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January 19, 2022
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About this title


Eroglu's story begins Yurdanur youth event with university students in the 1970s. Around a distant friend from the right and left factions Yurdanur, he loses his closest friends with a stray bullet during the events. only extending a helping hand in the great unrest Mehmet Eroglu belongs. Mehmet is a left-wing member of the organization Yurdanur young and later in the story of this young man will have his father's wife and Feriha. fall in love with each other this an irresistible love of two young period of political events fund. However, his father, Mr. Dincer Yurdanur the right of the political spectrum and her mother will be an obstacle against Sema. Mehmet, where his family had fought their livelihood in their own shops, you provide a small clothier, with a roommate, landlord lives in all the rooms of the mansion, Madame Niki's mansion. This mansion is the directory that each room will offer distinct stories to the audience with colorful types that hosts the main venue. In the following sections, Mehmet and Yurdanur three more families to live in this place, which will be the slot. The first family, daughter and son of the workers in Germany, light sweet lady freak Presented Ercan little grandson and National War Veterans is Egeli family of Veterans grandfather. Veterans grandfather, who is Greek agents of foreigners arriving home, he does not believe the host of Atatürk's death is a natural comic. The second family had emigrated from Urfa Sultan, elegant and beautiful girl in 17 years working as a foreman in the factory and cheesy macho father Abraham. Third If a family is Canan Cansever and friendly Selo singer in the pavilion. This young woman nicknamed, is actually a small town girl clean and pure. The owner of the mansion to get Madame drop Niki rent together is enlivened with colorful minority home revel in gossip.

Country: Turkey

Type: scripted

Language: Turkish

Release Date: September 3, 2004

Also Known As: Çemberimde Gül Oya, The Rose and the Thorn |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Avsar Film


Hüseyin Avni Danyal
Mehmet Ali Nuroglu
as Mehmet
Kevork Türker
as Doktor
Sahin Irmak
Deniz Türkali
Kartal Balaban
as Hasan
Levent Yilmaz
as Nazif
Nihal Menzil
as Fikriye
Suleyman Ulkuer
Ceren Benderlioglu
Tuba Büyüküstün
as Zarife
Firat Berk Konya
as Ercan
Füsun Erbulak
as Madam Niki
Serdal Genç
as Mahsun
Mahmut Gökgöz
as Ibrahim
Özge Özberk
as Genç Yurdanur (Young Yurdanur)
Kürsat Sahin
as Gardiyan
Ümit Çirak
as Selo
Kenan Bal
as Dinçer
Melisa Sözen
as Feriha
Bülent Alkis
as Salih
Serdar Yegin
as Ümit
Erkan Pekbay
Isil Yücesoy
as Sema
Yusuf Akgün
as Sirada Bekleyen Adam
Özgür Özberk
as Cenk
Tarik Köksal
as Kadir
Nükhet Duru
Yusuf Piskin
as Figuran
Eylül Deniz Çolak
as Nihal
Isik Aras
as Hatice
Sema Çeyrekbasi
as Atifet
Selda Alkor
as Yurdanur
Aysen Gruda
as Semahat
Suzan Aksoy
as Suna
Goncagül Sunar
as Canan Cansev
Serkan Genç
as Muhsin
Serhat Nalbantoglu
Burak Senturk
as Komiser
Ali Kiyak
as Gazi Dede
Alper Kul
Basak Köklükaya
as Konuk oyuncu
Turhan Kaya
Serif Sezer
as Sultan

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1


Awards & Nominations

Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards 2005


Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards

Jury Special Award

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