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December 4, 2021
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About this title


Elizabeth "Liz" Lemon (Tina Fey) is the executive show runner for a late night sketch comedy show called "The Girlie Show", that stars her close friend and major drama queen Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski). When GE hires a new Executive Vice President for NBC named Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), he decides to take Liz Lemon under his wing and turn around TGS, which for years has been unable to find the proper audience it deserves. So to do so, he brings on unhinged, wildly unpredictable star Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) to turn the series into a ratings hit. But Liz soon finds out that controlling her oddball writing staff, the NBC page program, keeping Tracy on a short leash, and getting him to get along with Jenna proves to be one disaster after another. Will TGS ever see true success? And will Liz find the right partner to get married and start a family?

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 11, 2006

Also Known As: Um Maluco na TV, Рокфелер плаза 30 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (10) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
female protagonist

Company Credits

Production Co: Broadway Video, Little Stranger |  See more »


Nicole Byer
as Mo'Nique Lookalike
Zuri Bacai
as Baby Virginia/Virginia
Felipe Bonilla
as Cue Card Guy
De'Adre Aziza
as Trene
Molly Shannon
as Katherine Catherine
Bill Cwikowski
as Male Nurse
Jennifer Aniston
as Claire Harper
Jason Salmon
as Santa
Brian Haley
as Dave
Rob Riggle
as Reggie
Catia Ojeda
as Cop
Madison McKinley
as Dutch Cousin
Curt Bouril
as Kevin
Brian Williams
as Brian Williams/David Brinkley (West Coast only)
James O'Toole
as Crew Guy
Chen Tang
as Jake Hu
Michael Lee Rautins
as Wall Street Guy
R. Michael Egan
as Skateboarder
Michael Monteiro
as Office Worker
Rob Huebel
as MILF Island Host
Tom Treadwell
as Executive #3/Landis
Kevin Michael Kennedy
as Gospel Singer #1
Darnell Smith
as Torch Dancer #1
Mike Keller
as Police Officer
Lola Pashalinski
as Cleaning Lady
Mira Tzur
as Receptionist
Tracey Wigfield
as Tracey Wigfield
Stuart Zagnit
as Nixon
Eion Bailey
as Anders
Brandon deSpain
as Lech
Margaret Hamilton
as Torch Dancer #4
Devin Dunne Cannon
as Future Liddy/Paige
Adriana James
as Dealbreakers Set Dresser
Michael Benjamin Washington
as Donald
Oksana Lada
as Saleswoman
Kim Kardashian West
as Kim Kardashian (West Coast only)
Kenny Wang
as Viola/Violist
Eric Martin Brown
as Godfrey Jessup
Peter Hermann
as Gray
Alec Baldwin
as Jack Donaghy/Charles Nelson Reilly (West Coast only)/Chet Huntley/Delivery Man/Harriet Tubman/Hector Moreda/Joey Montero/Larry/Leslie van Vondervant/Richard Nixon/Richard Nixon (East Coast only)/Thomas Jefferson
Mary Steenburgen
as Diana Jessup
as Sexy Santa Figure Skater
Max Jenkins
as Receptionist
Timothy Mandala
as Mark
Darlene Violette
as Melon Ball Lady
Jun Naito
as Japanese Lawyer
Lynda Gravatt
as Martha
Michael Carbonaro
as Waiter
Amber Cheatham
as Mizz
Paul Thornton
as One Man Band
Alysia Reiner
as Real Estate Agent
Anthony C. Mazza
as NYC Cop
Robert Peters
as Boy
George Boseman
as Cousin
Tanner Flood
as Little Boy
Napiera Groves
as Vontella
Simone Banos
as Woman #2
Jimmy Palumbo
as Enzo/Matt Dowd
Chloe Brooks
as Attractive Date
Ian Donovan Hyland
as Aidan
Mary J. Blige
as Mary J. Blige
Jenn Schatz
as Kate
Crawford M. Collins
as Cinemax Reporter
Joanna Janetakis
as Bridesmaid
Talib Kweli
as Talib Kweli - He Needs a Kidney Performed by
Michael Keaton
as Tom
Anna Chlumsky
as Other Liz
Barrett Doss
as Eliza Lemon
Ryan Reece
as Paparazzi
Joseph Queroli
as Waiter
Savannah Guthrie
as Savannah Guthrie
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Liz Lemon
Peter Conboy
as Banquet Diner
Rakesh Shah
as Chef
Frank Harts
as Delivery Man
Carrie Fisher
as Rosemary Howard
Vanéese Y. Thomas
as Choir Singer
Nathan Lane
as Eddie
Christina Iannelli
as MILF Dancer
LeRoy Mobley
as Saxophonist
Lynne Valley
as Daphne
Owen Burke
as EMT
Ralph Peavy III
as Kid #2
Michael Koster
as Bar Patron
Ali Reza
as Executive/Sandwich Guy/Yakov
Catherine Curtin
as Waitress
Ben Davis
as George Treadbury
Terri Conn
as Kerrie
Guy Bayo
as French Dude/Guy
Michael Nathanson
as Hank
Wally Dunn
as Priest
James Coker
as Gen Y D-Bag/Hockey Fan
Stan Tracy
as Seamus
Ned Eisenberg
as Marty
Robert Mcgowan
as Hockey Player
Lorne Michaels
as Reverend Gimp
Dan Bakkedahl
as Angry Father
Kevin Miller
as Tim Grandy/Kevin Miller
Leslie Meisel
as Wendy
Kellie Overbey
as Doctor
Danielle Flora
as Dancer #1/Daphne
Mark Garrison
as Paramedic
Jake Boyd
as Young Jack Donaghy
Wayne Scott Miller
as Neighbor
Patrick Cotnoir
as Self - Audience Member
Julian Walker
as Nice Cleveland Person
Josh Casaubon
as Roger
Kissy Simmons
as Sally Hemings
Marco Agnolucci
as Television Cameraman
Angel Pai
as Karolina Kurkov's Entourage
