/Tenerife Controller
Tim Campbell
as Investigator Chapman
Tim Gammon
as Flight Engineer Mendenhall
Martin McNenly
as Paul Eddy
Barry Strauch
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self/Self - Former NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Accident Investigator/Self - NTSB Human Performance Investigator/Selt - NTSB Investigator
Tor Arne Johannesen
as Self - Passenger Flight 670
Basanta Bohora
as Self - Survivor
Neil A. Jones
as Aircraft Engineer
Karene Katz
as Yvonne
Martin Happer
as Co-Pilot Selanders/NTSB Investigator
Katherine Wilson
as Self - Human Performance Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator
Terry Von Thaden
as Self - University of Illinois Institute of Aviation
Tom Brokaw
as Self - Host
Bill Ratner
as Narrator
Carlos Díaz
Jeffrey Wetsch
as Boom Operator Stucky/TSB Investigator
Daniel Della Penna
as Brazilian Investigator Carlos Da Conceicao
Giuseppe Caldarelli
as Self - ATR Lead Investigator
Paul Toy
as Self - Metro-Dade Police Diver
Adrian Griffin
as Flight Engineer Matyushin/NTSB Investigator
Kas Beumkes
as Self - Dutch Safety Board Investigator/Self - NASB Investigator
Richard de Crespigny
as Self - Qantas 32 Captain
Matt Bois
as Mike Rowe
Michel Brisson
as Self - Firefighter
Paul Braunstein
as First Officer Keele
Adriano Sobretodo Jr.
as First Officer Hamid/Inspector Santoso Sayogo
Matt Dratva
as Director of Protocol Kazana
Tom Fuentes
as Self - Former Asssistant Director, FBI
Frank Holland
as Self - Engineer, 7551 East
Birgitte Solem
as NTSB Investigator
Tyler McMaster
as Firefighter Robert Warner/Nigel Baldwin
Mirabelle Kirkland
as Pan Am Flight Attendant #2
Horacio Larrosa
as Self/Self - JIAAC Investigator
Jeff Seymour
as Captain Gharbi
Daria Bonfietti
as Self - Passenger's Sister
Elizabeth Mehren
as Self - Journalist
Kit Darby
as Self - 737 Pilot
Angelo Tucci
as Businessman
Anmol Kareer
as Supervising Controller
Brittany Rae Robinson
as Flight Attendant Gallagher
Bob Hillhouse
as Ralph Michelli
Francisco Trujillo
as Captain Perez-Pama/Santo Domingo Controller
Thomas Hauff
as Pilot Reinwald
Aaron Octeau
as George Avery
T.J. Riley
as Andreas lubitz
Peter Terrington
as Self - Captain, Flight 28
Stephen McGrath
as Captain Nemov
Cody Ray Thompson
as First Officer Matthew Bell
Nicolas Seger
as Self - SHK Lead Investigator
Juliette St. James
as Passenger #2
Chris Rundle
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Thomas Briggs
as Self - Terri Chung's Colleague
Hrant Alianak
as Captain Erdem/Investigator Mohammed Aziz/Mario Rafoil - Flight Engineer
Jamie Maczko
as Load Master Michael Sheets
Ava Himmel
as First Officer Rebecca Shaw
James Roussel
as FAA Explosives Investigator Ed Kittel
Daniel Falk
as Air Traffic Controlller/First Officer Lee Bruecher/Investigator Arvidsson
Gordon Jim Hookey
as Self
Mohammed Hjiaj
as Self - Nephew of Fatima Hjiaj
Chris Lightfoot
as Captain Frank Zvonek/Grumman Pilot
Wes Timmons
as Self - National Director of Runway Safety, FAA
Adam Waxman
as NTSB Investigator Tom Haueter
Michael Eaves
as Stuart Culling - Crash Investigator
Hector Chaparro Ugarte
as Self - Passenger, Flight 204
Tim Finnigan
as First Officer David Hayhoe
Paul Mills
as Self - Music Producer
Michael Kash
as Captain States
Vicki Kim
as Flight Attendant
Alina Lee
as CB Lansing - Chief Flight Attendant
John Polyzoides
as Self
Saad Siddiqui
as Captain Al Shubaily
Ashley Burton
as Local ATC
Stefan Rasmussen
as Self - Captain, SAS Flight 751
Mark MacRae
as Co Pilot Michael Alsbury
Helen Muir
as Self - Psychologist
Rory O'Shea
as Gander Air Traffic Controller
Victor Gomez
as Captain Carlos Dardano
Elizabeth Ingham
as KLM Flight Attendant
Tony Jones
as Self - Bristow Helicopters
Marsha Mason
as Barbara Olson/Passenger Barbara Olson
William Pugh
as Self - Accident Investigator, NTSB
Greg Phillips
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self/Self - Former NTSB Investigator
Celine Tsai
as Flight Attendant
Gijsbert Vogelaar
as Self - Investigator in Charge, Dutch Safety Board
Amish Patel
as Hotel Worker
Kevin Hare
as Charles Grundmann/Cumin Doyle/KLM Captain Jacob van Zanten
Peter Kosaka
as Lead Investigator Chiba
Stella Wegmüller
as Self
Morgan Davidoff
as Pilot in Training Brooks
Syd Haque
as Mo Amin
Ingrid Astrom
as Self - Flight Attendant, SAS Flight 751
William Fowler
as Self - NationAir V.P. Flight Operations
Dennis Crider
as Self - NTSB Performance Group Chairman
Elizabeth Erhart
as Flight Attendant #2
Margaret McKinnon
as Self
Bill Huff
as Self - Delta Airlines Captain
Jerome Greer Chandler
as Self - Aviation Journalist
Ray Davis
as Self - Aircraft Accident Consultant
David Lawrence
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Miranda Jade
as CSI Scientist
Kirk Wood
as Air Traffic Controller
Eugene Kowch
as Self - Electrical Engineer
Elma Begovic
as Flight Attendant
Courtenay J. Stevens
as BEA Investigator Romain Bevillard/Francois Parent
Jeanie Calleja
as Marcia Wirtz
Cyndi Goode
as Self
Paul Mauro
as Self
Kevin Chiao
as First Officer Gao Liji
Rodney Doss
as Self - Aviation Consultant
Richard Allan Campbell
as Sid Hawkins
Wesley Kutch
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Paul Rowe
as Passenger #1
Malcolm Grayburn
as Self/Self - Rolls Royce
Douglas E. Hughes
as Captain Mosley
Charles Capewell
as Self - Passenger, BA Flight 009
Markus Parilo
as Hatem Rushdy
Bruce Van Barthold
as Co-Pilot Klaas Meurs
Jeff Gruen
as Captain Christian Marty
Peter Renshaw
as Self - Aviation Psychologist
David Biesner
as Self - Retired FBI Agent
Rashid Mustafin
as Self
Philip Van Martin
as First Officer
Craig Eldridge
as William Rogers - Captain
James Delaurier
as Self - Aeronautical Engineer
Donald Wilson
as Self - Former FedEx Pilot/Self - Retired Cargo Pilot
David McCorkell
as Self
Gordon Bethune
as Self - Former Boeing Vice President
Frans Wenas
as Self - NTSC Investigator In Charge
Elizabeth Lennie
as Claude Burgniard - Flight Attendant
Colin Glazer
as NTSB Investigator
Jimmy Ellingham
as Self - Reporter, Manawatu Standard
Leanna Brodie
as Victoria Kudrinskaya
Pierre Simpson
as First Officer Thurner
David Case
as Self - Clarence Center Fire Company
Michael Millar
as Captain Evans
Roger Greaves
as Self - First Officer, BA Flight 009
Valentin Nedialkov
as Bryce Bell
Harmon Walsh
as John F. Kennedy Jr.
Grace Armas
as Bartender
Yvan-Miville Des Chênes
as Self - Aviation Specialist
Chris Pollard
as Self - AAIB Inspector/Self - AAIB Investigator/Self - AIB Investigator
Julian De Zotti
as Captain Davis
Tor Norstegaard
as Self - AIBN Investigator
Chris Gillett
as Captain Hanson/Jimmy Leeward/NTSB Investigator Roger Cox
Lenno Britos
as Second Investigator
Robin Schisler
as Mimi Tompkins - Co-Pilot
Rodney Kilborn
as Self
Alex Frankson
as Passenger Paul Verheyden
Jovanni Sy
as Maui tower
Enmanuel Souffront
as Self - Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau
Laura Wilson
as Test Pilot
James Brown
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Manuel Verreydt
