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October 20, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


When almost the entire crew of Fire House 126 in Austin, Texas, is wiped out in a fertilizer storage explosion during a fire, Owen Strand of the NYFD is offered the command of the station to rebuild it with an eye for a more diverse crew than the state is typically known to encourage. Despite his early-stage cancer condition and his son's own serious troubles, Strand decides to accept the post. With his sophistication and his ideals in play, Strand assembles a seemingly motley crew of firefighters to handle the various emergencies in his operating area while living with the idiosyncrasies that go with Texas.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: January 19, 2020

Also Known As: 911 Texas, מוקד 911 – טקסס |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

spin off
austin, texas

Company Credits

Production Co: 20th Century Fox Television, Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision |  See more »


Trenton Rostedt
as Clint
Anthony R. Jones
as Pastor
Frank Gallegos
as Truck Driver
Skylar Roberge
as Jenny
Xandi Crouch
as Evie Vega
Regina Hoyles
as Naomi Strickland
Brian Kamei
as Floor Nurse
Michael Franklin
as Banks
Chris Ellis
as Derek Poole
Oral Ellis
as Driver
Spencer Neville
as Chad
Vivienne Rutherford
as Sophia
Colleen Foy
as Whitney
Sasha Wexler
as Waitress
Julian Works
as Mateo Chavez
John Bain
as Collin Hall
Jeffrey Doornbos
as Patrick
Roger J. Timber
as Grocery Store Employee
Andy Favreau
as Pearce Risher
Erica Piccininni
as Kim
Kyrie Mcalpin
as April
Ptolemy Slocum
as Devon
Tanner Swagger
as Cal
Sharif Atkins
as Victor
Benito Martinez
as Gabriel Reyes
Tanner Zagarino
as Donovan
Felix Alonzo
as Tico
Atticus Woodward
as Rory
Michael Rose
as Captain Braxton
Aaron Arnold
as Brad
Stacy Highsmith
as Liza
Todd Stashwick
as Dennis Raymond
Ida Anderson
as Female Paramedic Holly
Sierra Aylina McClain
as Grace Ryder
Katie Molinaro
as Barista
Troy Vincent
as Hammond
Nija Okoro
as Dana
Morgan Peter Brown
as Vern
Evan Arnold
as Elliot Pasquale
Joseph Julian Soria
as Marcos
Carson Fagerbakke
as Andrea
Kalina Vanska
as Hospital Patient
Ryan Guzman
as Eddie Diaz
Erin Karpluk
as Pepper
Christopher Darga
as Vernon
Tessa Bartholomew
as ICU Nurse
Michelle Haro
as Jackie
Ryan Stockstad
as Teenager's Father
Alexander Dominguez
as Luis
Nick A Fisher
as Young TK
Milo Cragnotti
as Little Boy
Madelyn Miranda
as Ada
Edward Bossert
as Derek
Mikal Kartvedt
as Carl Hubbard
Ray Stoney
as Sgt. Marcus Stokes
Alex Carter
as Captain
Jack Conley
as Captain Tatum
Heath Young
as Businessman
Karen Maruyama
as Yvette
Jim Ortlieb
as Frank
Tajh Bellow
as Andrew
Kelsey Yates
as Isabella Vega
Bevin Bru
as Sophia
Ben Deschaine
as M.C.
Rob Lowe
as Owen Strand
Andi Gallagher
as Teller
Andrea Grano
as Building Manager
Rafael L. Silva
as Carlos Reyes
Mark Elias
as Tim Rosewater
Mia Lynn Bangunan
as Gabby
Peter James Smith
as Art
Harrison Grant
as Alex
Dan Sachoff
as Newscaster
Shondalia White
as Susan
Omar Leyva
as Gustavo
Austin Arnold
as Scott
Brett Rice
as Wayne Gettinger
Katie Chang
as Elise
Mena Massoud
as Salim
Billy Lush
as Rick
Casey Strand
as Emma
Tom McCafferty
as Young Stuart
Gloria Sandoval
as Lydia
Laura Patalano
as Old Woman
Corie Vickers
as Helene
Sachie Alessio
as Vet
Nikki McKenzie
as Maggie
Krista Kalmus
as April
Stephen Friedrich
as Drew
Bernardo Badillo
as Tony
Sophia Stephens
as Female Firefighter
Skyler Yates
as Evie Vega
Jenna Willis
as Sonya
David Wells
as Old Man
Alan Wells
as Walter
Brianna Baker