Paul Giamatti
as Ritchie
Lonny Ross
as Josh Girard/Josh
Fajer Al-Kaisi
as Hotdog Vendor
Steve Hely
as Jerem
Anita Gillette
as Margaret Lemon
Jon Prescott
as Guy
James Dicarlo
as Wheelchair Assistant
Carolina Catalino
as Stripper
Molly Knefel
as Dee
Zak Orth
as Young Priest
Jerry Seinfeld
as Jerry Seinfeld
David Gregory
as David Gregory
Victor Garber
as Eugene Gremby
Alton Clemente
as Wardrobe Assistant
Michael Hartney
as Protestor
Aylam Orian
as Rabbi
Bill Walters
as ND Background/Soup Kitchen
Joe James
as DC Security #1
Alvaro Paulino Jr.
as Mariachi
Ben Hauck
as Coatcheck Guy
Nina Pedrad
as Persian Contestant
James Cronin
as Bill Hewitt
Fernanda Tapia
as TGS Dancer
Devin Richards
as Black Frasier
Robert Sedgwick
as Archery Coach
Nina Arianda
as Zarina
Douglas Rees
as Walter Stein
Helen Coxe
as Gay Man's Fiancé
Andrea Mitchell
as Andrea Mitchell
Jennifer Bassey
as Old Vibrant Lady
Alok Tewari
as Dr. Singh
Zoya Bacai
as Baby Virginia/Virginia
Michael Cyril Creighton
as Salesman
Dylan Clark Marshall
as Young Jack
Maury Povich
as Self
Samrat Chakrabarti
as Ramesh
George Bartenieff
as Douglas Templeton
Robin Rose Singer
as Dancer
Miles J. Harvey
as Jason
Natalia Kiriya
as Dancer Getting Shot
Catherine O'Hara
as Pearline
Sarah Schenkkan
as Young Girl
Susan Jeffries
as Tennis Woman
Roxanne Lee
as Airline Passenger
Andy Ridings
as Garrett Romney
Chris Fischer
as Policeman/Policeman #1
Eric Dysart
as Alan Garkel
Amanda Devin King
as School Girl
Alexis van Kersen Li
as 2nd AC
John G. Pavelec
as Attorney/Congressman
Max Dana
as PETA Protester
Matthew Schechter
as 8 Year Old Jayden
Mike DiGiacinto
as Assistant Director
Jeff Blumenkrantz
as Gordeau
Anthony Holds
as Anchor
Jack Moran Jr.
as Cleveland Vendor
Margaret Anne Florence
as Saleswoman
William McCauley
as Congressman
Erik Heger
as Male Model
Siobhan Fallon Hogan
as Patricia
Josh Flitter
as Duncan
Don Scardino
as Hermit/Maitre d'
Bobby Blanski
as Handsome Fiancé
Kristin McGee
as Kaitlin/Exercise Woman
Crystal Chiu
as Child
Matthew Backer
as Woolly
Matthias Lupri
as Guitar Man
Deirdre Lorenz
as PAC Token Silent Lady
Stewart Steinberg
as Old Janitor
Mick O'Rourke
as Frail Old Man
Randi Bailyn
as Randi
Mark J. Parker
as Hugh Jackman Fan
Bobb'e J. Thompson
as Tracy Jr.
Julianne Moore
as Nancy Donovan
Alan Gilbert
as Alan Gilbert
Cornel West
as Cornel West
Frank Stellato
as Crying Executive
Bebe Wood
as Cat
Kevin Cannon
as Gambling Fisherman/Hobo Flint
Graham Kurtz
as American Bandstand Guy
Paul Vincent Rapisarda
as Street Pedestrain
Christine J. Noble
as Set Dresser
Boris McGiver
as Patrick
Cheyenne Jackson
as Danny Baker
Ashlie Atkinson
as Theresa
Anne Bergstedt
as Bridesmaid/Dutch Cousin
Isabella Rossellini
as Bianca
Tijuana Ricks
as Flight Attendant
Garrett Neff
as Young Jack Donaghy
Tommy McKiernan
as Guy #1
Jack McBrayer
as Kenneth Parcell/Bearded Guy/Blonde Nurse/Blonde Woman/Do the Microwave Dancer
Gary Cole
as Roger
Madison Arnold
as Gerald Chair
Rob Joseph Leonard
as Bob
Paulina Casey
as School Girl
Rachel Hamilton
as Rachel Baze/Rachel
Larry King
as Larry King
Laurence Anthony
as Male Partner
Violet Krumbein
as Knob Kardashian
Ann Harada
as Woman #3
Bobby Moynihan
as Stewart Derr
Jacqueline Baum
as Shauna
as Detective Odafin Tutuola/Ice-T
Cyndi Lauper
as Cyndi Lauper
Michael Schwartz
as Club Guest
Adam Trese
as Richard
Rip Torn
as Don Geiss
Jeffrey Schara
as Page
Blaine Horton
as Sacha
Mahadeo Shivraj
as Vendor
Jerry Lobrow
as CNBC Employee/Linda's Husband/Wedding Guest
Florence Henderson
as Florence Henderson
Katy Grenfell
as Passerby
Anthony Atamanuik
as Anthony
Emana Rachelle
as Stripper
Jason Jurman
as Jesse
David Alan Basche
as Alan
Kyle Klaus
as Hugh Jackman Fan
Eric Gurian
as 30 Rockefeller Plaza Stranger/Crew Guy/Hair Guy
Max Bunzel
as Bartender
Lester Holt
as Lester Holt
Lucelina Sierra
as Indigo
Serge Levin
as Karate Sensei
Don Pardo
as Sid
Alex Cranmer
as Employee
Matt Ballinger
as White Kid
as Mi Au
Justiin A. Davis
as Guy #2
Martin Scorsese
as Martin Scorsese
Tiffany Roxanne Barrett
as Stripper
Nolan Carley
as Mr. O'Cannon
Theo Stockman
as Ephraim
D.B. Levin
as Server
Eric Storjohann
as Teddy
Hannibal Buress
as Bum/Hannibal/Homeless Guy
Ben Sinclair
as Brooklyn Idiot
Tisa Howard
as Tisa
James Thomas Bligh
as Security Guard
Frosty Lawson
as Joe Guitarist/Keyboard Player for the Crab Catchers
Jeff Magnussen
as Mechagodzila
Paul Juhn
as Mr. Hwang
Garth Kravits
as Second A.D.
Julie Dretzin
as Amy
Nicole Guidetti
as Dancer #3
Liz Holtan
as Blond Intern
Matt Damon
as Carol
D'Arcy Fellona
as Reporter
Jen Ponton
as Brenda
Paul McCartney
as Paul McCartney (East Coast only)
Ross Bickell
as Australian Jackie Mason
Fred Armisen
as Frank 2.0/Man Backstage/Raheem Haddad/Telethon Woman
April Perry
as Virginia - Dancer
Shawn Patrick Gianella
as Porn Jack
Jacob Ming-Trent
as Black Nerd
Philip James Webb
as Stand-in
Larry Wilcox
as Larry Wilcox
Zach Fischer
as Male Teacher
Nicole Starrett
as Page
Cliff Samara
as Attendant