as Airbus Consultant/Jean-Paul Philippe
Steven Gallagher
as Christopher Pollard
James Arnold
as Robert Swaim
Lyne Tremblay
as Marie-Françoise Froesch
Paul McGuire
as Air Traffic Controller
Christopher O'Neill
as Captain John Albright
James E. Oberg
as Self - Aerospace Historian/Self - Aviation Expert
Alvaro Gammicchia
as Self - SAPA Investigator
Mark Bondy
as Rennie Van Zyl
Nicola Clark
as Self - NY Times Reporter
Bethanie Ho
as Passenger
Victoria Kudrinskaya
as Self
Christina Florencio
as Maria De La Cruz - Flight Attendant
Gregory Thomas
as Evan Byrne
Russell Lawton
as Self - Aviation Safety Expert
Zoe Dawson
as Sue Gibbons - Stewardess
Gregory Harris
as Self
Graciela Ocaña
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Michael Odenyo
as Self
William Burke
as Self - Sean Burke's Father
Joanna Caston
as Self - Flight Attendant, Flight 28
John Macinnes
as Self - Captain, Grampian Freedom
Howard Swancy
as Self - Air Force Investigator
Alex Furber
as First Officer Keighley
Roman Podhora
as Paul Candalino
Alexander Wong
as Weather Observer
Nick Baillie
as Dirk De Jager - Co-Pilot/Pilot Genzlinger
Caden Douglas
as Ray Snedegar
Frank Huddle
as Self
Guy Quango
as Vietnamese Soldier
Jimi Shlag
as Air Traffic Controller/Captain Kevin Stables
Dan MacKay
as Dennis Kemper/Jim Caruso
Luis Pru
as Self - Learjet 45 Pilot
Tyler Rive
as Juan Camile Mourino
Jay Selanders
as Self - Co-Pilot
Fuad Ahmed
as Area Controller
Martin Sims
as First Officer Phil Hayes
P. Rodney Barnes
as Captain Wamwea
Don W. Shepherd
as Passenger McGinty
Paul Pfisterer
as Self
Shailene Garnett
as Hilda Mayor
Valery Dudkin
as Self
Tim Place
as Self - Former Captain, USAF
Rosanna Albergo Baldacci
as Self
Joel Rinzler
as NTSB Investigator Ivey
Russel Quimby
as Self - Accident Investigator, NTSB
Tom Haueter
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self/Self - NTSB Lead Investigator
Mohammad Syed Hosain
as Self - Former PIA Pilot
Bobby Prochaska
as ATC Controller
Frederick D. Gregory
as Self - NASA Astronaut
Trent McMullen
as Passenger
Rob Baker
as Cessna Pilot
Andrew Mackay
as Human Factors Investigator
Tim van Beveren
as Self/Self - Aviation Analyst
Debora Patta
as Self - Investigative Journalist
James Graham
as Robert Decker
Juan Carlos Velis
as Fernando Goytia/First Officer Lima/Germinal Sarasqueta/Jorge Rodriquez
Richard Pragluski
as Self - Passenger, Flight 401
Nagakatsu Kawahata
as Self - Air Accident Investigator
Dmitry Pushkov
as Self - Pathologist
Michael Ripley
as David McCorkell
Bobby Mitchell
as Self
Rachel Fernheimer
as Self - Flight Attendant
Ron Caissie
as Mark Linnell
Brian Murphy
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Structures Investigator
Gavin Williams
as Ndola Controller
Nigel Hamer
as Michael Flueckiger/NTSB Investigator
Vas Saranga
as Junior Investigator/Vishnu Som
Patrick Garrow
as DC Controller
Ivan Sherry
as Alan Milne/Captain Uys/South African 295 - Captain Uys
Nonnie Griffin
as Marion Carroll
Joseph Di Mambro
as Air Canada 797 - Flight Attendant Benetti/Captain Jose Moreno/Captain Rafael Liberta/GRIAA Investigator Sabogal/Sergio Benetti
Danny Deakin
as NTSB Investigator Tom Haueter
Ralph deGroot
as Lars Lindberg
Wellington Rodrigues
as Self - Brazilian ATC Association
Wayne Best
as Captain William Allan
Tristan Claxton
as Loriant Air Traffic Controller
Aidan Moreno
as Controller
Christopher Sawchyn
as Jack Drake
John Tokatlidis
as Captain Chavez/Julian Echeverri/Nicolas Skourias
Jim Walters
as Self - Aviation Consultant
Miguel Comacho
as Self - GRIAA Investigator
Rolando Alvarez Giacoman
as Mérida Tower Controller
Kareem el Batouty
as Self
Sathya Silva
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Jean Pariès
as Self - Lead Investigator, B.E.A
Guy Richer
as Robert Piché - Captain
Rob Bennett
as Brian McDermid
Chris Whitby
as Strange Man
Curtis Caravaggio
as First Officer Robert Harms
Ken MacDougall
as AAIU Senior Investigator
Stuart Clow
as Alain Bouillard/BEA Investigator Alain Bouillard
Jesse Sparks
as Self
Alkis Georgiou
as Self
Steven Pigozzo
as First Officer Fontana
Fred Proctor
as Self - NASA Senior Research Meteorologist
Barrie Deaville
as Self
Lata Pada
as Self - Family on Flight 182
David Rosser
as Captain McQuarre/Captain Moody/JIAAC Investigator Horacio Larrosa/Rene Foisy - Judge
John Macidull
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Radar Expert
David Anyezeski
as Self - Former Fine Air Pilot
Jean-Marc Fontaine
as Alain Bossuat - Flight Engineer/First Officer Oral Ulusman/Strasbourg ATC
Katie Bergin
as ATC Controller
Sarah Elder
as Self - Co-Author, Crash
Silver Kim
as First Officer Song
Ken Adams
as Self
K.P.S. Nair
as Self - Lead Investigator
Andrew Robinson
as Self - Air Accident Investigator
Fedele P. Folino Jr.
as Eugenio Gedda
Eric Delesalle
as Self - ATR Test Pilot
Suzanne Hawkins
as Captain's Girlfriend
Christian Lloyd
as NTSB Lead Investigator Haueter/Tom Haueter
Daniela Lazzaro
as 1st Lt. Vanessa Dias
Shawn Devlin
as Palmerston North Controller Chapman/TSB Investigator Stuart
Vladimir Biriukov
as Self
Tabitha Tao
as Flight Attendant
Mark Lutz
as Michael Marx
Robert Bragg
as Self - First Officer Pan Am 1736
Robert Williams
as Howard Swancy
David Snelgrove
as Captain Jim McFeron
Cherie D'Elia
as Flight Attendant
Luke Gordon
as ATC Blanford
Paul Symeonides
as Self - Flight Attendant
Mike McPhaden
as ATC Controller
Rico Tudico
as Capt. Raffo
Bryan Malcolm
as Payne Stewart
Jonathan Kim
as First Officer Rahim
Nicholas Rose
as Flight Director Masters
Krista Jang
as Tour Passenger
Gilberto Schittini
as Self - Test Pilot
Ivan Sant'Anna
as Self - Aviation Writer/Self - Journalist
Darrin Baker
as NTSB Investigator John DeLisi/NTSB Investigator Evan Bryne
Torren Sylvain
as John Izzo
Adrian Green
as ATC Rayfield
Gary Brennan
as Bill Peacoack
Craig Railsback
as Self - Former Northwest Airlink Pilot
Jason Faulkner
as Joseph Sedor/NTSB Investigator John Sedor/NTSB Investigator Sedor/New York Controller 3
Jarrod MacLean
as First Officer Paul DeSanctis/NWO Smit/New York Controller 1
Peter Didiano
as Vincenzo Pennetta
Sanna Aitken
as Self - Passenger Flight 6708
Jonathan Aris
as Narrator/Narrator - UK version
Rene Anobis
as Ed Trimble
Nick Bacon
as Sergio Danguillecourt
Ben Levy
as Self - Passenger 214
Frank Pellegrino
as Captain Khader/Self - Special Agent FBI
Débora Demestre
as Air Traffic Controller
Roger Dunn
as Donnie Shackleford
Godfrey Giocada
as Air Traffic Controllor
Matt Warmerdam
as Self
Victor Sazhenin
as Self
Derek Ward
as Self - First Officer's Father
Danielle Bourgon
as Christine Shannon
Christopher Goddard
as Charley Pereira
Robert Decker
as Self - Cougar 91 Public Enquiry
Ron Hewett
as Self - Winnipeg Air Traffic Controller
Matthew Willson
as US Firefighter
Michael Chacra
as Mohammed Mahmoudi
Jonathan Shatzky
as NTSB Investigator Bob Benzon
Andrew McIntosh
as Self - Investigations Editor - QMI News Agency
Eric Weinthal