as Nancy Gillian
Tyler Perez
as Brett
Tara Buck
as Amy
Angela Matemotja
as Technician
Matt McTighe
as Chuck Parkland
Dylan Rourke
as Firefighter Trout
Roberta Hanlen
as Marilyn Crump
Tripp Pickell
as Helicopter Pilot
Alex Fernandez
as Tom Carver
Roman Coto
as Nico
Alex Ruiz
as Joachim
William Allen Young
as Benjamin Williams
Hettienne Park
as Beth Healy
Derek Webster
as Charles Vega
Erin Cummings
as Teri
Nicolas Cantu
as JJ
Ken Kirby
as JT
Collin Hancock
as Teenager
Grant Harvey
as Hank
Krystal M. Harris
as Carly
Walter Perez
as Ben
Cherie Thibodeaux
as Pretty Woman
Sean H. Scully
as Caleb
Jack Kennedy
as Animal Control Officer
Vanessa Cater
as Mistress
Monica Garcia
as Patricia
Paul Tan Keo
as Graham
Joe Hart
as Truck Driver
Mike Estes
as Ollie
Albert Kong
as Zach/20s Male Dispatcher
Caden Dragomer
as Colt
Vayu O'Donnell
as Trey
Ronen Rubinstein
as T.K. Strand
Rebecca Avery
as Amy Ackerman
Chuck Morsher
as Texas Capitol Tourist
Gary Perez
as Lt. John Vasquez
Fiona Perry
as Danielle
Vincent Maldonado
as Golfer
Graham Shiels
as Cory Garrity
Reko Moreno
as Mr. Gomez
Nicole Leanne Nelson
as Quinoa Girl
Holly Traister
as Tomas' Mom
Anton Starkman
as Keith
Tamala Jones
as Sarina Washington
Will Spencer
as Keithan
Dylan Alvarado
as Smarty Kid
Brandon Keener
as Caleb Wilson
Brian Thomas Smith
as Andrew Reynolds
Danielle Hoetmer
as Female Dispatcher #2
T.K. Richardson
as Andy
Kue Lawrence
as Harry
Kevin Gardner
as Distraught Husband
Sadie Calvano
as Kara
Jim Parrack
as Judd Ryder
Ashley Dulaney
as Colleen Parkland
Jonathan Chase
as Tom Scanlon
Felipe Figueroa
as Matt
Jonathan Freeman
as Jim
Jesse Luken
as Jake Harkes
Niko Guardado
as Wes
Greg Ainsworth
as EMC Chris Reyna
Robert Craighead
as Happy Stan
Robert John Brewer
as Nightwatchman
Patrick Daniel
as Larry
Jose Moreno Brooks
as Jeff
Kevin Pasdon
as Paramedic #1
Oliver Alexander
as Ricky
Lily Knight
as Leigh-Anne
Josh Lindquist
as Wedding Guest
Mark Berry
as Captain Broussard
Kimmy Shields
as Sheila
Jenson Cheng
as Police Officer
Michael Bender
as Biker
Kyle Secor
as Deputy Fire Chief Alden Radford
Blake Shields
as Chris Wolfe
Marisa Echeverria
as Molly
Presilah Nunez
as Taylor Underwood
Josie M. Parker
as Mable Parkland
Juan Alfonso
as Hector
Valentina Guerra
as Frozen Lady
Mark L. Taylor
as Injured Man
Andi Carnick
as Clara
John Karna
as Spence
Seana Kofoed
as Margaret Gilbert
Tipper Newton
as Julie Shumpert
Rhett Wellington Ramirez
as Garrett
Lourdes Benedicto
as Curandera
Grace Shen
as Doctor
Colton Little
as Bartender
Roxana Brusso
as Andrea Reyes
Greg Wrangler
as Lee
Alexander Bedria
as Anthony Marlowe
Deidra Kathleen
as Bar Guest
Dollar Tan
as Bus Passenger
Monica Bhatnagar
as Dr. Isabelle Lue
Cameron Gayden
as Benny
Ito Aghayere
as Andrea
Courtney Hawkins
as Female Driver
Melanie Brooks
as Allison
Natacha Karam
as Marjan Marwani
Brendan McCarthy
as Craig
Michael Christian Alexander
as Boss
Whitney Coleman
as Young Woman
Tony von Halle
as Triage Attendant
Bo Kane
as Captain Andrews
Jorge-Luis Pallo
as Armando Teban
Annie Abbott
as Kind Old Lady
Nelson Grande
as Firefighter
McKaley Miller
as Brianna
Jay Jackson
as Newscaster
Jeanté Godlock
as McKenna
Rachel Thundat
as Female Jock #1
Jeremy Shouldis
as Man
Tim Griffin
as Bennett
Kandiss Crone
as Newscaster
Julienne Irons
as Meg
Barry Corbin
as Stuart Ryder
Josh Braaten
as Andy
John Zderko
as Brother Bob
Lindsay Pulsipher
as Kristen Smart
Aidan Bertola
as Tomas
Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez
as Jessica
Justin Johnson Cortez
as Chad
Ben Begley
as Dr. Gray
Garon Grigsby
as Thomas
Mary Kay Place
as Theresa Blake
Kyle Ellis Lester