Adam Levine
as Adam Levine
Matt Hubbard
as Payroll Guy
Francesca Murdoch
as Karate Student
Lars Engstrom
as Kouchy
Buzz Roddy
as Manager
Joseph Dunn
as Owen
Marisa Redanty
as State Official
Mary Ellen Jarrell
as Maryellen
David Garrison
as Dr. Carlock
David Schwimmer
as Greenzo/Jared
The K.M.K. Union Gospel Choir
as Choir
Gladys Knight
as Gladys Knight
Traci Hovel
as Broker
Brittany Felton
as Michelle
Tawatha Agee
as Choir Singer
Ali Khan
as Airline Passenger/Tuxedo Gala Guest
Kristian Alfonso
as Hope Brady
Jeff Steitzer
as Priest
Sharon Bryant
as Choir Singer
Jaiden Kaine
as Angie's friend
Sue Galloway
as Sue
Richard F. Esposito
as Richard Esposito/Richard F. Esposito
Corinne Palermo
as Backup Singer/Dancer
Emily Chapman
as Protester
Grant Lancaster
as Wedding Guest
Megan Stevenson
as Bikini Woman
Mick Foley
as Mankind
Tucker Carlson
as Tucker Carlson
Justin Smith
as Black Crusader
Erik Jensen
as Cjokula
Scot Charles Anderson
as Executive/Republican
Doug Moe
as Host
Elvis Costello
as Elvis Costello
John James
as Choir Singer
Steve Buscemi
as Lenny Wosniak
Elizabeth Banks
as Avery Jessup
Isabel Sarah Somer
as Liddy Donaghy
Joey La Varco
as 10 Year Old Jack
Eugene Michael Santiago
as Cool Camera Guy
David Wilson Barnes
as Thomas
Shirley Koehler
as Torch Dancer #6
Tom Stephens
as Theatergoer
Shannon Tyo
as Recast Hazel
Gary Craig
as Crab Catcher
Susan Sarandon
as Lynn Onkman
Avery Monsen
as Contestant
Aimee Denaro
as Bikini Girl
Joshua Cameron
as Sarong Guy
Sarah Lynn Dawson
as Bar Patron
James Franco
as James Franco
Karolina Kurkova
as Karolina Kurkova
Yaron Urbas
as High School Classmate
Aryn Elaine
as 1980s Secretary
Reshma Shetty
as Party Attendant
Moe Hindi
as 30 Rock Employee
Katie Thompson
as Mom
Alexander Baliev
as Actor
Krista Dane Hoffman
as Female Model
Mike Clemente
as Goth Guy at Party
Brian Dennehy
as Mickey J
Emma Stone
as Emma Stone
Joe Amato
as 'Today Show' Travel Expert
Buck Henry
as Dick Lemon
Meghan Mazurczyk
as California Model
Christina Rose
as All American Girl
Dom Howe
as Gymnast
Ashley Gerasimovich
as Child
Kate Shine
as American Bandstand Girl
Carolina Guzman
as Dancer
Celeste Cruz
as Woman #1
Lucio Fernandez
as Telemundo Announcer
John Riggi
as Elio
Nikki E. Walker
as Room Nurse
Jake Goldberg
as Connor
John Treacy Egan
as Improviser
Moya Angela
as Portia
Joseph Genera
as Crab-catcher
Tyson Kaup
as Wedding Guest
Ellen J. Pilch
as Party Guest
Charles Robinson
as Charles Robinson
Marguerite Stimpson
as Female Teacher
Frank Anello
as Production Staff
John Keabler
as Gay Guy
John Slattery
as Steven Austin
Gerard Giddiens
as Subway Singer #2
Jon Shaver
as Reginald
Jeffrey Malick
as TGS Band Keyboard Player
Kevin Meaney
as John Hancock
Jade Brennan
as Drunk Girl
Michael Chan
as Kim Jong Un Lookalike
Nancy Lemenager
as Woman
Brett Baer
as Guy at Bar
Tyler Evans
as Wall Street Guy
Damien Bosco
as Waiter
Sharon Wilkins
as Angie
Brian Distance
as Sportswriter #3
Robert Randolph
as Robert Randolph - He Needs a Kidney Performed by
Peter Donald Badalamenti II
as The Sitter
Madeleine Rockwitz
as Evelyn
Jimmy Fallon
as Jimmy Fallon/Young Jack
Alan Alda
as Milton Greene
Susan Barrett
as Diane
Joy Behar
as Joy Behar
Alice Richmond
as 7-year-old Liz
James Anderson
as James Anderson
David Titus
as Collector
Joseph Basile
as Accountant
K.C. Carter
as Wally Chunk
Paula Pell
as Paula Hornberger/Paula
John Lutz
as J.D. Lutz/Lutz/Mrs. Lutz
Caitlin Manley
as Dr. Vickey
Will Ferrell
as Shane Hunter
Robert Carlock
as German Lawyer
Myna Majors
as Torch Dancer #8
Carmen Osbahr
as Puppeteer/Puppeteer #3
Annette Hunt
as Old Lady
Matthew Broderick
as Cooter Burger
Stephen Beach
as CIA Agent
Laura Max McDonald
as Mindy
Jackie Mason
as Jackie Mason
Griffin Richardson
as Sound Guy
James Rebhorn
as Dr. Kaplan
Julia Murney
as Courtney
Karen Pittman
as Nurse
Jeff Dunham
as Pumpkin
Steve Witting
as Rob
Joanna Adler
as Donna Straunk
Lord Stanley Cup
as Lord Stanley Cup
Charles Stevens
as Husky Male Model
Sarah Beth Ackerman
as Don Geiss' Canadian Daughter
Rao Rampilla
as Fruit Salesman
Elaine Stritch
as Colleen Donaghy
Tia Latrell
as Fly Girl
Jon Glaser
as Mike
Martin Pfefferkorn
as Homeless in the Audience
Teresa Yenque
as Cleaning Lady/Concepcion
Jon Bon Jovi
as Jon Bon Jovi
Hoda Kotb
as Hoda Kotb
Amy Schumer
as Stylist
Robert Nuzzie
as Personal Trainer
Mark Lotito
as Jimmy
Stephen McGee
Gregory Wooddell
as Mike
Christopher Walken
as Christopher Walken
Emalee Burditt
as Woman
Nilaja Sun
as Irene
Padma Lakshmi
as Padma Lakshmi
Don Stephenson
as Man on Subway
Maechi Aharanwa
as Keisha
Elizabeth Taufield
as Audience Member
Kristi Faye
as Dead Kristen Chenoweth
Eshaya Draper
as Deshante Glover
Silq Webster
as Rapper
Edgar Nicholson
as Maintenance man
Melissa McMeekin
as Megan Duffy
Bill Hader
as Kevin
Donna Mitchell
as U. Jean Gremby
Adriane Lenox
as Sherry
Deanna Storey
as Singer
Paul Weaver
as PAC Party Attendee
Don Cheadle
as Don Cheadle
Carrie Yaeger
as Contestant #2
Daniel Genalo
as Robot Danny Baker