as Seattle Dispatch
Robert Fulton
as Chief Steward Skinner
Natalie Hamel-Roy
as Commentary (Yahia's Mother)
Malcolm Brenner
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self/Self - Former Senior Investigator, NTSB/Self - Human Performance Investigator/Self - NTSB Human Performance Expert/Self - NTSB Human Performance Investigator/Self - NTSB Psychologist/Self - Retired NTSB Psychologist
Kevin Andrew Carter
as Robert Benzon
Ron Schleede
as Self/Self - Former NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Chief Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator in Charge/Self - Retired NTSB Investigator
Mike Petersen
as John Doherty
Timm Zemanek
as Nick Harris
Tom Badcock
as Self - Canadian Air Force, Ret.
Jimmy Makris
as Navigator Artur Zietek
Joan Jackson
as Self - Pan AM Flight Attendant
Sarah Wilson
as Ulrika Bjorkstam
Robert Moloney
as Ced Roberts
John Herrling
as Self - U.S. Army, Ret.
Ian Shaw
as Self
Denis Akiyama
as Captain/Captain - Flight 007/Captain Park
Jason Deline
as Thomas Curran
Marilla Wex
as Anne Evans
Simu Liu
as Narita Air Traffic Controller
Nikole Gabriel
as Customer Service Rep
Alessandro Costantini
as Jason Shorr
Simon Northwood
as Co-Pilot David/First Officer Atwell/South African 295 - First Officer Atwell
Craig Stanghetta
as Alex Noll
Rebecca Nicholson
as Flight Attendant
Richard Kubelka
as Self - Chief Cabin Instructor
Mike Cunningham
as Self - TSB Investigator in Charge
Slavomir Pjatak
as Self - Former Crossair Pilot
Markus Hug
as Self
Yury Ruzhyev
as First Officer Kochetkov
Thom Marriott
as Bob Benzon/Investigator Benzon/Investigator Bob Benzon/Jim Donnelly/NTSB Investigator Benzon
Emidio Michetti
as Ronaldo Jenkins
Don McWilliams
as AWACS Controller
Mai Nour el Din
as Self
Brock Johnson
as Senior Investigator Kas Beumkes
Bruno Verdoni
as Polish Investigator
Frank Black
as Self - Technical Advisor, Dryden Enquiry
Kent Sheridan
as Langley Pilot
Philippe Ayoub
as First Officer Joël Cherubin
René Escobar Jr.
as Alan Ruschel/First Officer Rodriguez
Gary Dann
as Self - Witness
Raven Dauda
as Air Traffic Controller
Aidan Desalaiz
as Jorge Da Silva
Elias Scoufaras
as Airport Employee
Mike Fagan
as Self - First Officer NWA Flight 85
Oliver McGee
as Self - Aviation Analyst
Sam Tabar
as Relief Pilot Evrenesoglu
Lily Gao
as Flight Attendant
Lucie Jeanne
as Pan Am Passenger #1
J.P. Galvez
as First Officer Aryadin
Robert Marquis
as Self - Witness
Gabe Bettio
as James Heyd
Neil Whitely
as NTSB Investigator Dennis Jones/Ron Brown
Brad Wietersen
as BEA Investigation Assistant
David McNair
as Self - Aviation Safety Analyst/Self - C.A.S.B. Investigator/Self - Transportation Safety Board
Joseph Kathrein
as David Richmond
Michael Rogowski
as Self - Clarence Center Fire Company
Fred Miller
as Self
Garth Sheriff
as Dinshaw
Wilson Felder
as Self
Jason Flores
as Dorval Air Traffic Controller
Isaac Pilozo
as Eisberth Quintero
Michael Brown
as Investigator
Marco Grazzini
as Co-Pilot Valencia/First Officer Zille
Joanne Boland
as Captain Gathje
Keana Lyn
as Michelle Dussan
Ced Roberts
as Self - Commander 56 Charlie
Loretta Kaminsky
as Self
James Heyd
as Self - Passenger, Via Rail
Tim Hamaguchi
as Tokyo Controller
Joe Matheson
as William Fogarty - Admiral
Horace Abel
as Michael Oddenyo
Julie Arora
as Flight Attendant
Jay T. Shramek
as Pilot Bedford
Heidi Hart
as Self
Donnie Shackleford
as Self - Former Execuflight Pilot
Patrick Veillette
as Self - Aviation Analyst/Self - Aviation Consultant
Ariel Shocron
as Self - SAPA Investigator
Clint Crookshanks
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator (Structures)/Self - NTSB Structural Engineer/Self - NTSB Structures Investigator
James Berlingieri
as Lazaros Temetzian
Roger Charles
as Self
Ever Sabogal
as Self - Colombian Air Force Investigator
Dan Lett
as ATC Charlie Johnson/Investigator Seger
Damir Andrei
as Captain Lutz/Voiceover
Donald Tripe
as Pilot Francis Gilibert
Stephen Morrin
as Self - Author 'The Munich Air Disaster'
Lee Burmeister
as Self - Passenger Flight 110
David Sanders
as Self
Justin Landry
as Passenger
Bernard Loeb
as Self - Former NTSB Aviation Safety Director
Joe Parro
as Bob Dickens
Frank Romaglia
as Self - F4 Fighter Pilot
Mark Rosekind
as Self - NASA Fatigue Program
Robert J. Tavenor
as Maitre de Cabine/NTSB Investigator Rob Schleede
Johnie Chase
as Maintenance Supervisor
Vladimir Veigum
as Self
Robert Wheal
as Self
Stephen Bogaert
as Narrator/Captain Jack Gandy/Michael Origel - Co-Pilot
Kelly Penner
as First Officer George Land
Todd Schroeder
as FBI Agent Mawn
Phiippe LaCaile
as Self - Passenger, Flight 358
George Chiang
as Captain Lee Yi-liang/First Officer Lee Jung Min
James Purcell
as Finn Heimdal
Jim Ritter
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - Aircraft Performance Engineer, NTSB
Cyndy Day
as NTSB Investigator
Yann Torres
as Self - BEA Investigator
David Eng
as Howard Kitaoka
Richard Jones
as Captain Stephanini
Austin Strugnell
as NTSB Psychologist Malcolm Brenner
Tori Anderson
as Lee Brumeister
Miguel Fernandes
as Mohamed Badrawi
Brian Campbell
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Andrey Kasyanov
as Self - Rescuer/Witness
Kordo Doski
as Mohsen Rezaian - Iran Air Captain
Byron Abalos
as Captain - Flight 043/Jakarta Air Traffic Controller/NTSB Investigator
Greg Campbell
as Cougar Senior Pilot/Greg Phillips/Investigator Darren Straker
Janet Porter
as Captain Candalyn Kubeck
Benedict Sandiford
as Nigel Ogden - Steward
Bob Pearson
as Self - Captain, Flight 143
Ed Trimble
as Self - AAIB Lead Investigator/Self - Senior Inspector, AAIB
Ash Banga
as Investigator Chaouk
Mark Ford
as Self - AAIB Flight Recorder Inspector
Clive Sangar
as Self - Journalist
Michael James Regan
as Young Investigator
Frank DeFrancesco
as Examiner
Yaneth Molina
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Kris Saric
as Frank Black
Joann Cordary-Bundock
as Self - Passenger, Flight 358
Gary Lintner
as Self - First Officer, Reeve 08
Phillipos Koutsaftis
as Self - M.D., Chief Coroner, Athens
David Gleave
as Self - Aviation Safety Analyst
Jim Henderson
as Self - NTSB Hazardous Materials Investigator
Henk von Rooij
as Self - Firefighter
Patric Masurkevitch
as Reeve Engineer John Minton
Johnathan Sousa
as First Officer Ricardo Gomes
Isaiah Kolundzic
as GRIAA Investigator Echeverri
Al Dickinson
as Self - Retired NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator in Charge
Bryce Bell
as Self - Passenger, Flight 143
Lexie Kendrick
as Robina
Alex Thiel
as Self
Brendan Wall
as Brian Campbell/First Officer Robert Fox/Greg Feith/Lead NTSB Investigator David Lawrence
Andre Turenne
as Self - TSB Investigator
Christian Bellsmith
as ATC Controller
Jean Overney
as Self - Investigator in Charge, BFU
Kylanna Lee
as Flight Attendant
James Murray
as Steward
Don Schneck
as Self - U.S. Coast Guard
Jonathan Goldapple
as First Officer Hank Johnston
David Ross
as Self - TSB Investigator
Bill Yak
as Commercial Fisherman