as Male Jock #1
Oliver Stark
as Evan 'Buck' Buckley
Cassandra Scerbo
as Cheyenne
Christopher Chabriel
as Cleaning Man #1
Jessica Pohly
as Tina Hoffman
Robert Arce
as Old Man
Salome Azizi
as Dr. Kelsey Akopian
Bauer Sivley
as Young Judd
Ava Scarola
as Ellie
Eric Shackelford
as Sick Homeless Man
Jason Olive
as Chuck Granger
Joshua Hoover
as Clerk
Natalie Lander
as Tiffany
Joshua Bitton
as Police Officer
Jake O'Flaherty
as Doctor (1995)
Bryan Rasmussen
as Flight Instructor
Bo Youngblood
as Bartender
Anthony Starke
as Alan
Matthew Downs
as Sergeant Davies
Katelyn Pippy
as Kelsey
Jonathan Stanley
as Earl Goetz
Lisa Edelstein
as Gwyneth Morgan
James Urbaniak
as Imp
Rafael Silva
Aisha Hinds
as Henrietta 'Hen' Wilson
Elijah Nelson
as Kenny
J.P. Manoux
as Trevor
Danny Vasquez
as James
Miguel Pinzon
as Isaac
Michelle Merring
as Youth Minister
Sebrina Purcell
as Officer Mitchell/Skeptical Officer
Mike G.
as Grady
Lyndsy Fonseca
as Iris Blake
Scott Deckert
as Andrew Smart
Chauntice Green
as Heather
Joanne Verbos
as Dr. Tara Limaye
Krystle Martin
as Angela
Stacie Greenwell
as Ellen
Sierra McClain
Brian Michael Smith
as Paul Strickland
Henry Joseph Samiri
as Shaun
Richard Blackmon
as Brady
Tahmus Rounds
as Barney
Jack Plotnick
as Howard Dalton
David Chan
as Bystander
Bahni Turpin
as Judy
Cyrina Fiallo
as Tonya
Lexi Crouch
as Isabella Vega
Angel Parker
as Josie
Shaan Sharma
as Julian
John Bishop
as Clint
Jeff Elam
as Exam Administrator
Sean O'Bryan
as Minefield Owner
Melissa Jo Bailey
as Drunk Woman
Nina Concepción
as Bree/30s Female Dispatcher
William Mapother
as Bruce Ackerman
Grace Scarola
as Ellie
Natalie Zea
as Zoe
Eva La Dare
as Firefighter Amber Daniels
Margarita Franco
as Nancy/Woman Driving Towards Tornado
Sun Park
as Instructor
Timothy E. Goodwin
as Franklin
Jennifer Christopher
as Tech
Avery Tiiu Essex
as Little Girl
Kristin Valdivia
as Shelter Woman
Hina Abdullah
as Zara
Laurie Perez
as News Reporter
April McCullough
as Intake Nurse
Billy Burke
as Billy Tyson
Johari Johnson
as News Anchor
Kaden Alejandro
as Danny
Juan Javier Cardenas
as Ray
Karl T. Wright
as Dr. Emerson
Jon Foster
as Dustin Shepard
Benjamin Burt
as Paramedic
Patrika Darbo
as Ellen
Arabella Grant
as Girl
Brian Houtz
as Hotel Manager
Matt Bushell
as Lt. Jeff Tyler
Jake Grunberg
as Ethan
Aaron Hendry
as Delivery Guy
Evan Richards
as On Looker
Aviva Brandes
as Bridget
Melinda Ratner
as Marlene
Paul S. Tracey
as Michaels
Cleo King
as Cynthia Strickland
Morgan Dixon
as Lauren
Jessie Lande
as Mother
Greg Grunberg
as George
Ginifer King
as Dr. Barbara Jacobs
Liv Tyler
as Michelle Blake
Kim Matula
as Lily
Jon Beavers
as Eric
Stephanie McVay
as Real Estate Agent
Robb Reesman
as George Crump
John Lee Ames
as Man
Carey Moulder
as Triage Victim
June Carryl
as Dr. Mary Roberts
Barbara Eve Harris
as Denice Williams/Mrs. Williams
Maya Bednarek
as Emily
Josue Anthony
as Gerald
Gina Torres
as Tommy Vega
Todd Weeks
as Dr. Lefkowitz
Michael Masini
as Rick Trumbull
Geoffrey Rivas
as Deputy Chief De Leon
Carla Gallo
as Vicki Nadler
Jett Wilder
as Cashier
Joel Heyman
as Joel
Rene Moran
as Uncle Todd
J. Teddy Garces
as Detective/Detective Brice
Nellie Barnett
as Mary
David Terry
as Fire Captain
Shireen Crutchfield
as Attractive Woman
Randy Brenner
as Tour Guide
Danny Max
as Reporter
Dennis Keiffer
as Garth
Champagne Powell
as Gus
Cash Galvan
as Charlie
Paris Perrault
as Molly Savard

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2020 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2021 | 14 Episodes

Season 3

2022 | 1 Episodes




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