Mindee Aviva
as Liz's High School Classmate
Jan Owen
as Grace
Pat Battle
as Pat Battle
Harlin C. Kearsley
as Sax Man
Gunna Wilson
as Maid of Honor
Sanjay Gupta
as Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Heather Schacht
as School Girl
John Mooney
as Reverend Gary/Preacher
Eliyas Qureshi
as Sheik
Richard Belzer
as Richard Belzer/Sergeant John Munch
Miriam Tolan
as Check In Lady
Major Dodge
as Patriots Fan
Shinnerrie Jackson
as Jamaican Nurse #1
Steve Higgins
as Host/Homonym Host
Derrick Williams
as Crew Member
Maurice Jones
as Darryl
Adam B. Shapiro
as Man
Andrew Polk
as Executive #6/Steven Spielberger
Ano Okera
as Reporter
Toby Huss
as Deutsche Stimme
Bridget Moloney
as Anna
D.K. Bowser
as Rolly the Janitor
Cynthia Nixon
as Cynthia Nixon
Daniel Bonnet
as Gala Patron
Gregg Bello
as The Daily Show Producer
Ramsey Faragallah
as Sheik
Robert Sciglimpaglia
as Ice Skater
Cheryl Lynn Bowers
as Joan
Patti LuPone
as Sylvia Rossitano
Andy Hendrickson
as Paralegal
Nick Bernardone
as Fratty Sex Offender
Shana Kaplan
as Business Woman at Luncheon
Gregory Korostishevsky
as Russian
Mark Steiger
as Bar Patron
Ray Daniels
as Caroler
Brian Murray
as Jack's Dad
Mayumi Miguel
as Dancer #4
Inga Ballard
as Gospel Singer #10
Ryan O'Callaghan
as College Student
Lina Sarrello
as Wool Dancer #2
Tina Fey
as Liz Lemon/Doris/Gladys Ormphby/Jamie Garnett/Young Margaret Lemon
Mario Brassard
as James
Regis Philbin
as Regis Philbin
Bob Wiltfong
as Executive #1
Krista Lepore
as Flight Attendant
James Carville
as James Carville
Casey Sullivan
as School Girl
Hayley Heffernan
as 10 Year Old Jenna
Matt Lauer
as Matt Lauer
Matt Oberg
as Edward/Executive #2
Kathie Lee Gifford
as Kathie Lee Gifford
Destan Owens
as Black Niles
Shawn Levy
as Scottie Shofar
Kerry Butler
as Lyle
Steve Little
as Thad Warmald
Charlyne Yi
as Grace
Lloyd Booker
as Club Patron
Denise Bellog
as Torch Dancer #2
Paul Carlin
as Sportswriter #1
Pam Murphy
as Customer Service Rep
Joe Rusnak
as Republican
Christopher Nicholas Smith
as Tim Baker
Gil O'Brien
as Airport Traveler
Gilbert Gottfried
as Gilbert Gottfried
Kimberly Dorsey
as Lady at Deli
Jason Kravits
as Keith
Byron Habinsky
as Canal Yards Patron
Matty Daniell
as Wedding Photographer
Robyn Lively
as Kelsey
Teddy Coluca
as Stage Manager
Shane Tunney
as Puker
Paul Eichel
as Executive #4
Howard Feller
as Oswald
Robert Lucas
as Subway Singer #3
Elizabeth Marvel
as Emily
Katreese Barnes
as Choir Singer
Beau Baxter
as Mike
Sondra James
as Woman
Markie Post
as Markie Post
Ann Marie Yoo
as Violinist
Karen Culp
as Administrator
Al Gore
as Al Gore
Sybelle Silverphoenix
as Goth Chick at Party
Alexa DePrisco
as School Girl
Steve Whitmire
as Kermit the Frog
Nicole Patrick
as Young Kelsey
Ephraim Sykes
as Michael
Dave E. Baker
as Charlie
Jamison Guest
as Zoo York
Catherine A. Callahan
as Female Flight Attendant
Allie Trimm
as Bethany Baird
Andrew Stewart-Jones
as Gabe
Kelsey Grammer
as Kelsey Grammer
Raven Goodwin
as Pam
Rosalie Tenseth
as Instructor
Cheryl Simone
as Gospel Singer #5
Rayshawn Williams
as Keyboard Player
Beth Johnson Nicely
as Charglotte
Joyce Locklear
as Joyce
Ben Dasaro
as Birdman
Denise Richards
as Denise Richards
Matt Dickinson
as Jack's Assistant/Matt
Gary Tacon
as Crazy Homeless Guy
John DeLuca
as Lead Singer
Betty White
as Betty White
Melissa Wood
as Attractive Woman
John Murray
as John
Joey Sontz
as Christmas Elf
Edie Falco
as Celeste Cunningham
Wayne Brady
as Steven
Laura Hunter Drago
as Young Erin
Grizz Chapman
as Grizz
Lisette Oropesa
as Kathy Geiss
Hisham Tawfiq
as African Dictator
Burke Moses
as Thomas
Zachary James
as Carl
Chris Parnell
as Dr. Leo Spaceman/Dr. Spaceman
Timothy Adams
as NY Post Guy
Bill Buell
as Judge Gregory Dredd
John Cunningham
as Paul
Pamela Macey
as Bar Girl
Adam Fiorentino
as Matthew
Nicole Neuman
as Ashley
Aaron Sorkin
as Aaron Sorkin
John Mitchell
as NYPD Officer S.V.U
Rob Reiner
as Rep. Rob Reiner/Stanley the Dog
Horatio Sanz
as Maynard
Marion McCorry
as The Woman
Kay Cannon
as Human Table/Wife/Young Woman
Greta Cavazzoni
as Anastasia
Nikki M. James
as Erica
Doug Mand
as Intern #3
Joanna Bradley
as Lighting Tech
Marylouise Burke
as Mom
Reg E. Cathey
as Rutherford Rice
Andrew Goldfarb
as Page
Nidra Sous la Terre
as Stripper #3
Michael E. Bell
as Audience Member/Intoxicated Star
Michael Mosley
as Scott Scottsman
James Saba
as Prosecutor
as Admissions Nurse
Benjamin Magnuson
as Paul Revere
Shalin Agarwal
as Prashant
Rebecca Drysdale
as Becky
Manon von Gerkan
as Jack's Date
Gregg Edelman
as Dr. Melvoin
Joseph D'Onofrio
as Crew Guy/Crew Guy #1/Dave
Rita Gardner
as Old Woman
Leer Leary
as Golfer
Dena Tyler
as Stephanie
Stuart Margolin
as Fred
Sheryl Crow
as Sheryl Crow
Kelly Ripa
as Kelly Ripa
Nate Corddry
as Brian
Andrea Cirie
as Woman #2
Kresh Novakovic
as Thug
Jack Welch
as Jack Welch
Capathia Jenkins
as Principal
Harry Anderson
as Harry Anderson
Robin Ellsworth
as News Reporter
Angela Grovey
as Kolandra/Portia
David Forsyth
as Congressman #1