Martin Evans
as Air Canada 797 - Captain Cameron/Captain Cameron
Phi Huynh
as Second Officer Hou Xiangning
Edward Zinoviev
as Captain Solomentsev
Joseph Recinos
as Flight Attendant Alejo
Allissa Ourakova
as Makarov's Daughter
Nelson Spohnheimer
as Self - FAA Navigation Expert/Self - Navigation Specialist
Michael Hughes
as First Officer Bill Hagedorn
Sadie Hurst
as Self - New Hope Resident
Lois Tucker
as Loretta Kaminsky
Evert Houston
as Junior Investigator
Drew Zeran
as Captain Michel Asseline/On-Site Investigator
John Hardwick
as Self - Lightening Expert
Vanessa Mitchell
as Air Traffic Controller
George Doros
as Reinhardt Meyer
Delmar Fadden
as Self/Self - Aviation Engineer
Felipe Aukai
as Dispatcher
Daniel DeSanto
as Captain
Michael Chan
as Hong Kong Investigator/Security Inspector
Jorge Da Silva
as Self - Sao Paulo Resident
Jeff Pangman
as Air Traffic Controller
Sarah Manninen
as Katrina Stark
Danielle Baker
as Cynthia Johnson
David Learmount
as Self - Aviation Analyst/Self - Editor, 'Flight Global' Magazine/Self/Self - Aviation Consultant/Self - Editor, Glightglobal Magazine/Self - Flight Safety Editor, Flight Global/Self - Safety Editor, Flight Global
Lorena Mackenzie
as Flight Attendant Janet Christopher
Vitaly Kaloyev
as Self
Claude Ouimet
as Self - First Officer, Flight 797
Stephen Carbone
as Self - Aircraft Maintenance Investigator
William Adair
as Self/Self - Aviation Author
Tore Hultgren
as Self - SAS Accident Investigator
Marc Hickox
as Investigator Kas Beumkes
Linda Adams
as Self - Operation Babylift Passenger
Matt Lancaster
as NTSB Investigator
Paul Essiembre
as Captain Thain
Maxime Desmons
as Yannick
James Downing
as Captain Robert Shirley
Kao Ying-Chih
as Self - Taiwan Coast Guard, Maritime Patrol
Lukas Penar
as German Police Officer
Dan Krantz
as Beechcraft First Officer
Thom Vernon
as Flight Sergeant Michael Hatton
Edsson Morales
as First Officer David Munoz
Elias Zarou
as ANSV Investigator/Gamil el Batouty
Susan Donovan
as Self - Pan AM Flight Attendant
Tony De Santis
as Captain Chiel/Captain Valdez-Prom
Nicu Branzea
as Vladimir Makarov
Bill Records
as Self - First Officer, UA Flight 232
Jim Annan
as Air Traffic Controller/First Officer Loehrer
Wendii Fulford
as Flight Attendant/US Airways 1549 - Flight Attendant
Donald Cameron
as Self - Captain, Flight 797
Dennis Traynor
as Self - C5A Pilot
Nigel Downer
as NTSB Investigator
Richard Quesnel
as David McNair/Stefan Loew - Co-Pilot
Tom Anthony
as Self - Aviation Safety Analyst
Chris Tarpos
as NTSB Crash Investigator
Trent Ings
as Co-pilot
Malcolm Creasy
as Self - Mountaineer
Louis Mercier
as Gaborone Air Traffic Controller
Jon Stuart
as Self - TSB Investigator
Seann Gallagher
as First Officer David Kelly
Philip Shepherd
as Bob MacIntosh/First Officer Fagan/Robert McIntosh Jr.
Michel Asseline
as Self - Captain, Flight 296
Steve Adams
as AAIB Inspector
Christopher Lindsay
as John Leach
Tino Demitro
as Ron Infantino
Michael Rhoades
as Captain Welch
Craig Allman
as NTSB Investigator
Les Abend
as Self - Boeing 777 Pilot
Jamillah Ross
as Ramp Worker
Don Foster
as Self - Flight 242 Passenger
Jake Simons
as First Officer Dodds
Dino Calvert
as Self - Winnipeg Sports Car Club
William Langewiesche
as Self
Santiago Garcia
as Maintenance Technician/Male Flight Attendant
Mike Porter
as Self/Self - Air Traffic Controller
Brittany Allen
as Flight Attendant Sandy Purl
Stefano DiMatteo
as First Officer Tejeda/Ground Controller/Mauricio Reyes
Stacey Unsworth
as Billy Foulkes
Todd Curtis
as Self - Aviation Safety Analyst/Self - Aviation Analyst/Self - Aviation Safety Expert
Neil Girvan
as First Officer Lanouette/Flight Director/Investigator/Lt. Col. Jack Zych
Eric Craig
as Captain Shotheran/NTSB Investiagtor/Rob Carter
Frank Chiesurin
as Captain Peter Burkill
Jesse LaVercombe
as First Officer Chad Erickson
Bernie Henry
as Los Angeles ATC
Kristi Angus
as Captain Michele Marks/Technical Sergeant Kelly
Mario Rofail
as Self - Flight Engineer, formally with DHL
Ian Kilburn
as Captain Gerrit Lievaart
Dave Hayes
as Self - Airline Pilots Association
Russell Yuen
as Captain Liao Chien-tsung/Flight Engineer Wei
Kathy Brecklin
as Self - Flight Attendant NWA Flight 85
Matt Aymar
as First Officer David Charlebois
Noah Lamanna
as Female Passenger
Luis Castillo
as Self - Flight Attendant Flight 110
Charles Pasqua
as Self
Jeff Teravainen
as David Teauge/F-16 Pilot/First Officer Harvey/First Officer Tansky
Warren Chow
as Tailstrike First Officer
John Goglia
as Self - NTSB Board Member/Self - NTSB Maintenance Analyst
Victor Ermolaev
as Self - Yak 42 Pilot
Meher Pavri
as First Officer Rashid
Charley Pereira
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Peter St. John
as Self - Airport Security Expert
Mike Fountain
as Self - Former NHL Hockey Player
Adam Stevenson
as Bourdeaux ATC
Craig Lauzon
as Air Traffic Controller
Andrew Gillies
as Air France 358 - Captain Rosaye/Captain Kevin Hunt/Captain Rosaye
Derek Murchie
as Relief Flight Engineer Daniel/South African 295 - Relief Flight Engineer Daniel
Hume Baugh
as Investigator Al Weaver
Redd Ochoa
as NTSC Investigator/Air Traffic Controller/Captain Preeda Suttimai
Damon Redfern
as Lead Investigator
Kevin Campbell
as Self - Father of Lee Campbell
Cory Lipman
as Gary Glans
Evan Byrne
as Self - NTSB Investigator (Human Factors)
Jeremy From
as Christophe Morin - Flight Attendant
Craig Warnock
as Michael Quinn
Michael Barry
as Cary Labay
Mark Schmidt
as Self
Vitomar Bajac
as Self - Local Police Chief
Dylan House
as Navigator Mermis
Joseph Rezwin
as Tenerife Air Traffic Controller #1
Jean-Paul Troadec
as Self - Director, BEA
George Tchortov
as First Officer Gagliano
Sebastien David
as Self - BEA Investigator/Self - BEA Lead Investigator
Anousha Alamian
as First Officer Amr/Senior Steward Bouguerra
Madeline Avisado
as Self - In Flight Service Manager, Flight 780
John Wyman
as Self - A310 Pilot/Self - Airbus Pilot
Trevor Hayes
as Frank Holland
Nicholas Mead
as Flight Engineer Willem Schreuder
Chase Tang
as Taoyuan Airport Traffic Controller
Adrian Proszowski
as Dave Scheiding
Cory O'Brien
as Passenger
Marcel Jeannin
as Commentary
Pascal Mercier
as Self - French Tourist
Nick Stojanovic
as Captain Steve Silver
Ahmed Mesallati
as Air Traffic Controller
Clint Butler
as Fine Air Supervisor
Trish Rainone
as Witness #2
Guy Pope
as Self
Nicolas Skourias
as Self - Passenger, Flight 148
Guri Palter
as Self - Former El Al Pilot
Christopher Russell
as 1st Lieutenant Christopher Schiess
Jamie Spilchuk
as First Officer Rodosovich
Stephen Moss
as Self - AAIB Aviation Expert/Self - AAIB Engineering Investigator/Self - AAIB Investigator/Self - Retired AAIB Investigator/Self - Senior Inspector, AAIB
Asim Wali
as First Officer Kebaier
Alejandro Ampudia
as First Officer Sanchez
Lorne Hiro
as Captain Iriyanto/Mechanic
Donald Saunders
as Martin Pederson
Rylan Wilkie
as Dave Knutsen
Nigel Ogden
as Self - Steward
Asaf Degani
as Self - NASA Ames Research Center
James Wildey
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Marco Timpano
as Captain Gutierrez
Karen Racicot
as Claudine Vernier-Palliez
Eduardo Ortiz
as Self - Aviation Analyst
Dexter Comendador
as Self - Philippine Airlines
Sorin Stoicescu
as Self - Lead Investigator
Tim Post
as Bill Taylor
Larry Mannell
as William Kramer
Kenneth Cuttle
as Self - Passenger, Via Rail
Dan Charlebois
as Air France Maintenance Worker
John Andrews
as Self - Air Traffic Expert
Patrick Herr
as Self
Robert Lee
as Silk Air 185 - Captain Tsu Way Ming
William Bramble
as Self - NTSB Human Performance Investigator/Self - NTSB Senior Investigator
Irena Huljak
as Marijke Jenkins
Jody Stevens
as NTSB Investigator Marshall
Mark Linnell
as Self - RCMP Sergent
John-Philip Vazquez
as Air Traffic Controller/Augusto De Santis
Tereasa Shepherd
as Self - Christiana's Mother
Vincenzo Pennetta
as Self - Head Investigator, ANSV
George D'Amato
as Voiceover
Benjamin Sutherland
as First Officer Kenneth Reece
Mike Wellman
as Voiceover
Geoff Lowe
as Brian Backhouse
Xavier de Guzman
as Engineering Investigator Ony Wibowo
Bruce Hunter
as Munich Air Traffic Contoller
R.J. Parrish
as Investigator
Herve Labarthe
as Self - Ex Air France Instructor
Fernando Bayot
as Self - Steward Philippine Airlines
Nck Name
as Aeromar Supervisor
Kathleen Fee
as Commentary (Claude Burgniard)
Klaus Radke
as Self - Luftsportklub Westerwald
Sasha Barry
as Ohakea Controller
David Bamber
as Narrator
Sylvia Wrigley
as Pilot/Self - Aviation Analyst
Merritt Birky
as Self - NTSB Fire & Explosions Investigator
Eric Limare
as Self - Air Moorea Pilot
Richard Aarons
as Self - Aviation Journalist
Deborah Merrick
as NTSB Investigator
Clay Lacy
as Self - Former United Airlines Pilot
Tim Schroeder
as Self - Paramedic
Ron Morcom
as Self - Race Spectator
Jamaal Grant
as DAAI Investigator
Daniel Park
as Air Traffic Controler/KAIB Investigator/Maintenance Ground Worker - Kim Il-Suk/Senior Investigator/Yukihito Usui
John Izzo
as Self - Passenger, Flight 1482
Brian J. Graham
as NTSB Investigator Bob Maclntosh/NTSB Investigator MacIntosh
Joseph Wynne
as KLM Flight Engineer Willem Schreuder
Abeltje Tromp
as Self - Dutch Safety Board Investigator
Tom Ratvasky
as Self - NASA Aerospace Engineer
Bill Jeters
as Self
Dave Lapsley
as Captain Djurhuus
Paul D. Roberts
as Engineer One
Thomas Moscheni
as Self - Eyewitness
Joe Bostick
as Huntsville ATC
Cathy Lemoine-Cooper
as Self - Southern Airways Flight Attendant
Hamdi Chaouk
as Self - LCAA Investigator
Mike Beaver
as ATAP Controller - Kent Fleshman
Elias Edraki
as Baggage Handler
Samantha van der Walt
as Self - Daughter of Passengers
Henry Kwok
as Bali Air Traffic Controller
Carlos Hopkins
as Self - Former Santa Barbara Airlines Pilot
Gwynne Phillips
as Passenger Marisa Beiro
Myrthin Stagg
as Flight Attendant
Julian Firth
as Self - AAIB Investigator In Charge
Rufino Ferreira
as Self - Lead Investigator, CENIPA
Emmanuel Delbarre
as Self - BEA Investogator
Pat Mastroianni
as Lima Air Traffic Controller
Gord Rand
as First Officer Paladino
Sean Clement
as Apache Pilot
Joe Delane
as Self - DFW Firefighter
Alex Hatz
as European Investigatior
John Maris
as Self - Aviation Expert/Self - Human Factors Analyst
Nicholas Harris
as Self - Passenger, BA Flight 38
Sheelagh Darling
as Flight Attendant
Oscar Hsu
as Captain/Dr. Wong/Lead Investigator
Bob Rodriguez
as Self - Escondido Times-Advocate
Kevin Bundy
as John Macidull/NTSB Investigator
Simon Sinn
as Engineer Nam/Lead Investigator
Firdaus Sarvartdinov
as Self
Hans-Peter Graf
as Self - Aviation Consultant/Self - AAIB Investigator/Self - Aviation Analyst/Self - Aviation Safety Consultant
Ray Nurcahyo
as Self - KNKT Lead Investigator/Self - NTSC Investigator
Howard Teale
as Alestair Atchison - Co-Pilot
Agueda Cardenas
as Sisy Arias
Sam Kalibar
as Enmanuel Suffront
Miroslav Boichuk
as Self
Steve Boyle
as Pilot McKim/Steve Michielsen - Co-pilot
Matt Austin
as Self
Viv Moore
as Marijke's Mother
Geoffrey Thomas
as Self - Aviation Journalist
Steve Stucky
as Self - Boom Operator
Philip D. Kerr
as Captain Paul Phillips - DHL
Terry Audla
as Self - Gabrielle & Cheyenne's Uncle
Marc Ouimet
as Pascal Mercier
Shahram Shahbazi
as Terrorist
Andy Reid
as Jason Kemper
Jacqueline Pillon
as Robin Fech - Flight Attendant/Robin Lee Wascher
Kurt Logan
as NTSB Investigator Al Dickinson
Sergey Yakimov
as Self - Russian Journalist
Romain Bevillard
as Self - BEA Investigator
Michelle Shaughnessy
as Main Passenger
Joe Stiley
as Self - Passenger
Fred Bereswill
as Self - Boeing Investigator, SAA Flight 295
Marwoto Komar
as Self - Captain, Garuda Flight 200
Aaron Ferguson
as Captain Medvedev
Brendan J. Rowland
as First Officer Kent Davidge
Julian Echeverri
as Self - GRIAA Investigator/Self - Lead GRIAA Investigator
Wayne Ward
as Captain James Chapo/Yokota US Base Controller
Jim Chad
as Victim #1
John Simermeyer
as Self
Philippe Legorjus
as Self
Jasmin Geljo
as First Officer Zhevelov
Carlos da Conceicao
as Self - Brazilian Investigator
Eric Moody
as Self - Captain, BA Flight 009
Barry Greene
as Bahrain Controller Richard Phillips
Christina Song
as Air Traffic Controller/KAIB Investigator
April Miranda
as Flight Attendant Dita
Augusto de Santis
as Self/Self - JIAAC Investigator
William Chong
as Trainee Hung Ping-chung
Tara Yelland
as Flight Attendant Jan
Mike Shara
as Fighter Pilot/Helios 522 - Fighter Pilot/Lead TSB Investigator
Glen Gaston
as Captain Rutherford
Kris Ryan
as Bob MacIntosh/Don MacIntosh
Susan Jewett
as Self - Flight Attendant, Flight 143
Rob Buchan
as Self - Survivor
Wendy Kroon
as Self - Flight Attendant, Reeve 08/Self - Sr. Flight Attendant, Reeve 08
Richard Marchi
as Self - Airport Operations
Connie Kirsch
as Self - Passenger, Flight 797
Mark Rainmaker
as KNKT Investigator
Peter Coombs
as Self - AIB Investigator
Vijay Mehta
as Captain Janjua/Investigator Khola
Will Corno
as Chris Meier
Carinne Leduc
as Dr. Bancharel
Eric Murphy
as Air Canada 797 - First Officer Ouimet/First Officer Ouimet
Axel Gietz
as Self
Scott Cavalheiro
as Orangel Lozada
Stephanie Belding
as Captain Tammie Jo Shults
Michael Giel
as Norwegian Passenger
Samantha Munro
as Emilie Lacaille
Paul Constable
as Robert Marquis
Glen Grant
as NTSB Investigator Dennis Jones
Peter James Howarth
as Dag Hammarskjold
Sandra Feldman
as Flight Attendant - 1st Class
Stefano Burigana
as Self - Helicopter Pilot
Barry Mawn
as Self - FBI Agent
Graham Drummond
as Self - ATSB Investigator
Tom Kok
as Self - Aviation Analyst
Dusan Dukic
as Andreas Prodromou/Helios 522 - Flight Attendant Prodromou
Howard Hoover
as Captain Walter Lux/Larry Hambleton
Zach Smadu
as Intruder/Passenger
John Perren
as Self - Assistant Director, FBI WMD
Katie Uhlmann
as Passenger
Yuriy Sobeschakov
as Self - Russian Pilot
Wes Berger
as TSB Investigator
Merle Newell
as First Officer
Ruth Green
as Self - Resident
Edward Kingrey
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Lorry Ayers