Alex Ziwak
as Billy Ray Cryrus
Jerome Brooks Jr.
as Slave with Octavia Spencer
Rick Zahn
as Judge
Adam West
as Adam West
Jan Milewicz
as Maxim Photo Assistant
Andie MacDowell
as Claire Williams
Matthieu Cornillon
as Bartender
Kilo Alexander
as Paige
Barbara Christie
as Lily
Sandra Blaney
as Women's Shelter Mother
Ryan Lochte
as Ryan Lochte
Logan Rowland
as Shane
Nancy O'Dell
as Nancy O'Dell
Aubrey Plaza
as Page
Laila Robins
as Gloria Baird
Steven Mendez
as Delivery Guy
Oprah Winfrey
as Oprah Winfrey
Anthony Guerino
as Man In Cab
Seth Kirschner
as Shawn
Matt Vogel
as Pupeteer
Ariel Shafir
as Cute Guy
Kayla Ayler-McCormick
as Daughter of Battered Woman
Tim Bryan
as Dalton
Georgia Godfrey
as Dr. Condoleeza Rice's Assistant
Jill Abramovitz
as Woman
Erin Hilgartner
as Caitlin
Tim Davies
as Bearded Man
Ron Bruce
as Ron
Gary Marinoff
as TGS Stage Manager
Chanté Lewis
as Woman
Audrey Amey
as Contestant #3
Jodie Lynne McClintock
as Denise
Joe Forbrich
as Crew Guy #1/Kevin
Charlie Grandy
as Dinosaur
Stephanie March
as Gretchen
Darlene B. Young
as Gospel Singer #2
Michael Sheen
as Wesley
Rachael Yamagata
as Rachael Yamagata - He Needs a Kidney Performed by
Nea McLin
as Ms. Fey's Butt Double
Queen Latifah
as Regina Bookman
Tony Torn
as Bertram Geiss
Tom Townsend
as Donor
Diane Neal
as Erin
Novella Nelson
as Novella Nelson
Adam Wolf Mayerson
as 2nd AC Flirting Guy
Tabbie Conrad
as Chicken and Waffles Employee
Sara Gabrielle Paterno
as Talk Show Guest with Snake
Rosemary Howard
as Hysterical Kellan Lutz Fan
Mike Mitchell Jr.
as Protestor
David Rankin
as Young Dave
Cecil Sinclaire
as Dummy
Ryan Jonze
as Beard Guy
Athena Kazantzis
as Teresa
Ming Zhao
as Woman in Hotel
Mike Carlsen
as Construction Worker
Kelly Deadmon
as Woman
David Perlman
as Gay Guy
Luis Victor Jimenez
as Luis
Hamza Ahmed
as Aziz
Semar Ghebremichael
as Dancer #1/Dancer #2
Courtney Baxter
as Ice Skater
Matt Lauria
as Winthrop
Wyatt Ben Bernstein
as Party Guest
Keith Leonard
as Alcoholic
Jamie Choi
as Culture Girlfriend
Matty Blake
as Sean #1
Rhett Miller
as Rhett Miller - He Needs a Kidney Performed by
Chris Matthews
as Chris Matthews
Cali Elizabeth Moore
as Vanessa
John McEnroe
as John McEnroe
Ghostface Killah
as Ghostface Killah
Amy Jo Phillips
as Gospel Singer #6
Amanda Kay Riley
as Sound of Music Girl
Paul Reubens
as Gerhardt
Ellen Becker-Gray
as Laughing Secretary
Todd Buonopane
as Jeffrey Weinerslav
Lori Hammel
as Cleveland Woman
Peter Riga
as Comedy Club Patron
Steve Hollander
as Conan Stage Manager
Jalani McNair
as George Foreman
Todd Davis
as Matthew
Mark Douglas
as Ian
Brendan Walsh
as Shut it Down
Sheila Redgate
as Band Member
Sorab Wadia
as Tourist
Beulah W. Warshaw
as Nana Lemon
Chiquinquirá Delgado
as Telemundo Anchor
Savanna Samson
as Porn Liz
Marcia M Francis
as The Other (AA) Liz Lemon
John Cenatiempo
as Crew Guy
Gabe Castillo
as Waiter
Jacquetta McMurray
as Gospel Singer #12
Guy Adkins
as Salesman
Tyler Barnes
as Jack's Assistant
Jeff Hiller
as Hotel Clerk/Stewart
Paul Mauriello
as Crew Guy
Edward Herrmann
as Walter
Steven Weisz
as Cameraman/NYPD Crime Scene Investigator
John Amos
as John Amos
Mandy Fabian
as Woman
Roberto Rizzo
as Maitre d'
Bernie Lippman
as Old Man
Dana Gaier
as School Girl
Benjamin McGowan
as Boy
Nikki Ghisel
as MSMBC Receptionist
Mikey Miles
as Audience Member
Amy Poehler
as Young Liz
J. Elaine Marcos
as Female EMT #1
Brian Patrick Russell
as Cleveland Cop
Raymond McAnally
as Cleveland Dude/Tony
Brandon James Ellis
as Drunk Guy
James Arden
as Detlef
Amy Khoury
as Guest
Mark DiConzo
as Business Man
Jared Acosta
as Waiter
Andy Samberg
as Andy Samberg
Mary Catherine Garrison
as Erin
Adriana DeMeo
as Jenessica
Maya N. Blake
as Yohanna
Miriam A. Hyman
as Woman in Elevator
Takako Haywood
as Accountant
Jeremy Brena
as Groom
Dion Sapp
as Andrew
Chloë Grace Moretz
as Kaylie Hooper
Remy Auberjonois
as Tyler Brody
Richard Brevard
as Big Rich
Kyoko Bruguera
as Miho
Kevin L. Bright
as Crew Guy #2
Suzanne Savoy
as Maternity Photographer
Amy Albano Jachyra
as Camera Assistant
Tom Burgoyne
as Phillie Phanatic
Subhas Ramsaywack
as Subhas
'Weird Al' Yankovic
as 'Weird Al' Yankovic
Ken Kensei
as Asian Businessman
Greg Connolly
as Astronaut
James Saito
as Chef
Michael McDonald
as Michael McDonald - He Needs a Kidney Performed by
Christine Pedi
as Young Colleen
Marisa Pierini
as Popstar
Steve Cirbus
as Slaughterface
Elizabeth Meadows Rouse
as Katie
Ed Moran
as Clark
Kevin Dotcom Brown
as Dot Com
Ben Bailey
as Ben Bailey
Chris Barnes
as Herb
Matthew Stocke
as Snapple Man
Kevin Brown
as Dot Com
Dhruvi Patel
as Spelling Bee Girl
Ann Curry
as Ann Curry
Octavia Spencer
as Octavia Spencer
Jerold E. Solomon
as Delivery Guy
Brian McCann
as The Head
Heidi Azaro
as MILF Vanessa
James Downey
as Downey
Du Kelly
as Dude
Jackie Moore
as TGS Dancer
Zach Poole
as Guy
Tim Bohn
as Liddy's Dad
Sam Kitchin
as State Trooper
Salma Hayek
as Elisa Padriera
Betty Mack
as Torch Dancer #7
Curtis King Jr.
as Choir Singer
Alice Kremelberg