as Air France 358 - Flight Attendant/Flight Attendant
Luca Squicciarini
as Self - Flight 1153 Passenger
Matthew Gorman
as NTSB Investigator Bill Bramble
Gui Mansilla
as Captain Arturo Soley
Mark Gibson
as Investigator One
André Alcasid
as Doorman
Rennie van Zyl
as Self - Lead Investigator, SAA Flight 295
Othmar Hummel
as Self - BFU Investigator
Vishnu Som
as Self - Journalist, New Delhi Television
Randy Thomas
as NTSB Investigator Bill English/First Officer Quintal
Clive Walton
as Investigator Taylor
Matt Wells
as NTSB Investigator Jason Fedok
Jenny Yoo
as Self - KAIB Investigator
Adam Gaudreau
as NTSB Investigator Richard Rodriguez/Scott Warren
Chris Scian
as Lab Technician/Navy Officer
Jean-Michel Nadeau
as Jean-Paul Borderie - Co-Pilot
Melissa Kramer
as Flight Attendant Toff
Sebuda Thain
as Self - Captain Thain's Daughter
Seol Ik-Soo
as Self - Flight 129 Passenger
Larry Vance
as Self - TSB Investigator/Self - TSB Operations Investigator
Rob Carter
as Self - AAIB Investigator
Murray Oliver
as Les Filotas
Dave Hinton
as Self/Self - FAA Administrator/Self - NASA Microburst Program
Steve Bolts
as Self - San Luis Obispo Police
Charlie Batten
as Self - Accident Investigator, NTSB
Anthony Jiminian
as Self - Dominican Republic Navy
Jeremy Birrell
as Air Traffic Controller
John Miller
as Self - National Air Traffic Service
Sugith Varughese
as Mauritius ATC/South African 295 - Mauritius ATC
Marcel St. Pierre
as Flight Engineer Allen Engles
Daniel Roberts
as McDonnell Douglas Representative
William McGrory
as Self - Passenger, Flight 703
Tim Funnell
as Captain
Steve Moss
as Self - Former AAIB Investigator
David Farquhar
as Old Man
Masaharu Mochizuki
as Self - Passenger PAL 434
Steve Chadwick
J.D. Nicholsen
as Dick Baker
Philip Sleight
as Self - AAIB Senior Inspector
Jimmy Byron
as Captain Bud Traynor/William Mayberry
Joel Harris
as Gene Skipworth
David Klatzow
as Self - Forensic Consultant
Agi Gallus
as Mother #1
Lucas Bocanegra
as Self - Miami Beach Lifeguard
Kevin Clark
as Self - Pilot, Aviation Analyst
Jim Brokaw
as Self
Val Ovtcharov
as Russian Investigator
Mark McGrinder
as BEA Investigator Arnaud Desjardin
Daniel Richard Giverin
as Joseph Stiley
Michael Luckett
as Russian Soldier
Steven Siu
as Self - Taiwan ASC Investigator
Rick Hughes
as First Officer Bruner
Jon De Leon
as DFW Controller/Engineer/First Officer Cyrano/First Officer Harvino/Indonesian Investigator
Davide D'Izzia
as Dennis Grossi/Investigator Dennis Grossi
Matthew Cooke
as Captain Morwood
Rick Dion
as Self - Air Canada Maintenance Engineer
Hannah Cheesman
as Air Traffic Controller
Ed Kittel
as Self - FAA Explosives Investigator
Monty McCormick
as Self - Hahanna Police Department
Jenny Young
as NTSB Investigator
Mark Smith
as Self - Boeing Investigator
Alexandra Castillo
as ATC Yaneth Molina
Lois Shorr
as Self - NY, Queens Resident
Adam Basheer
as Captain Hanse Narendra
Susana da Silva
as Self
Michael Hofland
as Captain Van Zanten
Allen Simpson
as Self - Battalion Chief, San Bernardino Fire Department
Ryan Dillon
as Air Traffic Controller
Al James
as Nelson Rivera
Peter Hogenkamp
as Self - Passenger, Crossair Flight 3597
Travis Jay Riley
as First Officer Andreas Lubitz
Kevin Dennis
as Air Traffic Controller Jesse Fisher
Weronika Sokalska
as Flight Attendant Martsevich
Jai Jai Jones
as Captain Derrick White
Maria Bircher
as Commentary (Miryam Montoya)
Louisa Zhu
as Air Traffic Controller
Joseph Gatto
as Self - Aviation Explosives Expert
Robin Wilcock
as First Officer Whitney
Romas Stanulis
as Co-pilot
John Nelles
as Hans Reichel
Bill Bramble
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Sally J. Han
as Yumi Ochiai
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
as Captain Garcez/Maiquetía ATC
Janet Martin
as Flight Attendant Dixie Dunn
Karen Waddell
as Dawn Dumm
Troy Blundell
as ATC Controller
René Foisy
as Self - Judge, Commission of Inquiry
Barna Moricz
as Captain Gruzin
Peter Tharos
as Athinai ACC/Helios 522 - Athinai ACC
Rami Posner
as Gonzalo Dussan
Terry Townshend
as Self - Runway Contamination Expert
Tom Thurman
as Self - FBI Bomb Investigator/Self - Former FBI Special Agent
Jason Shorr
as Self - NY, Queens Resident
Aaron Phypers
as First Officer Monreal
Kameron Louangxay
as First Officer
John Muggleton
as Lawrence Hill
Betty Tootell Ferguson
as Self - Passenger, BA Flight 009
Peter Garrison
as Self
William MacDonald
as First Officer James Dillard
Brian McDermid
as Self - AAIB Engineering Inspector
Nathalie Toriel
as Investigator Lorinda Ward
Dennis Cutts
as Douglas Arthur
Robel Ambaye
as Ethiopian 961 - Hijacker #2/Hijacker #2
Chester Panzer
as Self - News Cameraman
Herbert Volker
as Self - Niki Lauda Biographer
Avelino Razon
as Self - Philippine Police
Byron Rouse
as CAB Investigator/Ron Morcom
Ashleigh Rains
as Flight Attendant Cathy Lemoine
John Petrakis
as Self - Former NTSB Investigator
Richard Tse
as Captain Chee Foong/Captain Leong/First Officer Hsieh Ya-Shiung
Kyle Mitchell
as Air Traffic Controller
Bill Dow
as Mark Thomas - Flight Engineer
Derrick Pounder
as Self - M.D., Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Jorge Rodriguez
as Self - Investigator
Matt Hicks
as Self - Qantas 32 First Officer
Johanna Leira
as Mother
Olivier L'Ecuyer
as First Officer Pierre Mazières
Gerry Byrne
as Self - Aviation Analyst
Lorinda Ward
as Self - Lead NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator in Charge/Self - NTSB Lead Investigator
Massey Ahmar
as Hijacker Nawaf Al Hamzi/Nawaf al Hazmi
Kim Roberts
as Ruth Green
Richard Dolbeer
as Self - Wildlife Biologist
Michael McNeil
as Self
Nicole Crozier
as Air Canada 797 - Connie Krisch/Connie Krisch
Frank Huskin
as Self - Airforce Investigator
Andy Yu
as Air Traffic Controller/First Officer
James Gangl
as LAX Tower Controller
Richard Young
as Deepak Joshi
Stuart Dowling
as Laurence Wilson
Janet Land
as Air France 358 - Joann Cordary-Bundock/Joann Cordary-Bundock
Simon Reynolds
as Captain Lepore
Darren Hynes
as Flight Engineer Townley-Freeman
Juan Carlos Lozano
as Self - SAPA Investigator
Gerry McKim
as Self - NOAA 42 Pilot
Kent Olson
as Self - Fighter Pilot
Graham Liddy
as Self - AAIU Investigator
James Chapo
as Self - Captain, Flight 808
Douglas Ferrari
as Self - Emergency Care Physician
Nicola Correia-Damude
as Col. Lorilys Ramos
Alan Diehl
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Jim Kim
as First Officer Liu Tzu-chung
Olfat Hanafy
as Self - Wife of Captain Khadr
Tim Beresford
as Second Investigator
Dwayne Adams
as Tower ATC Controller
Shannon Taylor
as Amy Newman
Adam Chuckryk
as Jerry Schemmel
Chris Novis
as Stephen Capewell
Don Smith
as Self - ALPA Investigator
Leonard Jenkins
as Self
Bernard Dhellemme
as Self
Ryan Turner
as Evan Byrne
Paul Stow
as Self - Senior Engineer, Rolls Royce
Pascal Gossner
as Self
Anthony Cortese
as Lead Investigator
Estelle Bancharel
as Self - Materials Specialist
Kevork Arslanian
as First Officer Sezer/Iraqi Fixer/Lotfi/Translator
Paul Duffy
as Self
Jonah Bay
as First Officer Bill Records
Doug MacLeod
as Captain Nicolay/Col. Ferreira
Lars Lindberg
as Self - Accident Investigator
Thomas Schnell
as Self - Human Factors Engineer
Chris McLaughlin
as Self - Senior VP, Inmarsat
Santiagio Garcia
as Air Traffic Controller
Arnold Isaacs
as Self - Baltimor Sun Reporter
Carolina Bartczak
as Lauren Bessette
Santoso Sayogo
as Self - NTSC Investigator
Peter Tufford Kennedy
as Charles Capewell/David Rohrer
Madelaine Rowe
as Survivor Aimee Conner
Shelagh Dowding
as Self - Sister of KAL 007 Passenger
Simon Grummett
as Self - ATSB Investigator
David Hayhoe
as Self - First Officer, Flight 780
Jason Weinberg
as Clint Crookshanks
Leon Aureus
as Captain Rozaq/First Officer Rachman/First Officer Susanto/Lead Investigator/Nepalese Investigator
John Gordon
as Air Traffic Controller
Grégory Reznik
as Tenerife Air Traffic Controller #2
Romaine Waite
as First Officer Plesel
Phil Hayes
as Self - First Officer
Shelly Findlay
as Susan Jewett
Frederick Clemens
as Self
Rebecca Amzallag
as Karen Anderson
Jonathan Maxwell Silver
as First Officer Bollati
Darren Ellisor
as Self - First Officer
Nick Abraham
as Mark Edwards
Frank Longo
as Flight Simulator Pilot
Moody El-Karaouni
as Abdul Hakim Murad
Scott D. Altman
as Self - Former NASA Astronaut
John Novak
as Hoot Gibson
Subhash Santosh
as Investigator #1
Dale Yim
as Air France 358 - Eddie Ho/Air Traffic Controller/Captain Lee Kang Kuk/Eddie Ho/First Officer Yoon
Hallie Seline
as Nurse Frances
Alex Poch-Goldin
as First Officer Rayment
Paolo Mancini
as First Officer Renato Marchese
Michael Gordin Shore
as Bill English
Gunilla Karlzen
as KLM Ticket Agent
Eric Weber
as Self - Former Chalk's Captain
Jay Yoo
as Passenger Makoto Habuka
Paul Tedeschini
as Langley Co-Pilot
Danny Cheng
as Self - Investigator, Aviation Safety Council
Alan MacLeod
as Self
David Macniven
as Thomas Lane
Karl Grundmann
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Edward Hamilton-Clarke
as Father
Vanessa Burns
as NTSB Investigator
Cora Kennedy
as Dianne Fadley
Akrivos Tsolakis
as Self - Chief Investigator
Michael Walker
as Self - ATSB Lead Investigator
Christian Smith
as Alexander Galimov/LAX Mechanic
John Clark
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Allison Lynn
as Patricia Aubrey
Julia Lefebvre
as Rosa Reyneso
Dave McNair
as Self - Lead Investigator
Kevin B Hartley
as David Koch
Danijel Mandic
as Air Traffic Controller
Andrew Sabiston
as Lionel Sole/Moncton Air Traffic Controller
Enrico DiFede
as Tower Controller
Caleb Cosman
as ARTCC Controller
Christopher Bender
as Self
Daniel Kash
as Captain Santurenne
Gerard James
as Walter
Nigel Taylor
as Self
Bill Lake
as Captain Maus/Captain McBroom/FBI Special Agent/Robert Benzon
Patrick Harte
as Self
Greg Mermis
as Self - Navigator
Karen Anderson
as Self - Passenger on Pan AM Flight
Robert Dearle
as Paparazzi
Kelvin Guerrero
as Self - Entomoligist
Tim O'Halloran
as FAA Investigator Tony James
Scott Dion Brown
as Passenger Ku Chin-shui
Ron Smits
as Self - Operations Coordinator
Lowell Genzlinger
as Self - NOAA 42 Pilot
Markjan Winnick
as First Officer Ratislav Kolesar/First Officer Stricker
Thet Win
as Air Traffic Controller
Mark Burgess
as Captain Larry Davis
Marnie Robinson
as NTSB Lead Investigator Lorenda Ward
Ali Momen
as Saudi Air Traffic Controller
Landy Cannon
as Captain Charles Burlingame
Laurie Murdoch
as Finn Petter Berg
Jan Buitenhuis
as Self - KLM Pilot
John DeLisi
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Tuhu Wasano
as Self - Garuda 421 Flight Attendant
Alireza Shojaei
as First Officer Arnon Ohad
Lesley Faulkner
as Flight Attendant Deb Holberg/Jeannie Adams
Jeff Miller
as Investigator Ron Smits
Roy Truman
as Self - Deep Sea Salvage Specialist/Self - Deep Water Recovery Specialist
Roger Cox
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator (Operations)
Nir Maman
as Iraqi Soldier
Virgil Moshansky
as Self - Commissioner, Dryden Enquiry
Jeff Madden
as Flight Engineer
Zeljko Kecojevic
as Dubrovnik Controller
Todd Hofley
as First Officer Hyllander
Kostantinos Prodromou
as Self - Andreas' Father
Robert Bockstael
as Captain Pearson
Richard Lee
as Relief Pilot Ng
Carlos Pinder
as Haitian Security Officer
Scott Wickware
as Rob Buchan
Juan Carlos Flores Peña
as Self - Pucallpa Air Traffic Controller
Suresh John
as First Officer Satwinder Singh Bhinder
Andrew Musselman
as Purser Bradbury
Marco Scocco
as Self
Peter Claiden
as Self - AAIB Engineering Inspector
Michael Sweet
as Self
David Patrick Flemming
as First Officer Carey Wilson Kirkland
Tom Casadevall
as Self - U.S. Geological Survey
Chris Sandiford
as Air Traffic Controller/First Officer Kiuru
Shotaro Ozawa
as Tokyo Controller Supervisor
Omar Alex Khan
as Dubai Controller
Kostandinos Sventzouris
as Self - Flight Analyst
Fédélé Papalia
as Gando Air Traffic Controller
Kenneth Ensslin
as Self
Michael Carley
as 1st Officer Price
Oliver Dawson
as Jean Overney
Ulrich Braun
as Self - Zurich Airport Fire Department
Dmitry Chepovetsky
as Captain Arkadiusz Protasiuk/NTSB Investigator
Leul Abate
as Self - Airplane Captain
Ron Coleman
as Self - TSB Investigator in Charge
Tony Sciara
as First Officer Griffin
Ivan Wanis-Ruiz
as First Officer Luis Etcheverry
Michael Marx
as Self - NTSB Metallurgist
Mardjono Siswosuwarno
as Self - KNKT Lead Investigator/Self - NTSC Investigator
Bart Crotty
as Self - Aviation Maintenance Consultant
Adrian Spencer
as First Officer Litton
Steeve Michielsen
as Self - First Officer DHL
Jeff Price
as Self - Aviation Analyst
Nicco Lorenzo Garcia
as First Officer Phunthat Boonyayei/Security Guard
Marvin Ishmael
as Voiceover
Ron Infantino
as Self - Passenger, Flight 401
Maurice Quintal
as Self - First Officer, Flight 143
Tyler Westerlund
as Ron Coleman
Dave Evans
as Self - Qantas 32 Check Captain
Huang Jiunn-Juei
as Self - Taiwan Coast Guard, Maritime Patrol
Konima Parkinson-Jones
as Flight Attendant Mallory
V.K. Dutta
as Self - Air Traffic Controller
Dwight Pledger
as Self - Resident
Alex Hill
as Self - Meterological Manager, London
Peter Pasyk
as Co-Pilot Til Harp
Ian Matheson
as Bud Laynor
Bill Melvin
as Self
Frank Zakar
as Self - NTSB Metallurgist
Toby Proctor
as Air Traffic Controller/First Officer Ellisor
Cesar Castillo Vargas
as Self - Former 737 Pilot
Michael Origel
as Self
Ony Wibowo
as Self - KNKT Investigator/Self - KNKT Technical Investigator
Leila Suwwan
as Self - Journalist
Michel Vigier
as Self
Michael Flueckiger
as Self - Swiss Investigator
Steven Burkhalter
as Self - Sadie Hurst's Son
Mary Krohnert
as Captain Katie Leslie
Michèle Tredger
as Flight Attendant/Sarah Davis
Kris Bratton
as NOAA Investigator Laydon
George Kash
as Howard Plagens
Sunday Muse
as Heidi Hart
Brian Cook
as First Officer Brown
Roger Doche
as Beechcraft Captain
Justin Mader
as Investigator Grummett
Peter Maxwell
as Captain Geib
Lawrence Cotton
as French Investigator/French Investigator Yann Torres/JIAAC Investigator