as Margaret
Conan O'Brien
as Conan O'Brien
Phil Rosenthal
as Phil Rosenthal
Chris Miskiewicz
as Very Sick Shopper
Tracy Morgan
as Tracy Jordan/Alfie/Governor Bob Dunston/Nipsey
Ryan Watkinson
as Buff Guy
Leslie Chiecko
as Jack's Sexy Secretary
Stink Fisher
as Sportswriter #2
Alan H. Green
as Gay Man #1/Security Guard
Kellan Lutz
as Kellan Lutz
Blaise Corrigan
as Policeman #2
John Hodgman
as Terry
Helen Mirren
as Self
Toshiko Onizawa
as Juror
Will Forte
as Paul/Tomas
Jonathan Dickson
as Male Newscaster
Loukas Papas
as Tennis Man
Marina Barry
as Wool Dancer #1
Vicki Schmitt
as Actor #1
Jason Sudeikis
as Floyd
Sunita Deshpande
as Amanda
Alexandra St.Cloud
as Audience Member
Michael Blackson
as African Man
Brian Berrebbi
as Dave/Reynolds
Gary Cowling
as Tourist
Nicholas Dayton
as Adam
Nancy Eng
as Strip Club Manager
Brad Bellamy
as Charles
John Cerny
as Shopper
Stefan Niemczyk
as Young Stanick
Josh Fadem
as Simon Barrons
Sara Bareilles
as Sara Bareilles - He Needs a Kidney Performed by
Sean Mana
as Kid #1
Erich McCall
as Patrice
Joe Coots
as Blue Collar Guy
Luisa Narins
as Woman in Shelter
Nicole Drespel
as Judy Person
Steve Earle
as Self/Steve Earle - He Needs a Kidney Performed by
Richard Prioleau
as Midnight Symphony
Sean Hayes
as Jesse Parcell
Pierra Francesca
as Debra
Christa Scott-Reed
as Veruca
Zack Abramowitz
as Saint Patrick's Day Reveler
Pat Kiernan
as Pat Kiernan
Eric Engleman
as Actor #2
Jim Carrey
as Dave Williams
Jack Haley
as Foreman
Wyclef Jean
as Wyclef Jean - He Needs a Kidney Performed by
Stanley Tucci
as Henry Warren
Marcella Roy
as Young Liz/10 Year Old Liz
Clay Aiken
as Clay Aiken
Jamil Mena
as Scott
Paris Yates
as School Girl
Tom Stratford
as Dad
Ted Arcidi
as Tony
Dan Truman
as Vocoder Extra
Gayle King
as Gayle King
Darryl Offley
as Subway Singer #1
Stu Richel
as Executive
Kelly Coffield Park
as Aunt Linda
Dan Leonard
as Bellboy
Mike Harvey
as Choir Singer
Eugene Key
as Gospel Singer #7
April Hernandez Castillo
as Vikki
Clayton Dean Smith
as Photographer
Edwin Torres
as Electrician
Katherine Puma
as Woman on Subway
Mark Doherty
as Detective
Kevin Scanlon
as Harbor Patrolman
Judy Gold
as Judy Gold
Jee Young Han
as Annie
Kathy McCafferty
as Mayor Debbie
Peggy J. Scott
as Cheryl
Christopher Stadulis
as The Cop
Ina Garten
as Ina Garten
Avery Davis
as Atom in School Play
Albert M. Chan
as Roy
Amanda Bilger
as Cigar Lady
Matthew Martini
as NBC Page
Melissa Stetten
as Woman
Gail Bruno
as Cyclist, Pedestrian, & Building Resident
Rachel Dratch
as Blue Man/Greta/Barbara Walters/Dr. Beauvoir/Elizabeth Taylor/Greta Johansen/Greta Johanssen/Jadwiga/Jenna DeCarlo/Maria/Martha Blanch/Not Kenneth/Pamela Smew/Vlem
Adam Armstrong
as Woggel #4
Jane Krakowski
as Jenna Maroney/Dusty Springfield
Rachel Maddow
as Rachel Maddow
Angus Hepburn
as Oskar Gibson
Zack Robidas
as Godzila
Roger Bart
as Brad Halster
Peter Gray Lewis
as Bobby
Ben Cook
as Young Jack
Celisse Henderson
as Court Officer
Linda Emond
as Commercial voice
Daniel Sunjata
as Chris
Jaret Martino
as Avery's Assistant
Katherine McNamara
as Meagan
Emily Mortimer
as Phoebe
Suze Orman
as Suze Orman
Alla Greene
as Regina's Congressional Aide
Nicol Paone
as Young Colleen
Adrienne C. Moore
as Office Manager/Shanice
Hannah Flynn
as Hannah
J.T. Arbogast
as Contestant #1
Grace Capra
as Bar Patron
James Murtaugh
as Ron
Abra Tabak
as Woman
John Anderson
as Astronaut Mike Dexter
Aalok Mehta
as Dinesh
Omar Capra
as Grizz's Family Member
James Lyones
as Set crew member
Elisabeth A. Furtado
as Gym Teacher
Mark Konrad
as Dentist
Nick Sullivan
as Emcee
Tamara Fay
as Amanda
Noel MacNeal
as Puppeteer #2
Josh Lamon
as Augustus
as Moby - He Needs a Kidney Performed by
Atdhe Trepca
as Highschool Student
Sue Simmons
as Sue Simmons
William Baldwin
as Lance Drake Mandrell
Sándor Técsy
as Driver
And Palladino
as Night Pedestrian
Kat Bartlett
as Pedestrian
Peter Jessop
as Mayor McCheese
Ryan Redebaugh
as Startled New Yorker
Eric Strong
as Perfectly Nice Guy
Caroline Rosenblum
as Olivia
Katrina Bowden
as Cerie
Bill Kurtis
as Bill Kurtis
Alexis Brandt
as Dancer
Bernie McInerney
as Priest
Roger Brenner
as Mr. Ashley Furniture
Taylor Black
as Archeria
Angela Pierce
as Samontha
Hector Rodriguez Jr.
as Parishioner
Julia Royter
as Dancer
Rich Campbell
as Alcoholic
Ellen K. Beagle
as Tourist
Scott Adsit
as Pete Hornberger/Gruber Brother
Julia Joseph
as Caroler
Jan Hooks
as Verna Maroney
Chris Caniglia
as Male Neighbor
Michael Gibson
as Scuba Idiot
Vanessa Lachey
as Carmen Chao
Jessica Leccia
as Maria
Arthur S. Brown
as Fish Eater
Stephen D'Angelo
as Stephen D'Angelo - Bodyguard
Storm Garner
as Violinist
James Georgiades
as Manager
Ray Bokhour
as Dale Snitterman
Dante E. Clark
as George Foreman
Margaret Cho
as Kim Jong-Il/Kim Jong-Un
John Patrick Walsh
as Dentist's Patient
Ksyn Cason
as Stripper
Chris Hoch
as Lewis
Rachel Moss
as School Girl
Jack Perry
as Casting Director
Brett Helsham
as Sporty Girlfriend
Paul Scheer
as Donny Lawson/Donny the Page
Tabb Carter
as Manny
Demosthenes Chrysan
as Razmig Calrissian
Jon Hamm
as Dr. Drew Baird/Abner/David Brinkley (East Coast only)
David Laundra
as Mr. Bag
Jack Hallett
as Bobby
Al Espinosa
as Priest
Andre Ward
as Daryl Weenus/Manager
Cheryl Masterson
as Executive #7
James St. Vincent
as Photographer
Marti Gould Cummings
as Tracy Jordan Dancer
John Lithgow
as John Lithgow
as Rick
Laura Michelle Smith
as Female EMT #2
Athena Ripka
as 10 Year Old Jenna
Russ Spiegel
as TGS Bandmember
Craig Castaldo
as Moonvest/Homeless Man/Radioman
Guy Veryzer
as Executive Wool Board Member
Luis Ayala
as Police Officer
Norah Jones
as Norah Jones - He Needs a Kidney Performed by
Jonah Bobo
as Ethan
Cassandra Bodzak
as American Bandstand Girl
Christopher Lucas
as Young Jack Donaghy
Maria Thayer
as Jennifer Rogers
Melissa Pino
as Woman #3
Janel Moloney
as Jessica
Mark Zimmerman
as Lawyer
Claire Hall-Tipping
as Maddie
Jabari Gray
as Executive #5
Christina Gausas
as Jenny
Tom Toner
as Stan
Chris Kepford
as Sound Guy
Christianne Tisdale
as Female Neighbor
Michael Sgalambro
as Ken
Jackie Hoffman
as Rochelle Gaulke
Adam Horovitz
as Ad-Rock
Heléne Yorke
as Jessica
Heidi Armbruster
as Woman
Marlon Saunders
as Choir Singer
Siobhan Parisi
as Business Professional
Meagan Weiden
as Girl Dancing at Bar Mitzvah
Doug Trapp
as Howard
Jenny Mercein
as Woman #1
Jefferson Slinkard
as Crew Guy #2
Melanie DiPiero
as Bar Friend
Adam Smith Jr.
as Prop Master
J.L. Rey
as Sanitation Worker
Nick Cannon
as Self
Tyler Johnson
as Model/Waiter
Jabari Gayle
as Crispus Attucks
Amy Sedaris
as Visor Lady
Deidre Goodwin
as Deborah
Kristen Sudeikis
as Instructor
Ajay Naidu
as Asif
Tom McNutt
as Old Man
Paula Leggett Chase
as Randi
April Kimm
as Hi Jack
Al Roker
as Al Roker
Bryan Cranston
as Ron
Helene Taylor
as Audience Member
Kristen Schaal
as Hazel Wassername
Peter Reckell
as Bo Brady
Stacia Newcomb
as Violet
Darien Sills-Evans
as Man in the Bronx
Jim Dykes
as Icelandic Cameraman
Dana Baráthy
as Leap Day Caroler
Reathel Bean
as Executive #1
Sherman Alpert
as Man at 'Today Show'
Ana Maria Jomolca
as Cleaning Lady
Jill Hopper
as Torch Dancer #5
Rebecca Darke
as Mrs. Gerstein
Betty Carvalho
as Old Hispanic Woman
Michael Devine
as Tom Delay Look-a-Like
Danielle DeSantis
as Young Molly Shannon
Gary M. LaSasso
as Hector Moreda/Jack Double
John Cullum
as Mysterious Man
Ben Samuels
as Wedding Guest
Vinny Anand
as David Blaine
Meng Ai
as Technician
Tim Conway
as Bucky Bright
Bonnie Swencionis
as Sam
Marceline Hugot
as Kathy Geiss
Judah Friedlander
as Frank Rossitano/Streaker #1
Joe Wissler
as Alcoholic Stage Hand
Larry Stephen Hines
as Gospel Singer #3
Tom Broecker
as Lee
Scott Bryce
as Dave/Michael Templeton
Maggie Geha
as Inga
Phoebe Strole
as Becca
Buzz Aldrin
as Buzz Aldrin
Caitlin Fowler
as Porn Jenna
Nick Fondulis
as Jayden Michael Tyler
Matthew Porter
as Floor Manager/Stage Manager
Michal Antonov
as 10 Year Old Liz/Young Liz
Evan Harrington
as Roy
Blake Benitez
as Kid #3
Terrence Mann
as Bob Ballard
Brit Whittle
as Man #1
Bobby Marsh
as Taunting Man
John Cho
as Lorne
Michael Torpey
as Gaylord Felcher
William Jackson Harper
as Rioter
Tom Morrissey
as Old Man
Patrick Noonan
as Man #2
Johnny Pruitt
as Waiter
Peter Linz
as Muppet Puppeteer/Puppeteer #1
Jean Villepique
as Therapist
Victoria Beltran
as Bridesmaid
Clarke Thorell
as Russ
Jean Brassard
as Admiral
Alison White
as Tourist
Martin Ewens
as Photographer
Katie Groves
as Greek Hairdresser
Johnnie Mae
as Nurse/Screener
Sean Marrinan
as Grip
Dawn Ressy
as Saint Patrick's Day Reveler
David Mohr
as Balcony Guy
Victor Paguia
as Cyclist
Maulik Pancholy
as Jonathan
Marcella Lowery
as Postal Employee
Ken Howard
as Hank Hooper
Seth Herzog
as Swingles Man
Harold Plaut
as Parrot Head Idiot
Alice Schaerer
as Congresswoman #1
Sylvia Kauders
as Old Woman
Ciaran Tyrrell
as Waiter
Ricky Smith
as Young Raw Dog
Eugene Osborne Smith
as Black Martin
Caroline Slaughter
as Business Executive
Sheffield Chastain
as Young Dick Lemon
Henry Boyle
as Billy Huckster/Henry
Deborah Jean Morgan
as Passerby
Megan Mullally
as Bev
Ira Glass
as Ira Glass
Thomas Roberts
as Thomas Roberts
Keith Powell
as Toofer/Sammy Davis Jr.
Justin Badger
as State Greenwich Police
Sandra Bauleo
as Psychic
Yvonne Wise
as Torch Dancer #9
Danika Yarosh
as School Girl
Arrin Wade
as Kid on Trampoline
Mark Guard
as Tuba Player in Polka Band
Quisha Freeman
as Supersize
Preston Simpson
as Uncle Bill
Steven Hauck
as Ethan Allen
Mark Koenig
as CNBC Stage Manager
Carla Rhodes
as Ventriloquist
Gabe Hernandez
as Bartender
Bobby Lundon
as Park Extra
Linda Leven
as Socialite
Dean Winters
as Dennis Duffy/Dennis
Keith Olbermann
as Sportscaster
Darlene J. Camille
as Designing Women Voice Over
Melissa Gallagher
as Executive #2
Leah O'Donnell
as Dancer
Carly Tamer
as Ava
Rebecca Boughton
as Daughter #2
Matt Johnson
as Self - News Reporter
Donald Glover
as Gay Kid/Producer/Young P.A./Young Tracy Jordan
Jimmy Burke
as Coal Miner
Wendy Williams
as Wendy Williams