Alan Joyce
as Self - Qantas CEO
Dan Warry-Smith
as Investigator Murphy
Sean James
as Navy Pilot
Joseph Sedor
as Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator In Charge
Robert Bor
as Self - Aviation Psychologist/Self - Clinical Aviation Psychologist
Colin McClean
as Air Traffic Controller/Flight Attendant Fuzzy Maiava
Azeem Nathoo
as Captain Sultan
Gino Marquez Alvarez
as Self - Local Reporter
R.K. Singh
as Self - Former President, Indian ATC Guild
Andrew Zachar
as Male Passenger/NTSB Investigator
Finn Heimdal
as Self - NAIB Investigator
Kerry Dorey
as FedEx 705 - First Officer Tucker/Jim Tucker - Co-Pilot
Donald Burda
as First Officer Beebe/Peter Galbraith
Walter Chang
as Self - Investigator, Aviation Safety Council
Martin Roach
as Captian Negasa
Carlos Camacho
as Self - Brazilian Pilots Union
Brendan McMurtry-Howlett
as Junior Emery Investigator
Maciej Lasek
as Self - Polish Investigator
Dominic Fung
as First Officer Chang
David Ingram
as Captain Dann Carlsen
David Sparrow
as Flight Engineer Repo
Kresimir Bosiljevac
as Croatian Pilot/Vitaly Kaloyev
Aviva Armour-Ostroff
as Regina Lemos
Jennifer-Juniper Angeli
as Flight Attendant
Peggy Mahon
as Drowning Woman
Minh Ly
as Air Traffic Controller
David Ivey
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Fernando Curcione
as Chief Investigator
Mark Whelan
as Captain Key
Jonathan Whittaker
as ATSB Investigator Alan Stray/David Sanders - Captain/FedEx 705 - Captain Sanders
Mike Lummis
as Dino Calvert
Richard Rodriguez
as Self/Self - Former Investigator, CAB/Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Operations Investigator/Self - Retired NTSB Lead Investigator
Stewart Arnott
as Captain Al Haynes/Flight Engineer Bellgarde/South African 295 - Flight Engineer Bellgarda
Thomas Wang
as Self - ASC Human Factors Investigator/Self - Managing Director, Aviation Safety Council/Self - Taiwan ASC Investigator/Self - Taiwan Aviation Safety Council
Judah Katz
as Captian Yizthak Fuchs/NTSB Investigator/TSB Investigator Cunningham
Maureen Sacratini
as Self
Raymundo Hurtado Martinez
as Self - Journalist
Dalton Derek
as Maintenance Guy #1
Masaru Chiba
as Self - Lead Investigator
Shomari Downer
as First Officer Anthony Samuels
Peter Nelson
as Captain Lovelace/Laureano Caviedes - Captain
Rajeeb Deo
as Self - Investigator
Saverio Verduci
as DGAC Investigator Lopez
Adolyn H. Dar
as First Officer Akhtar
Samantha Brown
as Jeanene Urban
Alastair Forbes
as First Officer James Polehinke
Adrian Nguyen
as Air Traffic Controller/First Officer Tseng
Rupinder Nagra
as M. Singh
Frank Marks Jr.
as Self - NOAA 42 Lead Scientist
Bruno Talotta
as Luca Squicciarini
Paul Guitard
as Jean Pariès
Keith Kemps
as Evan Byrne
Frank Kristensen
as Self - SAS Lead Investigator
Amin Bonnah
as Self - Professor, Georgetown University
Stephanie Jenkins
as Self - Passenger
Alan Stray
as Self - Australian Investigator/Self - Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Margaret Maye
as Tracy Morcom
Bruno Wegmüller
as Self
Eduart Makri
as ATC Supervisor/Dimitros Malamas
Mark Caven
as Air France 358 - Phillipe Lacaille/BEA Investigator Alain Boillard/BEA Investigator Alain Bouillard/Phillipe Lacaille
Bob Legare
as NTSB Investigator Richard Rodriguez
Peter Mikhail
as Investigator Pollard
Greg Salotollo
as Self - NTSB Investigator
Sam Kalilieh
as Captain Mejak Berkoz/Ramzi Yousef
Norman Chan
as China Airlines Official
Michael Iliadis
as Journalist Purgatori
Doug Shepherd
as Self - Christiana's Father
Dan Duran
as Gregory Karam
Jean-Michel Le Gal
as Daniel Knecht
Dan Karpenchuk
as Jerzy Miller
Robert Baker
as Self - Airline Security Expert
David MacInnis
as Frank Kruppa
Kelly Bodanis
as Flight Attendant
Paulino Nunes
as Captain Oliva
Peter Apostolopoulos
as Helios 522 - Operations Manager/Operations Manager
Brett Reason
as Danish ATC
Dylan Ramsey
as Air Traffic Controller/Bobby 'The Killer'
James O'Halloran
as Self - Consultant, Surface to air missiles
Raymond Chalifoux
as Self - Passenger, Flight 797
Clay Presley
as Self - Passenger, US Airways 1549
Keith Rogers
as Self - Battalion Chief, Charlotte Fire department
Robert Katz
as Self - C-130 Navigator
Greg Smit
as Self - Canadian Armed Forces
Adam Langton
as Flight Engineer Russell Hicks/Pilot Peter Siebold
Cuimin Doyle
as Self - Chief Pathologist, Cork City
Bobby Daniels
as Controller
Gregory Feith
as Self/Self - Former NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator/Self - NTSB Investigator in Charge/Self - Air Crash Investigator/Self - Aviation Expert/Self - Aviation Safety Consultant/Self - Crash Investigtor/Self - Former National Transportation Safety Board Lead Investigator/Self - Lead NTSB Investigator/Self - National Transportation Safety Board Investigator/Self - Retired NTSB Investigator
Bob Bahna
as Self
Marcia Fajer
as Self - Human Factors Investigator, Cenipa
Andy Pogson
as 2nd AIBN Investigator
Pete Maupin
as Self - Public Safety Officer
Ramona Katigbak
as Sutji Suharjanti
Brian Kaulback
as AAIU Investigator Liddy/Chuck Miller
Francois Parent
as Self - Passenger, Flight 006
Ira Donald Henderson
as First Officer Paul Stassen
Dan Lamoureux
as Joe Sharkey
Marjorie Chan
as Tapei ATC Controller
Andris Yerkavits
as First Officer Trukhachev
Brad Howard
as Self - Former Trans Colorado Pilot
Derrick Davidson
as NTSB Lead Investigator
Jens Friedemann
as Self
Sky Paley
as French Investigator
Edmund Stapleton
as Mick Hardwick
Julie Pinto
as Terminal Controller
Alex Karzis
as Adel Anwar/Captain Garanito Gómez/Senior Investigator
Douglas Nyback
as First Officer Evald
Oliver Bird
as Self - Royal Air Force Medical Officer
Chris Baker
as Air Traffic Controller/Scaled Composites Engineer
Linda Row
as Kathleen Kramer
David Isola
as Self - Witness
Rachel Blair
as First Officer Bellegarrigue
Martin Harper
as First Officer Rachuba
Bill Pickrell
as Self
Dwayne Hill
as Matt Warmerdam - Co-Pilot
Greg Hovanessian
as Sergeant Harry Julien
Paul Stephen
as Atlanta ATC
Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz
as Carlos Siqueira
José Arias
as Madrid Tower Controller
George Ishizaki
as Self - Witness
Wally Funk
as Self - NTSB Investigator

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 5

2011 | 10 Episodes

Season 6
Season 7
Season 8

2012 | 2 Episodes

Season 9

2012 | 8 Episodes

Season 10
Season 11
Season 12

2014 | 13 Episodes

Season 13
Season 14

2015 | 11 Episodes

Season 15

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 16

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 17

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 18

2019 | 20 Episodes

Season 19
Season 20
Season 21
Season 22




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Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards

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Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards

Best Cinematography in Docudrama

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