Stewart Brodian
as Technician
Kevin Yamada
as Andrew
Meredith Vieira
as Meredith Vieira
Remy Bond
as Janet
Samuel Maupin
as Executive
Elijah Isaiah Cook
as Young Tracy
Don Fanelli
as Cop
Jenn Harris
as Hooker
Jerry Barnes
as Choir Singer
Anne Bates
as Congressional Aide
Bobby Harden
as Gospel Singer #8
Shaun Allen
as Groomsman
Andrew Law
as Man
Chris Hansen
as Chris Hansen
Calvin Klein
as Calvin Klein
Ryan Hilliard
as Harold
Alan Muraoka
as Paul
Fred Melamed
as Jack
as Monkey
Michael Bloomberg
as Mayor Michael Bloomberg
John Driver
as Congressman #2
Richard Koyasu Park
as Screaming writer
Julia Barnett
as Charlotte
Tori Feinstein
as Liddy
Jack Burditt
as The Colonel/Homeless Man/Man in Donut Shop
Kara Oates
as Camptown Racers Singer
Tyler Merna
as Brock
Jeffery Self
as Randy Lemon
Jessica Angleskhan
as Woman at Oscars
Donato DeMarinis
as Hugh Jackman Fan
Stefanie Grassley
as Grieving Mistress/Tracy's Fan
Steven James Price
as Canal Yards Patron
Dante Hoagland
as Terry
Jonah Triebwasser
as Banquet Diner
Sarah Otey
as LA Model
Mitch Poulos
as TV Station Man
Katherine Hoskins Mackey
as Office Staff
Whoopi Goldberg
as Whoopi Goldberg
Dave Finkel
as 2nd AC/Husband
Christian Frazier
as Police Officer
Brianne McGuirk
as Clown
Ashley Wigfield
as Foxy Moneybags
Jordan Leeds
as Sportswriter #4
Cinti Laird
as Gospel Singer #4
Beverly Borsi
as Torch Dancer #3
Chloe Elaine Scharf
as Girl in Line to See Santa
Andy Richter
as Mitch Lemon
Tara Copeland
as Crew Girl
Victor Cruz
as Grip
Mark La Mura
as Charles
Todd Alan Crain
as Charlie MacGuffin
Gano Grills
as Fred
Natasha A. Williams
as NBC Employee
Michael Mulheren
as Gordan Breckman
Billy Bush
as Billy Bush
Peter Iasillo Jr.
as Paparazzi
Akira Yamaguchi
as Waiter
Joe Loffreno
as Republican Partygoer
Nina Lafarga
as Dancer #2
James Marsden
as Criss
Charisse Matthews
as D'Fwan's Assistant
Marilyn Berry
as Celia
as Not Bev
Rob Morgan
as Cab Driver
Dominique Jackson
as Exotic Dancer
U-Shin Kim
as Congressman aid
LL Cool J
as Ridikolus
Panama Redd
as Tracy's Father
Miguel Pinzon
as Assistant
Folake Olowofoyeku
as Jamaican Nurse #2
Lynna' Davis
as Gospel Singer #11
Stephen Sislen
as Keyboard Guy
Tom Dheere
as Party Guest
Peter Fey
as Crab Catcher
Richard Dean
as Jerry
Omar Evans
as Bartender
Jack Gilpin
as Douglas
Greg Scarnici
as Gay Man #2
Adrianne Frost
as Tourist
Jonathan Cohn
as Cute Guy
Rebecca Mader
as Super Hot Lady
Tracie Jules
as Gerhardt's Friend
Arnold Y. Kim
as Nakamura-san
Jenelle Malbrough
as Bratty Kid
Stacy Keach
as Stacy Keach
Gerrianne Raphael
as The Nun
Val Emmich
as Jamie
Virginia Bartholomew
Kristen Wiig
as Candace Van der Shark
Carson Elrod
as Travis
John Bernhardt
as Dodge Ball Referee
Tony Bennett
as Tony Bennett
Bethany Hall
as Bethany
John Weigand
as Principal Wedding Dancer
Robert De Niro
as Robert De Niro
Rachael Ray
as Rachael Ray
Nancy Digonis
as Doorwoman/Nadia
Jeff Richmond
as Alfonso Disparioso/Crew Member/TGS Piano Player
Condoleezza Rice
as Condoleezza Rice
Marcus Collins
as Bartender/The Hair
Tyler Hanes
as William
Laura Lynn Berrios
as Beth
Clint Chin
as George Park
Cristin Milioti
as Abby Flynn
Eric Ruffin
as Young Tracy
Christine Toy Johnson
as Woman
Bill Charlap
as Pianist
Nancy Pelosi
as Nancy Pelosi
Susan Heyward
as Feyoncé
Eli Bolin
as Woggel #3
Tim Meadows
as Martin Lutherking
Joey Mazzarino
as Pupeteer
Sherri Shepherd
as Angie Jordan/Angie
Cynthia L. Mizelle
as Choir Singer
Maryam Basir
as Lustful Lady
Jennifer Scott
as Alcoholic
London Hall
as Ice Skater
Andrea Martin
as Bonnie
Anita Durst
as Businesswoman
Jon Norman Schneider
as Contestant #4
Tituss Burgess
as D'Fwan
Russ Armstrong
as Jed
Jessica Shea Alverson
as Tourist
Tim Barker
as Robot
Will Arnett
as Devon Banks
Jeff Nathan
as The Bear
Kapil Bawa
as Khonani
Rik Alan Walter
as Man
Sal Longobardo
as Nightclub Guy
Mike D
as Mike D.
Kendall Rileigh
as Mirandor
Steve Martin
as Gavin Volure
Peter Brensinger
as Hipster
Natalie Carter
as Gospel Singer #9
Peter Dinklage
as Stewart
Paul Doherty
as Ted
John Early
as Jerome
Frank Ridley
as Traffic Cop
Brian Stack
as Howard Jorgensen/Howard
Johanna Telander
as Dutch Actress
Patrick Heusinger
as Brian
Tom Hanks
as Tom Hanks
Kevin Dorff
as Guy Buying Hot Dogs
Alice Ripley
as Alice Ripley
Greg Tuculescu
as Intern #2
Drew Gehling
as Bradley Tarkin Jr.
Rock Kohli
as Store Clerk
Chris Kerson
as Cool Camera Guy
Fernando Alicea
as Back Stage Worker
Jeffrey Mowery
as Stage Hand
Selena Gonzalez
as Kid

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2006 | 21 Episodes

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2007 | 15 Episodes

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2008 | 22 Episodes

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2009 | 22 Episodes

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2010 | 23 Episodes

Season 6

2012 | 22 Episodes

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2012 | 12 Episodes




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